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Fashion & Modeling Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Fashion and Modeling Job Interview Questions and Answers

Fashion and Modeling Interview Questions and Answers Guide to learn the basics and advance of the current fashion and modeling. Get preparation of fashion and modeling job by our Fashion and Modeling Interview Questions and Answers.

1 ► When did a dog collar first become fashionable in clothing?
2 ► What age are antique garments?
3 ► What age are vintage garments?
4 ► How long has the Miss World beauty Competition been running?
5 ► Who was the most famous American female fashion icon of the 1960s?
6 ► What is the name of the most famous 1950s Hermes handbag?
7 ► Whom did Tom Ford design fashion for until recently?
8 ► Which designer has a famous musician songwriter singer pop star as a father?
9 ► What were Yuppies in the 1980s?
10 ► What does the acronym YUPPIES stand for?
11 ► Which perfume advertisement cost over and 5 million to make in year 2004?
12 ► Which famous film star wrote a book about her passion for Jewelers?
13 ► Which Italian fashion designer was shot dead in the 1990s?
14 ► What is the fiber source of cashmere fiber?
15 ► What is the fiber source of mohair fiber?
16 ► What is the fiber source of angora fiber?
17 ► Which fashion house has always designed glorious exotic colorful prints since the 1960s?
18 ► Which year was the first face-lift done?
19 ► Which designer brought messages on T-shirts into mainstream fashion when she protested against nuclear missiles in the 1980s?
20 ► Which fabric is flax fiber made into?
21 ► Name three items that teddy boys would have worn.
22 ► Who is considered the inventor of denim jeans, as we know them today?
23 ► Who founded the original Chambre Syndicale?
24 ► What is a mancheron?
25 ► What was a plumassier?

2012-04-03 04:09:50

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