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LINQ Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Job Interview Questions and Answers

LINQ Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages. LINQ defines a set of method names called standard query operators, or standard sequence operators, along with translation rules from so-called query expressions to expressions using these method names, so learn more abut LINQ with the help of this LINQ Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is LINQ?
2 ► Why can not datareader by returned from a Web Services Method?
3 ► What is the extension of the file, when LINQ to SQL is used?
4 ► How LINQ is beneficial than Stored Procedures?
5 ► What is a Lambda expression?
6 ► What is the LINQ file extension that interacts with Code Behind objects.
7 ► Why Select clause comes after from clause in LINQ?
8 ► Difference between LINQ and Stored Procedures?
9 ► What are Benefits and Advantages of LINQ?
10 ► What are the three main components of LINQ or Language INtegrated Query?
11 ► How are Standard Query Operators implemented in LINQ?
12 ► How are Standard Query Operators useful in LINQ?
13 ► List the important language extensions made in C# to make LINQ a reality?
14 ► What is the purpose of LINQ Providers in LINQ?
15 ► What are the four LINQ Providers that .NET Framework ships?
16 ► Write a program using LINQ to find the sum of first 5 prime numbers?
17 ► What is Difference between XElement and XDocument?
18 ► What are Quantifiers?
19 ► What is the benefit of using LINQ on Dataset?
20 ► Which classs extension methods are used in LINQ to SQL?
21 ► Which assembly represents the core LINQ API?
22 ► What is the use of System.Data.DLinq.dll?
23 ► What is the use of System.XML.XLinq.dll?
24 ► Why cant datareader be returned from a Web Services Method?
25 ► What is the LINQ file extension that interacts with Code Behinds objects?
26 ► What is Linq to SQL Deferred Loading?
27 ► Write a Program using Skip and Take operators. How can it beneficial for bulky data accessing on page?
28 ► Write a Program for Concat to create one sequence of Data Rows that contains DataTabless Data Rows, one after the other?
29 ► How can you find average of student marks from student tables (Columns are StudentID, Marks)?
30 ► What is OfType in linq?
31 ► How can we find Sequence of Items in two different array (same Type) in the same order using linq query?
32 ► Differentiate between Conversion Operator IEnumerable and ToDictionary of LINQ?
33 ► List out the Data Context Functions. Where do we use SubmitChanges()?
34 ► Why do we use Contains method for strings type functions?
35 ► What is Quantifiers in reference linq to Dataset?

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