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SVG Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Job Interview Questions and Answers

Learn SVG by our SVG Interview Questions and Answers. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a family of specifications of XML-based file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic (interactive or animated). Get preparation for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Jobs by our Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Interview Questions and Answers

1 ► What is SVG?
2 ► What is SVG and what is VML ?
3 ► What is SVG-VML-3D ?
4 ► What can we do with this SVG library?
5 ► Explore the possibilities of SVG?
6 ► Does an SVG implementation ever do line-breaking of text?
7 ► If a font contains kerning and ligature info, does an SVG renderer apply these transformations?
8 ► If yes, and the font is in Type1 format, and if the font is specified by download, how does the SVG renderer find the corresponding .afm (font metrics) file?
9 ► How does one specify a precise font in any other way than by downloading? In particular, how would an SVG document specify the difference between Adobe Times (in Type1 format, say), and Monotype Times (in TrueType format, say)?
10 ► Is there any way for the creator of an SVG document to specify text that will (a) be rendered with the precise metrics intended and (b) will render correctly on all conforming SVG implementations?
11 ► What are the predefined shapes in SVG?
12 ► What are predefined shapes in SVG?
13 ► What are available filters in SVG?
14 ► What are the SVG Gradients?

2012-04-03 04:02:40

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