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Journalists Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Journalists Job Interview Questions and Answers

JOURNALISTS Interview Questions and Answers will guide you about good written communication skills to produce quality copy, CREATIVITY to find new angles for old stories, PERSUASIVENESS to persuade reluctant people to be interviewed, LISTENING SKILLS to pick out the nuances of the story, INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS to find new stories and AUTONOMY to be able to work independently. Journalists Interview Questions and Answers guide is to unlock your Journalists potentials.

1 ► What qualities do you need to be a journalist?
2 ► What experience do you have that is relevant to this job?
3 ► How do you keep informed of the news?
4 ► What computer packages have you used?
5 ► Describe a big problem in your life and how you coped with it?
6 ► Which story over the last 12 months would you most like to have covered and why?
7 ► Are you competitive for Journalist Job? Give an example?
8 ► Will the UK join EMU in the next 5 years?
9 ► Have you any questions about this post of Journalist?
10 ► What are some examples of yellow journalism?
11 ► What is the definition of Journalism Ethics?
12 ► Who were the two masters of yellow journalism?
13 ► What is the difference between electronic and print journalism?
14 ► What is a review in a newspaper?
15 ► Why do people keep journals?
16 ► What are news values?
17 ► What are the different leads of journalism?
18 ► How does freedom of press affect journalism?
19 ► How Internet journalism is different from electronic media?
20 ► Why was yellow journalism used in late 1890?
21 ► Name the street that is known as the home to British journalism.
22 ► Define the terms yellow journalism and muckrakers.
23 ► What impact did the Tinker vs. Des Moines case have on journalism?
24 ► How did yellow journalism affect the Americans toward the Cuban Revolt?
25 ► Who is the first Asian to snatch Americas Pulitzer Prize in journalism?
26 ► What role did the Apple Macintosh play in graphic journalism, as we know it today?
27 ► Who is the US newspaper magnate who changed the face of journalism with the introduction of sensationalized stories?
28 ► What is the modern understanding of the word yellow in the term yellow journalism?
29 ► Why was yellow journalism used?
30 ► What is Yellow Journalism?
31 ► What is the difference between saying Journalism and Communications?
32 ► What are the problems of investigative journalism?
33 ► What is the difference between Journalism and Professional writing?
34 ► What is the status of written journalism these days?
35 ► What is the difference between journalism and studio television?
36 ► What censorship is there in journalism in your country?
37 ► How does the history of journalism relate to Australias democratic government today?
38 ► How should you dress the characters in video journalism movie?
39 ► Why are professional ethics so important in journalism and the legal world?
40 ► What effect did the yellow journalism used by Hearst and Pulitzer before and during the Spanish American War?
41 ► What should an "editors note" contain? How does one write it?
42 ► When it comes to working in book and magazine publishing, is it always necessary to be a writer first, then an editor?
43 ► When a person has information about a news story or information worthy of reporting how do they go about it? Do they set an appointment with a reporter or does the reporter seek them?
44 ► How many photographs are published annually in U.S. print media? Is there a declining or growing market for freelance photography or stock photography?
45 ► What is the difference between a Magazine and Newspapers in term of the content of each media?
46 ► What are reporter credentials? How are credentials obtained?
47 ► What are tear sheets and clips for copy editors?
48 ► In publishing, what does Volume/Issue/Number refer to, as in Architectural Digest Volume 63/Issue 6/Number 1?
49 ► Where does the expression "op-ed" come from and what does it mean?

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