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GIMP Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: GIMP Job Interview Questions and Answers

GIMP Interview Questions and Answers to guide you that the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free software raster graphics editor. GIMP interview questions and answers will explain that the GIMP product vision sees GIMP as a high end program for the editing and creation of original Images, icons, graphical elements of web pages and art for user interface elements. Learn GIMP and get preparation for GIMP jobs with GIMP interview questions and answers.

1 ► What is GIMP?
2 ► What GIMP can do?
3 ► Where do we get GIMP?
4 ► Is GIMP a GNOME application?
5 ► Is XInput support available in GIMP?
6 ► Does GIMP have scanner support?
7 ► Can GIMP install its own colormap?
8 ► What does "wire_read: unexpected EOF" mean in GIMP?
9 ► Do we need an X server to run in batch mode for GIMP?
10 ► What kind of system do we need to run GIMP?
11 ► What does the future in GIMP?
12 ► How can we draw a circle with GIMP?
13 ► How can we create an outline around text?
14 ► How do we save a selected sub-image to a file in GIMP?
15 ► How do we merge an image from a file to the current image in GIMP?
16 ► How do we bind keys to menus for shortcuts in GIMP?
17 ► Is there a macro recording interface in GIMP?
18 ► How do we draw in a different color in GIMP?
19 ► When can we see layer groups in GIMP?
20 ► How do we add new plug-ins in GIMP?
21 ► Why did some plug-ins disappear for 0.99.19?
22 ► What is Script-Fu in GIMP?
23 ► How do we call one script-fu script from another?
24 ► What is Net-Fu? Where is it?
25 ► How can I change the GIMP font?
26 ► What is GIMPs native graphics file format?

2012-04-03 04:02:46

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