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Metallurgy Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: Metallurgy Job Interview Questions and Answers

Metallurgy Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Metallurgy is a domain of materials science that studies the physical and chemical behavior of the metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds and their mixtures, which are called alloys. In Metallurgy Interview Questions and Answers you will learn that it is also the technology of metals and the way in which science is applied to their practical use. Learn basic and advance Metallurgy by Metallurgy Interview Questions Answer

1 ► What is carbide?
2 ► What are the properties and application of manganese steel?
3 ► What is the metallurgical explanation of effects of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and carbon in stainless steels?
4 ► What is the difference between diagrams of IT and CT in heat treatment of steels?
5 ► How can you separate gold from mercury?
6 ► What does allotropic mean what does iron and steel have to do with it?
7 ► Why we are doing post heating in alloy steel welding?
8 ► When we do cardonitriding or casehardening operation for a plain carbon steel the case depth, hardness & microstructure are not alike why and what are the basic thing, which makes such a difference.
9 ► What is or what characterize the thermodynamic state of metal (structure of metal)?
10 ► What are the compositions of brass, how can this metal be heat-treated, what is the melting point of this metal?
11 ► How we describe strain aging based on dislocation theory?
12 ► How does and why the recrystallization temperature of the metals affects on alloying?
13 ► What is proeutectoid ferrite and cementite?
14 ► What is the metallurgy use? What is the casting and forging?
15 ► Which is the only liquid in which gold is dissolved?
16 ► How much gold concentration should be in the organic phase (DBC) before reduction by oxalic acid solution? Is it effective on purity of gold in reduction step? What is the ratio of DBC to oxalic acid solution in this step?
17 ► How is solution annealing carried out? What type of furnace is required? Does one need to be heat in a Salt Bath?
18 ► Will aluminum alloy like 380 or 356 settle? Meaning while in "Liquid form" above melting point will the heavier elements like copper, Fe, Silicon, zinc etc. settle to the bottom of the liquid/molten aluminum after a period.
19 ► How can you find out what kind of stainless steel was used in making a stainless object?
20 ► What is the grain size of lead as an element and as an alloy such as lead tin alloy?
21 ► We make aluminum moulds by press casting, can u suggest any thing so that the moulds should shine after casting?
22 ► What is the difference between plaster used in gold investment casting and ceramic used in the process of investment casting of automobile engine parts and turbine blades etc. when both are used in the lost-wax method?
23 ► Does the extrusion process for A355 AND A356 alloy effect on the amount of impact energy?
24 ► Does case harden steel properties detoriates over time? Especially for guns, parts like bolt carrier, the brand new parts has been kept for 10 year and properly oiled. I am worried about its surface hardness to take the blow during firing.
25 ► How is metal heavy?
26 ► What is the melting point of E70 steel, 304,308,316 stainless steels? In addition, what is the hottest part of the flame in a fire?
27 ► How one can differentiate between 304 & 316 grades of Steel (Physically)?
28 ► Which of different types of cast irons is stronger? Is their strength superior to steels?
29 ► What is the chemical composition of ceramic and what is its atomic density?
30 ► Can 1026 steel be welded?
31 ► What is meant by hardening ability of metals?
32 ► What metal cord transfers electricity, and how can i tell?
33 ► Is there a possibility of inducing stress cracking in an insulated stainless road tanker vessel (20 tonne capacity) if the vessel is subject to rapid filling (10 tonne /hr) with liquid methane (-160 C) assuming the vessel is at ambient. If so, where could I obtain suggested cooling rates?
34 ► What are Metallurgical microscopes?
35 ► What is the minimum temperature for stress relieving of ASTM A 519 Gr.4130 material and please tell us where we can find the location.
36 ► Is there any way through hardening and anodizing some type of aluminum, it could be as hard as steel? I have hardened steel rollers that run up and down on a ramp along with spring pressure. Alternatively, if you are familiar with snowmobiles, the rollers run on the helix on the secondary clutch.
37 ► When using mercury to recover very, fine gold from ore, what is the best way to separate the gold laden mercury from the ore?
38 ► Is it possible to use metallurgical inverted microscope to other designation?
39 ► Why is it so hard to find literature on the wear resistance of titanium?
40 ► How to calculate heat affected zone in weld?
41 ► How much gold is in a troy ounce?
42 ► What is a silver and deming drill bit?
43 ► Which is stronger, Tungsten or Titanium?
44 ► When austenitized, carbon steel is quenched, why is the BCC crystal elongated into a body-centered tetragonal crystal structure?
45 ► What are Ceramics?
46 ► Do you know what metal might be considered the "most environmental"? I say aluminum because it can be recycled others on my team say brass.
47 ► What medal conducts heat best?
48 ► What affect would increasing the charpy impact toughness on an object have on the surface of an object it strikes if all else remains the same? Would it cause more damage to the object it strikes?
49 ► What is the difference between Stainless steel and Alloy Steel?
50 ► What kind of cleaning substance or treatments keep or help prevent cast iron from rusting?
51 ► Is nickel considered a non-sparking metal?
52 ► A plain carbon steel contains 45 wt% of proeutectoid ferrite. What is its average carbon content in weight percent? I know that you need to use a tie line in the phase diagram, but my book does not really give a good example to go by
53 ► Which method has more procity in cast part? Which method has more strength in cast part?
54 ► Are the grain boundaries a continuation of regular lattice structure from one grain to another? Explain.
55 ► How would a salt and water solution clean a penny but a vinegar and salt solution will not clean a penny? What is the cause of this?
56 ► What is the strongest metal?
57 ► What other events in history might have affected the growth of Metallurgy?
58 ► How do 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel weld to each other? I am hoping my medical device prospect will be able to weld a component made in 316 SS via metal injection molding toa 304 SS tube.
59 ► Why is steel vital in the construction of an aircraft?
60 ► Is brass magnetic?
61 ► What is the different between ferrite percentage and ferrite number?
62 ► Why is Chromium Molybdenum steels used to build pressure vessels? What is special about the properties of Chromium Molybdenum steels that make them ideal for pressure vessels?
63 ► Is it possible to determine the heat treatment condition in Stainless Steel (ASTM A 479 Gr XM-19) by checking the microstructure?
64 ► For what reason would an aluminum casting, when applied with a powder coated paint finish, cause a poor finish to the paintwork.
65 ► Why duplex or super duplex stainless steels are welded with low heat input type electrode?
66 ► What is widman statten structure?
67 ► Which metals do not react with lithium Bromide ad why?
68 ► What is Iron Ferrite, what is it used for, and where is it found?

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