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Solaris Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: Sun Solaris (OS) Job Interview Questions and Answers

Sun Solaris (OS) Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that the Solaris is a UNIX-based operating system introduced by the Sun Microsystems in 1992.
Sun Solaris is known for its scalability, especially on SPARC systems, and for originating many innovative features that you will learn here by these Sun Solarid OS interview questions and answers guide.

1 ► What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt?
2 ► Consider the following crontab entry: ?59 23 13 * 5 /wipe.disk? What time will this cronjob run?
3 ► How can i disable STOP+A utility on SUN machines, which brings system into OK> prompt?
4 ► How do we know how many LAN cards we have in server?
5 ► What is "Piping" solaris?
6 ► Where are the templates stored that are copied into the users home directories for their personal customizations?
7 ► Which NFS daemons are found on the NFS server?
8 ► What SPARC emergency keyboard sequence will take the system to the ok prompt (forth monitor) but will send output to TTYA?
9 ► What file controls system wide password aging?
10 ► Which of the following can be an appropriate name for a cluster?
11 ► What flag used with patchadd will prevent a later back out by preventing patchadd from backing up files? If this flag is used, the patch cannot be removed.
12 ► What file do you put the umask setting in?
13 ► When using the admintool, the membership list for groups is separated by what?
14 ► Among the applications below, which one is not a client/server application?
15 ► What command will display the VTOC for disk c0t0d0s0?
16 ► In order to save a template in /etc/format.dat, what two steps must occur?
17 ► What command enables a printer?
18 ► Which of the following commands can tell you whether packets are being delayed or dropped on your network?
19 ► What file contains the location of the namespace configuration textfiles such as hosts.rev, named.local, etc..?
20 ► What file controls global variables for system wide values for the Bourne Shell?
21 ► Partition sizes can be set manually or from what configuration?
22 ► The hardware-level user interface that you see before the operating system has been started is called:
23 ► Give the command that will display your default boot device.
24 ► How many different kill signals are there?
25 ► What software install group do you need to select in order to load the compilers?
26 ► The NVRAM is also soldered to the main logic board or motherboard.
27 ► What command will install the patches: 123456-01 and 123457-01 if both are located in the /just.patches directory?
28 ► What command can you use to display all of your groups?
29 ► What field will cause the message Your password has expired to be displayed to the user?
30 ► What is the command for seeing a long listing of all the processes running on your unix box?
31 ► What is sticky bit in Solaris?
32 ► How do you check the cron jobs of other users, (as a super user)
33 ► What does this file /etc/path_to_inst contain and what is the importance of this file
34 ► What is the command can reconfigure devices with out reboot?
35 ► How to restore a corrupted file system or trouble shoot bad super blocks for a FS c0t2d0s5
36 ► How will you add a virtual IP address to a server in Solaris. Given the interface qe0 and IP
37 ► What are the different phases in boot process
38 ► How do you determin which Run Level the sytem is running
39 ► How would you find out what version of Solaris is currently running?
40 ► What does reboot ?r do?
41 ► What is the difference between a probe-scsi and a probe-scsi-all?
42 ► What would a XIR signal do to a server and why would it be used?
43 ► How would you find out what kernel parameter SHMMAX is set to by one command?
44 ► What is after the VTOC on the root filesystem?
45 ► What is difference between Process and Daemon in Solaris?
46 ► How to install win xp after installing solaris for dual booting.
47 ► You logged into the system using telnet.As a system administrator, how would you figure out the system transaction is slow between the system you logged into and from the system you did telnet login?
48 ► Why we use / for mount any filesystem?
49 ► What is the big difference between /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk
50 ► How many cpus we can connect to a spark machine in Solaris?
51 ► How can we find RAM size in solaris server?
52 ► How to configure mail server in sun solaris?
53 ► How to find 32 or 64 bit system instances of OS?
54 ► What could be the reason and what files has to be checked to fix this and which log file we have to refer to know more details about the problem.
55 ► Which obp command has a permanent allies?
56 ► List the files in current directory sorted by size?
57 ► List the hidden files in current directory?
58 ► Delete blank lines in a file?
59 ► Search for a sample string in particular files?
60 ► Display the last newly appending lines of a file during appendingdata to the same file by some processes ?
61 ► Display the Disk Usage of file sizes under each directory in current Directory ?
62 ► Change to a directory, which is having very long name ?
63 ► Display the all files recursively with path under current directory ?

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