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jQuery Interview Questions And Answers

World Wide Web :: jQuery Tutorial plus  Job Interview Questions and Answers

jQuery Interview Questions and Answers guide is a simple way to learn jQuery. Here you will learn that jQuery is a fast, brief and smallest JavaScript Library that simplifies our HTML document traversing, its event handling, its animation, and Ajax interactions with application for rapid web development. jQuery is designed for the enhancement of JavaScript and AJAX. This jQuery Tutorial and Interview Questions and Answers will guide all of us that jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library.

1 ► What is jQuery?
2 ► How to use jQuery?
3 ► How to use jQuery library in our ASP.Net project?
4 ► Can you give me a brief history of your programming days? Where did it all start?
5 ► How did you become the creator of jQuery UI? Whats the story behind that?
6 ► With jQuery UI 1.7 being released in the last few days, what do you see as the key parts of jQuery UI 1.7? What are you most proud of out of that release?
7 ► What were the biggest challenges of getting the 1.7 release out there?
8 ► Jumping off of jQuery UI for a second, Do you “release early, release often” with all of your projects? What are your thoughts on that strategy?
9 ► Have any of your startup projects failed dismally - if so, why and how did you learn from them?
10 ► Mac, Windows or Linux? Why do you love this platform while using jQuery?
11 ► What are your tools of choice to get the jQuery job done?
12 ► Back onto jQuery UI… Can you see jQuery UI making more of an impression in the future, lead by the current successes of jQuery?
13 ► Whats next on the hitlist with jQuery UI?
14 ► Is it too early to discuss jQuery UI 1.8?
15 ► And finally, If you could give one tip to any new budding jQuery UI developers, what would it be?
16 ► what is jQuery connect?
17 ► How to use jQuery.connect?
18 ► Different ways of using $.connect function in jQuery?
19 ► Do you have plans for a new jQuery plug-in or something else we should look out for? Where to from here for the imgPreview plugin?
20 ► Explain the features of jQuery?
21 ► Explain the concepts of "$ function" in jQuery with an example?
22 ► Why is jQuery better than JavaScript?
23 ► Explain how jQuery Works?
24 ► When can you use jQuery?
25 ► Advantages of jQuery.
26 ► How to find grand children in of an element?

2012-04-03 04:04:21

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