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SAP Reports Interview Questions And Answers

Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) :: SAP Reports Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Reports Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that how to create reporting in SAP, and how to get a job in SAP Reports so start learning with the help of this SAP Reports  Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► How can validate input values in selection screen and which event was fired?
2 ► A table is buffered. I want to get the data from database. How?
3 ► When you create sales report, What you can see in that report? What are field names?
4 ► What are event keywords in reports?
5 ► What is difference between ON Change of and At New Field?
6 ► What is the reserve command?
7 ► What are user exits? What are customer exits?
8 ► Exit and Stop. What is the difference?
9 ► Check and Continue. What is the difference?
10 ► What is the difference between start_form and open_form in scripts?
11 ► How many types of standard SAP Internal Tables?
12 ► What is the Difference between Data Element and Domain?
13 ► Which is the First character of creating LockObject?
14 ► How to navigate basic list to secondary list?
15 ► BDC Transaction code?
16 ► What is the Difference Between Tablecontrols and Step Loops?
17 ► What are the Events in Dialog Programs?
18 ► How many ways you can create Table?
19 ► What are the Cluster Tables?
20 ► What are function modules in LDB?
21 ► What are the SET Parameter and GET Parameter?
22 ► How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?
23 ► Can you call Report in SAP Script?
24 ► How can you call the Sessions?
25 ► What are Difference Between Classical Batch Input and Call Transaction?
26 ► What is ABAP Memory and SAP Memory?
27 ► Distinguish between setscreen and call screen?
28 ► What are Layout set Elements?
29 ► What is an Interactive Report?
30 ► What are Text Elements?
31 ► What are the ways of creating Tables?
32 ► What is the Difference Between Collect and Sum?
33 ► What is Refresh in Internal Table?
34 ► How many types of Standard Internal Tables?
35 ► Explain Check Table and Value Table?
36 ► What are the various techniques of BDC?
37 ► What are the EVENTS in Report Program? What are EVENTS In Interactive Report and Explain?
38 ► What is LDB?
39 ► What is CAT?
40 ► What are Function Modules?
41 ► Have you used SM30 and SM31 transactions?
42 ► Have you worked with reading and writing data on to files?
43 ► What is SQL Trace?
44 ► What is ALE, IDOC , EDI , RFC. Explain briefly.?
45 ► What are the difference between table controls and step loops in dialog programming?
46 ► What is meant by BDC. How many methods of BDC are there?
47 ► What is the difference between transparent and non transparent database tables?
48 ► How many dictionary objects are there and list all?
49 ► What is an Unpack command?
50 ► How many interactive reports did you write?
51 ► Difference between Table-Controls and Step-loops?
52 ► Have you created any transactions?
53 ► How will you find out where the user exits are available?
54 ► Types of User Exits, what kind of work is done on these exits?

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