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Share Market Interview Questions And Answers

Marketing Techniques :: Share Market Job Interview Questions and Answers

Share Market guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Share Market frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Share Market interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Share Market Interview Question or answer. Ask Share Market Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 ► any questions?
2 ► Show some example that how you convinced someone to do something that they were not too keen on doing?
3 ► Tell me how does the prospect of traveling a good deal grab you?
4 ► Tell me what do you realistically believe to be your earning potential?
5 ► Explain The biggest or greatest amount of involvement in a foreign market comes through which of the followinga) Exportingb) Joint venturingc) Licensingd) Direct investment?
6 ► Explain All of the following are considered as drawbacks of local marketing except:a) It can drive up manufacturing and marketing costs by reducing economies of scale.b) It can create logistical problems when the company tries to meet varied requirements.c) It can attract unwanted competition.d) It can dilute the brands overall image.
7 ► Tell me have you applied to any other areas apart from marketing?
8 ► A ________ is a good offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product?
9 ► Which of the following information forms available to the marketing manager can usually be accessed more quickly and cheaply than other information sources?
10 ► That the company that overlooks new and better ways to do things will eventually lose customers to another company that has found a better way of serving customer needs is a major tenet of which of the below:
11 ► Explain What makes you think that a degree in _____ will get you a job with us?
12 ► Explain Pricing to cover variable costs and some fixed costs, as in the case of some automobile distributorships that sell below total costs, is typical of which of the following pricing objectives?
13 ► Explain Which of our products/services most appeals to you and why?
14 ► Would you describe yourself as competitive for this job?
15 ► Tell us what would be your first actions if we were to appoint you?
16 ► Tell us why do you want to get into marketing?
17 ► Explain How well do you cope under pressure?

2012-04-03 03:34:24

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Re: Share Market Interview Questions And Answers

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