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HTML Interview Questions And Answers

World Wide Web :: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Job Interview Questions and Answers

HTML Interview Questions and Answers will guide now that HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists etc, so learn basics of HTML and get preparation for the job of HTML with the help of this Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)?
2 ► What is the simplest HTML page?
3 ► How can I include comments in HTML?
4 ► How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand?
5 ► What is a DOCTYPE? Which one do I use?
6 ► How do I align a table to the right (or left)?
7 ► How do I center a table?
8 ► How can I check for errors?
9 ► How do I make a form so it can be submitted by hitting ENTER?
10 ► What is a tag?
11 ► How do I create frames? What is a frameset?
12 ► What is a Hypertext link?
13 ► What is everyone using to write HTML?
14 ► How do I use forms?
15 ► Do I have to memorize a bunch of tags?
16 ► Can I nest tables within tables?
17 ► How can I use tables to structure forms?
18 ► How do I set the focus to the first form field?
19 ► How can I use forms for pull-down navigation menus?
20 ► Can I use percentage values for TD WIDTH=... tag?
21 ► Why is there extra space before or after my table?
22 ► How can I have two sets of links with different colors?
23 ► How do I get special characters in my HTML?
24 ► Explain Posting Copy and Paste HTML?
25 ► Are there any problems with using tables for layout?
26 ► How do I eliminate the space around/between my images?
27 ► How can I eliminate the extra space after a form tag?
28 ► Can I have two or more actions in the same form?
29 ► How can I avoid using the whole URL?
30 ► Why does not TABLE WIDTH=100% use the full browser width?
31 ► How do I create a link that sends me email?
32 ► How can I show HTML examples without them being interpreted as part of my document?
33 ► Should I put quotes around attribute values?
34 ► What is HTML for Lists?
35 ► How do I eliminate the blue border around linked images?
36 ► How can I specify colors?
37 ► Can I prevent a form from being submitted again?
38 ► How can I require that fields be filled in, or filled in correctly?
39 ► How do I link an image to something?
40 ► How do I specify a specific combination of frames instead of the default document?
41 ► How do I create a link?
42 ► How do I let people download a file from my page?
43 ► How can I make a form with custom buttons?
44 ► Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
45 ► How do I remove the border around frames?
46 ► How can I specify background images?
47 ► Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?
48 ► How do I make a thumbnail for my image(s)?
49 ► How do I rename all the files from .htm to .html after copying them from a PC to a UNIX machine?
50 ► Can I use any HTML in the box?
51 ► I am trying to include a HTML document in another document...Is there a way to do this?
52 ► The colors on my page look different when viewed on a Mac and a PC.
53 ► My page looks good on one browser, but not on another.
54 ► How do I update two frames at once?
55 ► How do I make a link or form in one frame update another frame?
56 ► Is there a site that shows which tags work on which browsers?
57 ► How can I display an image on my page?
58 ► How do I get out of a frameset?
59 ► Are there any problems with using frames?
60 ► How do I open a link into a new window?
61 ► How do I get form data emailed to me?
62 ► How can I allow file uploads to my web site?
63 ► How do I change the title of a framed document?
64 ► Should I end my URLs with a slash?
65 ► How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?
66 ► How do I create a link that opens a new window?
67 ► How do I create a button which acts like a link?
68 ► How do I specify page breaks in HTML?
69 ► Is there a way to prevent getting framed?
70 ► Why are nOt my frames the exact size I specified?
71 ► How can I copy something from a webpage to my webpage?
72 ► Why does not my title show up when I click check it out?
73 ► What is the difference between the HTML form methods GET and POST?
74 ► How do I put sounds for older versions of Internet Explorer?
75 ► How to transferring user to new web page automatically?
76 ► How do I keep people from stealing my source code and/or images?
77 ► How do you create tabs or indents in Web pages?
78 ► How do I make sure my framed documents are displayed inside their frameset?
79 ► Can I have two or more Submit buttons in the same form?
80 ► When I try to upload my site, all my images are X s. How do I get them to load correctly?
81 ► Why does the browser show my plain HTML source?
82 ► Why do my links open new windows rather than update an existing frame?
83 ► How do I make a frame with a vertical scrollbar but without a horizontal scrollbar?
84 ► Do search engines dislike frames?

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