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Business Administration (MBA) Interview Questions And Answers

Business Accounting Finance Marketing and HR :: Business Administration Master (MBA or M.B.A.) Job Interview Questions and Answers

This Business Administration (MBA) Interview Questions with Answers will guide you that Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a postgraduate degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late 19th century as the country industrialized and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. Get MBA job with this Business Administration Interview Guide

1 ► What exactly do you look for in a job?
2 ► Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?
3 ► What is your the greatest strength?
4 ► Why did you choose Business Administration career?
5 ► What is your the greatest weakness?
6 ► Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you Handle that?
7 ► What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life?
8 ► Tell me about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?

2012-04-03 04:15:38

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Re: Business Administration (MBA) Interview Questions And Answers

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