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Oracle GL Interview Questions And Answers

Oracle Database :: Oracle General Ledger (GL) Job Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle General Ledger (GL) Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Oracle General Ledger module within Oracle Financials is an integrated part of the ERP package Oracle applications. It is a financial management solution within E-business suite for entering Journals, planning and budgeting, financial reporting etc of large companies. So learn Oracle GL and get job in Oracle GL with the help of this Oracle General Ledger (GL) Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is the difference between discounts and adjustments?
2 ► What are cycles of GL, AP, and AR?
3 ► What are Summary Accounts and Rollup groups?
4 ► Get the following message on Drilldown - Function not available to this responsibility. Change responsibility or contact your system administrator?
5 ► Differences between VB.Net and C#, related to OOPS concepts?
6 ► What is Set of Books? What are the four conditions when you change your SOBs?
7 ► What are different period types?
8 ► Explain types of invoices are there in AP and AR?
9 ► What is the difference between cross-validation rules and security-rules?
10 ► In how many ways can you enter a journal in GL?
11 ► What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice?
12 ► What id recurring invoices?What are AP setup steps?
13 ► What Subledgers does Oracle General Ledger 11i Drilldown support?
14 ► What are different types of Journal entries?
15 ► What is an Invoice? How man?
16 ► What is FSG and its use?
17 ► In GL there is no org id. So how can we differentiate the data different operating units when no other modules are given?
18 ► What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date in GL?
19 ► How do we integrate AP or AR to GL?
20 ► What are the setup steps for AP, AR, and GL?
21 ► I am confused about inter company journal balancing.As far as I can tell, it does one or both of:1) If you enable it you can post incorrect (i.e. imbalanced) journals. And if you disable it you ca not (i.e. all journals must balance - A GOOD THING, RIGHT)?
22 ► Can anyone tell me about MRC and Multi-Org?
23 ► Can I delete a budget?
24 ► Can I update/adjust an existing account range in my budget organization?
25 ► What is a funding budget?
26 ► Why do not my budget amounts appear on FSGs?
27 ► How many Current budgets can you have?
28 ► I was able to post a budget journal to a closed period, why?
29 ► Is there a limit to the number of periods in a budget year or how many years a budget can span?
30 ► Can you disable budgetary control for a set of books?
31 ► How can we integrate AR or AP to GL?
32 ► What is the difference between gl_date, gl_posted?
33 ► What are the journal entries in Procure to Pay Cycle?
34 ► How to import data to General Ledger by Feeder System?
35 ► What is Consolidation in GL?
36 ► What is planing budget in GL?
37 ► Can anyone please say me what is EDI and its functions?
38 ► What is meant by ADI?
39 ► Expain ADI and its features?
40 ► Why cant interest rates be set uniqely supplierwise in payables module. whereas interest rate is applied to all suppliers the same rate?
41 ► What is the MD form 50?
42 ► Can we change the profile value? How?
43 ► What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date?
44 ► At what stage is the subledger data posted to GL?
45 ► In GL there is no org id. So how do we differentiate the data from different operating units?

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Re: Oracle GL Interview Questions And Answers

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