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Physics Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: Physics Job Interview Questions and Answers

Physics Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Physics is a natural science. Physics is the study of matter and its motion through spacetime and all that derives from these, such as energy and force. Learn the basic and advance concepts of Physics and get preparation of Physics Job Interview by our Physics Interview Questions and Answers.

1 ► What is the measure of the force of gravity on an object?
2 ► What is neutral buoyancy?
3 ► What affect does electricity have on soil?
4 ► What is the proper formula used to calculate acceleration?
5 ► How much does automotive oil weigh?
6 ► What is a Newton meter?
7 ► What instrument is used to measure volume?
8 ► How does the elevation and air pressure affect the boiling point of water?
9 ► What is time?
10 ► What are wave fronts?
11 ► How many pounds does one gallon of water weigh?
12 ► When a radar gun says the pitch is 90 miles per hour at what point in the balls travel to home plate is the radar gun measuring the velocity?
13 ► Does sunlight reflected off a mirror increase the temperature of the sun-rays?
14 ► How is radiation emitted from the body?
15 ► What are the steps to the scientific notation?
16 ► Give one advantage of a scanning electron microscope over a transmission electron microscope?
17 ► How is Specific Gravity defined?
18 ► What is a neutron?
19 ► How much does sea salt weigh per cubic foot?
20 ► How can light be defined in simplest form?
21 ► Does weight affect how far you jump?
22 ► Is air travel time the same whether or not the plane is flying with or against the rotation of the Earth?
23 ► What would happen if a disk one light second in circumference were to spin at 60 RPM?
24 ► What is the Law of Machines?
25 ► What is density?
26 ► What is an alloy?
27 ► What is the difference between Free Electron Theory and Band Theory of solids?
28 ► Why do you not collapse under the pressure created by the atmosphere?
29 ► Will a DC motor actually produce voltage if it is spun in reverse?
30 ► What are Newton s laws of motion?
31 ► How do you magnetize metal?
32 ► What are isotopes?
33 ► Why does heat cause matter to expand?
34 ► How does laser printer works?
35 ► What is parallel force?
36 ► What is the difference between the Atomic Theory and the Kinetic Theory?
37 ► What are the branches of physics?
38 ► What evidence is there supporting the Big Bang theory?
39 ► Why does a glass filled with water shatter when you run your finger along the rim of the glass?
40 ► What is geocentric?
41 ► Does solar radiation contain a complete spectrum of all forms of electromagnetic radiation?
42 ► Why does heated air expand?
43 ► What is moment of inertia?
44 ► What two properties of electromagnetic waves are used to attach info to radio signals?
45 ► Why does it take longer to heat a bucket of water than a cup of water?
46 ► Does a soccer ball go faster in the air on a cold or hot day?
47 ► What seven colors appear to be white when mixed together?
48 ► Is negative mass antimatter?
49 ► What is different between secondary electron image and back scattered electron image?
50 ► What is the difference between diffraction and interference?
51 ► How is nuclear fission different from nuclear fusion?
52 ► Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?
53 ► What is entropy?
54 ► How do you find the refractive index of a liquid by using total internal reflection?
55 ► What is an electron?
56 ► Why does sun appear flat during sunrise and sunset?
57 ► What is curvilinear motion?
58 ► What is the force needed to accelerate a mass of one kilogram one meter per second per second?
59 ► What are the characteristics of dead stars?
60 ► How do you find your body volume using a tape measure?
61 ► Why is there more friction when you push an object than when you pull it?
62 ► What does gravitational force depend on?
63 ► How do fireworks turn into shapes like hearts and stars?
64 ► Can a solid and liquid together be possible?
65 ► If the moons orbit is inclined slightly relative to the Earths orbit what effect does this have on eclipses?
66 ► Why does a tilted gyroscope not fall?
67 ► Does water drain counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere?
68 ► When is fluorescence strong?
69 ► What is a positron?
70 ► What is larger the force the earth exerts on you or the force you exert on the earth?
71 ► What does the MeV in MeV photon mean?
72 ► How are amps and watts related?
73 ► What path does an asteroid take?
74 ► What is free fall acceleration?
75 ► How do you calculate shaft power?
76 ► What is the difference between isolation transformers and step up or step down transformer?
77 ► What is balanced field takeoff?
78 ► Advantage of fixed pulley?
79 ► What are the three particles that make up an atom?
80 ► What is meant by 4th dimension?
81 ► What does hull speed mean?
82 ► Is a sewing needle magnetic or non magnetic?
83 ► Which atomic model did Erwin Schrodinger create?
84 ► How do you convert from Pascal to torr?
85 ► Why have the electron and the proton the same charge whereas the proton is 1836 times heavier?
86 ► What is ntu in thermodynamics?
87 ► Why does the pilot tilt the outer wing of the airplane inward while taking a turn?
88 ► Why is it important not to expose a patient to X-rays for too long?
89 ► How do you calculate tensile strength?
90 ► What are the weights in pounds of liquid gallons?
91 ► What are the applications of nmr spectroscopy?
92 ► If a dog rolled around on a carpet and gets statically and a flea jumps on it will the flea get electrocuted?
93 ► What is the direction of null vector?
94 ► What happens when you travel across the dateline?
95 ► What is the longest lasting synthetic periodic element?
96 ► What is cardiac output?
97 ► When gravity is the only force acting on an object the object is in what?
98 ► When an object moves with constant velocity does its average velocity during any time interval differ from its instantaneous velocity at any instant?
99 ► How does the arrangement of atoms in most solids differ from the arrangement of atoms in a liquid?
100 ► What is pascal s principle?
101 ► What is radium used for?
102 ► What is astrophysics?
103 ► What is ion pair energy?
104 ► Which way do twin screw props on a boat rotate when propelling the boat forward?
105 ► What is the difference between a lens and a mirror?
106 ► Why does a tea kettle sing?
107 ► What is a crest?
108 ► What is the difference between dynamic strain aging and strain aging?
109 ► Which is heavier the land mass or the sea?
110 ► Does gas have density?
111 ► How much does two pints of water weigh when frozen?
112 ► What is a galvanometer and its use?
113 ► What is Centrifugal Force?
114 ► What is the universal law of universal gravitation?
115 ► How do you separate Hydrogen and Oxygen gases in industrial electrolysis of water process?
116 ► What is the cause of Brownian motion?
117 ► If a plane is in the air and there is a fly flying inside the plane does the plane get heavier when the fly lands?
118 ► Can a vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude?
119 ► When are intermolecular forces the strongest?
120 ► What is a thermal transformation?
121 ► In beta minus emission, the number of nucleons in the atom:
122 ► Physicists most commonly call a mass moving in a straight line path as having:
123 ► A figure skater who, while spinning in place, pulls her arms in to increase her rotational speed, is most closely exhibiting which of the following:
124 ► The atoms nucleus is held together by which of the following:
125 ► Which of the following is NOT true of Guglielmo Marconis experiments on wireless transmission:
126 ► Which of the following is NOT an example of a transverse wave:
127 ► The Department of Energys B-Factory at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab is designed to collide electron and positron beams of unequal energies and produce millions of these particles, which are commonly called:
128 ► For particles that have mass, such as electrons, quantum theory gives the relationship of wavelength to momentum by which of the following formulas, where c is the speed of light, v is the particles speed, h is Plancks constant, m is the particles mass, and f is frequency:
129 ► Certain products have been designed so that people wearing headphones do not hear the objectionably loud sound from certain machinery with which they are working. These headphones most likely work based on which one of the following principles:
130 ► Which of the following is the most accurate reason why a light bulb dropped on a rug does not break, but when dropped on a tile floor it does break:
131 ► According to Coulombs Law, if two charged particles are repelled with a given force at a distance d, by what multiple will the force decrease by if d is increased by 4 times?
132 ► The lowest frequency that determines the pitch of a musical note is most commonly called the:
133 ► Order the following from the WORST electrical conductor to the BEST electrical conductor: glass, rubber, iron, dry wood:
134 ► A bullet of mass m travelling at velocity v has a kinetic energy of ½mv2 when it strikes a ballistic pendulum of mass 1000 grams. The kinetic energy of the two masses moving together just after the moment of impact is about a thousand times smaller than ½mv2. What has most of the bullets initial kinetic energy been converted to?
135 ► In the 19th century, this Scottish scientist showed that all magnetic and all electric phenomena could be described by four equations that often bear his name. What is his name?
136 ► When Thomas Edison was promoting the wide use of direct current, this personal enemy of Edisons was the chief proponent and expert in alternating current:
137 ► When a green colored object is illuminated by a green light it will appear as what color to the human eye?
138 ► How many more times louder is 70 decibels than 10 decibels?
139 ► What is the general term for the kind of material usually placed between the conducting plates of a capacitor?
140 ► While at Berkeley, Melvin Calvin used this radioisotope to decipher many of the complex processes of photosynthesis:
141 ► Assuming friction is negligible, if a lever has a mechanical advantage of 5, how much effort in newtons is needed to lift a 10 newton load?
142 ► The throbbing caused by sounds of slightly different frequencies that results because of periodic constructive and destructive interference is called:
143 ► How many neutrons and how many protons are present in a single deuterium nucleus?
144 ► Which element has the simplest absorption spectrum?
145 ► Order the following categories of electromagnetic radiation from the LOWEST frequency to the HIGHEST:
146 ► On an electric schematic, what does the symbol of a horizontal line interrupted by a saw tooth shaped line represent?
147 ► What cycle most directly describes the working cycle of a heat engine operating as an ideal engine of maximum thermal efficiency?
148 ► If F equals electric force, and q and q (read as: q-prime) are the charges on two particles, the expression F is proportional to q times q prime divided by distance squared is what law?
149 ► By passing current through a wire wrapped around an iron rod, William Sturgeon invented the:
150 ► What is the following statement most commonly known as:
151 ► According to the standard model of particle physics, which of the following is a force-carrying particle:
152 ► How is the index of refraction computed:
153 ► ASTRONOMY Multiple Choice A parsec is equal to which of the following:
154 ► Which of the following exhibits the least resistivity at 0°C:
155 ► Which of the following units is a measure of potential difference:
156 ► Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory invented the forerunner of the PET, which was subsequently found to be well- suited for wide use in institutions around the world for which of the following:
157 ► When a person whirls a rock on the end of a string and maintains it in uniform circular motion, the force exerted on the rock is most accurately referred to as:
158 ► Which of the following is measured in Hertz?
159 ► Which of the following colors of light has the greatest angle of refraction in normal glass:
160 ► What large machine, which came on line in the summer of 2000 at the Department of Energys Brookhaven National Lab, is the world’s highest energy ion collider:
161 ► Which of the following particles has not yet been observed but is generally theorized to exist:
162 ► The fundamental forces of nature are most correctly given as:
163 ► Which of the following is the emission source for microwaves in a typical microwave oven:
164 ► Laser is an acronym for what?
165 ► By primarily using what simple machine did Galileo come to the conclusion on the existence of friction?
166 ► What formula is most appropriate to compute the kinetic energy of a block of ice sliding down an inclined plane?
167 ► How many femtometers are in a nanometer?
168 ► What is the name for the physical constant with a value of 6.62 X 10-27 erg seconds?
169 ► PHYSICS Short Answer To two significant figures, what is the index of refraction of air?
170 ► If blue light is combined with green light, what color of light is produced?
171 ► Considering the specific heat of aluminum is 0.21, iron is 0.10, and lead is 0.03, which metal will show the largest increase in temperature per calorie added to one gram of that metal?
172 ► This person established the one fluid theory of electricity and performed some of the first investigations into electrical grounding and insulation:
173 ► Assuming g = 9.8 m/sec2, what is the weight on Earth, in Newtons, of a 60 kilogram person?
174 ► What secondary color of light is produced by mixing the primary colors of red and blue?
175 ► If the distance separating two charges is doubled, the force between them decreases by what multiple factor?
176 ► For two objects separated by a distance d, if the mass of one of the objects is doubled, what will happen to the gravitational attraction between them?
177 ► For projectiles fired at identical speeds but various angles from the ground, neglecting air resistance and the curvature of the Earth, at what angle will the maximum horizontal distance be attained?
178 ► What is the term for the speed at which an object will overcome the gravitational attraction of the Earth?
179 ► According to the standard model of particle physics, what is the name for the three leptons that have no electric charge and little if any mass?
180 ► This perceived force, that seems to want to throw a person off a merry-go-round, is often regarded by physicists as a fictitious force:
181 ► Sound frequencies below 16 Hertz are usually referred to by scientists as:
182 ► Heat cannot pass from a cooler substance to a warmer substance without some other process being involved. This is an example of which law of thermodynamics?
183 ► What is the dramatic increase in amplitude called when the frequency of forced vibrations on a body matches the bodys natural vibration frequency?
184 ► Who determined that the square of a planets period is proportional to the cube of its average distance from the sun?
185 ► A color made from the addition of two primary colors is called:
186 ► What law yields an equation that is used in determining crystal structure from interference patterns produced by monochromatic X-rays?
187 ► In radio transmission, what does the acronym AM stand for?
188 ► A coil of wire that produces a magnetic field is typically called a:
189 ► What is the name of the device that is made by combining two basic types of solid state rectifiers allowing the device to both rectify and amplify a current?
190 ► All elements with an atomic number greater than what number are unstable?

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