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Architecture Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Architecture Job Interview Questions and Answers

Architecture Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Architecture is an art and science of designing and constructing buildings electronics and other physical structures for human shelter or use. Learn basic and advance Architecture or get preparation for the jobs of Architecture by our Architecture Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

1 ► What are different pipelining hazards and how are they eliminated?
2 ► What are the types of memory management?
3 ► What is the purpose of cache? How is it used?
4 ► What is the race around condition? How can it be overcome?
5 ► What is the difference between a latch and a flip?
6 ► What is aliasing?
7 ► What is bus contention and how do you eliminate it?
8 ► How do you improve the cache performance?
9 ► How is a block found in a cache?
10 ► What are different stages of a pipe?
11 ► What are superscalar machines and VLIW machines?
12 ► What is write back and write through caches?
13 ► What is DMA?
14 ► What is cache?
15 ► What is pipelining?
16 ► What is a managed code?
17 ► What is Auto Event Fire up?

2012-04-03 04:09:56

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Re: Architecture Interview Questions And Answers

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