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CV writing tips and how to write a CV / Resume

Never make the CV longer than two pages
If you are unable to make the CV shorter than this then you will highlight your inability to summaries and get to the point. Employers are likely to be receiving many CVs and they are unlikely to want to read five pages of rambling text. Get to the point quickly, you can always include more detail in your cover letter.

Don't include irrelevant details:
Especially if you are just starting out it is tempting to try and fill the space with anything you can think of. However it is better to be clear. It is becoming fashionable to reduce CVs to just one page. This may not be useful if you are well into your career, but if you are just starting off then it can be helpful to get to the point with you basic details, education and most relevant work experience.

Avoid abbreviations and jargon:
This will only annoy the person reading the CV if you include jargon and abbreviations that they are not familiar with. It shows a lack of appreciation for your audience.

Check check and check again:
Spelling and grammar errors are common problems in many CVs and are likely to be the first thing that makes a potential employer reject your CV. It shows sloppiness and a lack of care. If you really wanted the job then you should have checked the CV over and over again. Get someone else to check the CV for you as you will often miss the mistakes you have made.

Tailor the CV for the prospective job:
Think about the sort of information the potential employer will want to know and what qualities are right for the job you are applying for. As you have limited space, try to make sure the CV highlights the strengths that are right for this position. Even ordering a list of strengths with the most relevant at the top will help.

2012-03-21 07:54:29

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Re: CV writing tips and how to write a CV / Resume

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