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BEA Weblogic Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: BEA Weblogic Job Interview Questions and Answers

BEA Weblogic Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that BEA Weblogic is a J2EE Application Server. It is used to host webpages from simple types to secured webpages. Technically, it is where all our JSP's, Servlets, EJB's etc. Are deployed. Advanced concepts like load balancing, clustering etc. Learn more about BEA Weblogic or get preparation for the job of BEA Weblogic with the help of this BEA Weblogic Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is BEA Weblogic?
2 ► Why is there no polymorphic-type response from a create() or find() method?
3 ► Can I use a native two-tier driver for a browser applet?
4 ► I tried to run two of the applets in the examples directory of the distribution?
5 ► How do stubs work in a WebLogic Server cluster?
6 ► Why did my JDBC code throw a rollback SQLException?
7 ► Which of the following are recommended practices to be performed in the ejbPassivate() method of a stateful session bean?
8 ► How do I set up my CLASSPATH?
9 ► When deploying a resource adapter (.rar) to WebLogic Server, are its classes placed in the WebLogic classpath?
10 ► Can I enable requests to a JDBC connection pool for a database connection to wait until a connection is available?
11 ► How do I connect to an SQL Server instance that is running on a machine with multiple instances of SQL Server 2000?
12 ► What causes an OCIW32.dll error?
13 ► What type of object is returned by ResultSet.getObject()?
14 ► How do I call Oracle stored procedures that take no parameters?
15 ► How do I learn what codesets are available in Oracle?
16 ► Why do I get an error while trying to retrieve the text for ORA-12705?
17 ► How do I prevent errors when running t3dbping?
18 ► Why am I getting an ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded error, even though I closed all ResultSet, Statement, and Connection objects?
19 ► Are there C/C++ interfaces to WLS JMS?
20 ► How do I configure JMS security?
21 ► Why does JMSSession.createTopic or JMSSession.createQueue fail to create a destination in WLS JMS 6.1 (it worked in 5.1)?
22 ► How do I use a temporary destination?
23 ► Which types of JDBC databases does WebLogic JMS support?
24 ► The Multicast TTL setting for a cluster in the WebLogic Admin console sets which of the following values?
25 ► How do I use persistence?
26 ► How do the WLS JMS 6.1 server/destination message maximum and threshold values work?
27 ► Does WebLogic JMS support clustering?
28 ► Which of the following statements are true regarding the identity of two EJBs?
29 ► In the WebLogic server, if stateless session bean instances are getting frequently created and removed, performance can improved by setting a high value for which of the following?
30 ► What happens if acknowledge() is called within a transaction?
31 ► How should I use sorted queues?
32 ► The MaxPostTimeSecs attribute set in the Administration console under Servers or virtual hosts section corresponds to which of the following?
33 ► How do I get a thread dump to help track down a problem?
34 ► Why do I get an exception when trying to find a connection factory?
35 ► What is the NO_ACKNOWLEDGE acknowledge mode used for?
36 ► When should I use server session pools and connection consumers?
37 ► How do I publish an XML message?
38 ► Is it possible to send or receive a message from within a message listener?
39 ► What are pending messages in the console?
40 ► Is it better to have more or fewer sessions for a given number of subscribers?
41 ► A client invokes a method on a stateful session bean instance deployed in the WebLogic Server. While the method execution is in progress another method call arrives on the server. What will be the result?
42 ► What is the standard way to create threads, do initialization, etc. within the application server?
43 ► What should an XPATH selector look like?
44 ► How do I put a message back on the queue for processing?
45 ► What can I do when I get java.lang.OutOfMemoryError because producers are faster than consumers?
46 ► How do I debug WebLogic Server using Visual Cafe 4.1?
47 ► How does concurrency work for message-driven beans?
48 ► Can an MDB be a message producer or both a producer and consumer?
49 ► How do I use JTA transactions within an MDB?
50 ► Can the messaging bridge handle two-phase or global transactions between separate WebLogic Server domains or between different releases?
51 ► Can I configure the messaging bridge to automatically downgrade the quality of service if the Exactly-once service is not available on either the source or target bridge destination?
52 ► Can the messaging bridge forward durable subscription messages between separate WebLogic Server 6.1 and release 7.0 or later domains?
53 ► Which of the following is NOT true about the security implementation in the WebLogic Server?
54 ► Which of the following are true about the transaction support in the WebLogic server?
55 ► How does WebLogic support CORBA and client communication via IIOP?
56 ► Why do I get NoClassDefFound/Too Many Open files messages on Solaris?
57 ► The home of a Product CMP entity bean has a finder method, which returns an Enumeration of all the products whose price falls below a certain value, which is passed as the method argument. If there are no products in the database to match the above criteria what will be the result of a call to this finder method?
58 ► In CORBA, which of the following files generated by the idltojava compiler must be compiled before running the server application?
59 ► How do I increase WebLogic Server memory?
60 ► Java-CORBA integration: RMI-IIOP or Java IDL?
61 ► What is the function of T3 in WebLogic Server?
62 ► How do I call a servlet with parameters in the URL?
63 ► Which of the statements below is true for a web application using session management?
64 ► Why ca not I boot WebLogic Server when using the LDAP Security Realm?
65 ► How do I restrict access to servlets and JSPs?
66 ► Which XML parser comes with WebLogic Server 6.1?
67 ► How can I avoid ResourceExceptions when sending more requests for database connections from the pool than are currently available?
68 ► How do I bind string values in a PreparedStatement?
69 ► What is error ORA-6502?
70 ► How do I use a startup class to initialize and later reference JMS objects?
71 ► Which of the following statements are true regarding MDBs (Message Driven Beans) on version 6.0 of WebLogic App Server?
72 ► I am using a WebLogic multitier driver in an applet as an interface to a DBMS. If I run the class using the Sun Appletviewer on my local machine, I have no problems. But when I try to run the applet in a Netscape browser, it will not connect.
73 ► The two primary cluster services provided by WebLogic Server are?
74 ► What happens when a failure occurs and the stub cannot connect to a WebLogic Server instance?
75 ► Must my bean-managed persistence mechanism use the WebLogic JTS driver?
76 ► Must EJBs be homogeneously deployed across a cluster? Why?
77 ► While packaging the Web Application DefaultWebApp for deployment into the WebLogic server, the home and remote interfaces of the enterprise beans used by the servlets should reside in which directory?
78 ► Why do I get the following exception when viewing the JNDI tree?
79 ► How is security handled in the WebLogic J2EE Connector Architecture?
80 ► How do I use multibyte character sets with WebLogic jDriver for Informix?
81 ► How do I use OS Authentication with WebLogic jDriver for Oracle and Connection Pools?
82 ► How do I limit the number of Oracle database connections generated by WebLogic Server?
83 ► Why do I get unexpected characters from 8-bit character sets in WebLogic jDriver for Oracle?
84 ► How many deployment descriptor files does a CMP entity bean deployed on the WebLogic Server have?
85 ► Why does executing the PreparedStatement class cause a TRUNC fails: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes error?
86 ► An instance of stateful session EJB when accessed simultaneously from more than one clients on same VM results in RemoteException or EJBException. In case the client is a Servlet thread, which of the following techniques can be used to avoid RemoteException/EJBException?
87 ► How do I start WLS and configure JMS?
88 ► Can I still use the default connection factories supported in WebLogic Release 5.1?
89 ► How do I programmatically get a list of Queues or Topics?
90 ► Can two JMS servers share the same persistent store?
91 ► How do I use a third-party JDBC driver with JMS?
92 ► Which of the following algorithms is used by the WebLogic Server as the default load balancing strategy for clustered object stubs when no algorithm is specified ?
93 ► How does a file store compare with a JDBC store?
94 ► How do I configure JDBC so that the JMS JDBC Store recovers automatically?
95 ► How do I do HTTP tunneling?
96 ► Why is my JMS work not part of a user transaction (i.e., called within a transaction but not rolled back appropriately)? How do I track down transaction problems?
97 ► How can an application do a JMS operation and have it succeed, independent of the result of the transaction?
98 ► Is it possible to set aside a message and acknowledge it later?
99 ► Which of the following attributes in the Monitoring tab for a JDBC connection pool in the Administrative console tell us how many clients are currently waiting for a connection?
100 ► How does sorting on message priority work?
101 ► How do I manage a queue to view and delete specific messages?
102 ► What precautions should I take when I use blocking receive() calls?
103 ► When should I use multicast subscribers?
104 ► How do I issue the close() method within an onMessage() method call and what are the semantics of the close() method?
105 ► A client wants to preserve the reference to the EJBHome object of an enterprise bean instance and use it later. Which of the following can be serialized for this purpose?
106 ► How do I create a producer pool?
107 ► How do I use a less than or greater than on a message selector in ejb-jar.xml?
108 ► Match the EJB functions given below with the functionality equivalent in SQL?
109 ► Are foreign destinations handled within foreign JMS messages?
110 ► How many messages are sent across the network for processing topic messages?
111 ► How do I handle request/response using JMS?
112 ► Is it OK to add new sessions and subscribers to a Queue or Topic Connection once it has been started?
113 ► Which of the following is NOT true about deploying EJBs in the WebLogic Server?
114 ► How can I avoid asynchronous message deadlocks?
115 ► Which of the following are valid relationships between JMS objects in the WebLogic Server?
116 ► Can you use a foreign JMS provider to drive an MDB transactionally?
117 ► Why did the messaging bridge fail to connect to the source bridge destination?
118 ► I configured the messaging bridge to use the Exactly-once quality of service for two-phase transactions. So why am I getting a quality of service is unreachable error?
119 ► When configuring a source or target messaging bridge destination, do I need to set the Adapter Classpath field?
120 ► How do I enable debugging for the messaging bridge?
121 ► For EJB applications with bean-managed transaction demarcations, which of the following is used by the client to get a reference to the UserTransaction object for the WebLogic Server domain?
122 ► Which of the following programs can be created using the ZAC Publish Wizard tool?
123 ► How do I configure WebLogic to use a SOCKS proxy?
124 ► Can WebLogic Server start with a UNIX boot?
125 ► A stateful session bean implementing the SessionSynchronization interface is deployed on the WebLogic server. Which of the following callback methods may be invoked on the bean?
126 ► Which is the only method defined in the javax.ejb.Handle interface?
127 ► Considering the code below, which of the lines of code (given in the choices) should be placed at line 4 to make this JSP prints My score is : 100? Please ignore the line numbers for the purpose of validity of the JSP code.?
128 ► What causes exceptions in the log file?
129 ► How do an RMI-IIOP application and an existing CORBA object interoperate?
130 ► How can I debug the Java code that I have running in WebLogic Server?
131 ► Which of the following are the benefits of MDB (Message Driven Beans) over standard JMS consumers?
132 ► How do I identify the document type of an XML document?
133 ► How can I run multiple instances of the same servlet class in the same WebLogic Server instance?
134 ► How do I protect WebLogic Server from security attacks from bogus clients using the WL-Proxy-Client-Cert header?
135 ► Can I use the getAttribute() and setAttribute() methods of Version 2.2 of the Java Servlet API to parse XML documents?
136 ► How do I use Unicode codesets with the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle driver?
137 ► How do I look up an ORA SQLException?
138 ► How can I control on which WebLogic Server(s) my application will run?
139 ► Why does FOR UPDATE in Oracle 8 cause an ORA-01002 error?

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