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SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) :: SAP CRM Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP CRM job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean SAP CRM and get preparation for the job of SAP CRM

1 ► what is the action profile in sap crm?how to use complaints and returns life cycle in service process?
2 ► What is the relation between crm and sapr3 architecture?
3 ► What is the difference between R/3 AND CRM?
4 ► How to integrate R/3 with CRM?
5 ► Explain some example of business object, customizing object, conditon object?
6 ► Quotation transaction type comes under which functionality in CRM?
7 ► What is master data in sap crm?
8 ► How is the job market for sap crm?
9 ► Suppose we have created a organizational structure in a non-sap system and how we will transfer this organizational structure to another non-sap systems?
10 ► What is the standard transaction type for quatation?
11 ► How to enhance BP?
12 ► How many tabs are there in navigation bar?
13 ► Whether sap consultant work on development server or testing server?
14 ► Can we download data from datasets/Info sets?
15 ► How many types of campaign are their?
16 ► What type of Business Scenario you are following in you  Project? Business Scenario means what?
17 ► How to find target group & what is the flow of BP to Target group?
18 ► What is Activity Journal?
19 ► What is difference between ECC & CRM?
20 ► At the time of Implemention, What type of problem you generally face?
21 ► What is Action Profile?
22 ► What is the rule of organizational determination?
23 ► In Delta download which table is retrieve from R/3 to CRM?
24 ► What is mapping? How it is done?
25 ► What is Task & Activity?

2012-03-30 09:07:05

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Re: SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

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