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TOEFL Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: TOEFL Job Interview Questions and Answers

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting. It sometimes is an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at many English-speaking colleges and universities.

1 ► What is the authors main purpose?
2 ► The word relief in the last sentence means:
3 ► What is the main topic of this reading?
4 ► In line 4 the word "its" refers to?
5 ► In line 5, the word "pronounced" most closely means
6 ► How much time can it be inferred that it takes alcohol to enter a womans bloodstream after she takes a drink?
7 ► In line 9 the word "inextricably" most nearly means
8 ► According to the passage, how does the concentration of alcohol in a fetus compare to that in the mother?
9 ► It can be inferred that the development of a fetal liver depends on?
10 ► According to the passage, how is alcohol finally returned to the mothers system?
11 ► Which one of the following was NOT mentioned as a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome?
12 ► At what place in the passage does the author discuss the quantity of alcohol necessary to produce negative results?
13 ► Herbalife Inc is based in:
14 ► Daniel Fallow:
15 ► Which of the following countries is mentioned where Hughes operated Herbalife?
16 ► The complaint of Randy Cox of Lewiston, Idaho, against Herbalife was:
17 ► Which of the following countries is NOT mentioned in the passage?
18 ► In the year in which Hughes salary and bonuses came to US$ 7.3 million, what was the retail sales for Herbalife in France?
19 ► At the time when this article was written, if Herbalife had had a market capitalisation of $ 1 billion, what would have been Hughes share?
20 ► The authors main point is that
21 ► No employer, without government aid will yet be able to afford to hire labour to exploit the opportunities represented by C and D because
22 ► When C and D are established, workers in these industries
23 ► We cannot exploit C and D unless
24 ► The primary purpose a the passage is to show that extensive experimentation has
25 ► According to the passage, neuron behaviorists initially based their belief that protein synthesis was related to learning on which of the following?
26 ► It can be inferred from the passage that after puromycin was perceived to be a disappointment, researches did which of the following?
27 ► In the example of the car the battery is meant to represent which of the following elements in the neuron behavioral research program?
28 ► Which of the following statements would be most likely to come after the last sentences of the passage?
29 ► What does the woman mean?
30 ► Woman: Ive heard great things about that movie that just came out.You want to go see it tonight?Man: Id love to, but Ive got a history final in two days, and I havent studied all quarter.I think Id better take a rain check this time.What does the man mean?

2012-04-02 13:52:48

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