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Pharmacology Interview Questions And Answers

Medical Science :: Pharmacology Job Interview Questions and Answers

Pharmacology Frequently Asked Questions in various Pharmacology Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Pharmacology with the help of this Pharmacology Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Pharmacology Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► Explain Do you know how the dose for children is being estimated based on preclinical data?
2 ► Explain All of the following agents are beta receptor agonists EXCEPT:EpinephrineIsoproterenolMethoxamineDobutamine?
3 ► Explain Which of the following barbiturates is an ultra-short-acting drug?SecobarbitalAmobarbitalThiopentalPhenobarbital?
4 ► Explain DOC for cisplatin induced vomitting:metaclopramidedomperidoneondansetronprochlorperazine?
5 ► Explain Ciprofloxacin act byInhibiting protein synthesisInhibiting DNA functionInhibiting cell wall synthesisInhibiting glycolysis?
6 ► Indicate the irreversible alfa receptor antagonist:TolazolineLabetalolPrazosinPhenoxybenzamine
7 ► MOA of moricizine:prolongs APDshortens APDno change in APDcalcium channel blecker
8 ► Explain which of the following antitubercular drug contraindicated in pragnancy.INHethambutolrifampicinstreptomycin
9 ► Explain Hypnotic drugs are used to treat:PsychosisSleep disordersNarcolepsyParkinsonian disorders
10 ► Indicate a beta receptor antagonist, which has very long duration of action:MetoprololPropranololNadololPindolol
11 ► Explain Which of the following is not used inenterococcal infection?VancomycinLinezolideTeichoplaninCephalexin
12 ► Explain Oral contraception failure can occur with A/E:ampicillinphenytoinrifampicinmebendazole
13 ► Explain Which of the following benzodiazepines is used mainly for hypnosis?ClonozepamLorazepamFlurazepamMidazolam
14 ► Explain Which of the following is anantifungalFlucytosinCytosine arabinoside5 fluourasilProcarbazine
15 ► Explain the hypnotic drugs induce:Increase the duration of REM sleepDecrease the duration of REM sleepDo not alter the duration of REM sleepIncrease the duration of slow wave sleep
16 ► Explain indirect-acting adrenoreceptor blocking drug:TolazolineReserpineCarvedilolPrazosin
17 ► Explain Flumazenil blocks the actions of:PhenobarbitalMorphineZolpidemEthanol
18 ► Explain Which of the following hypnotic agents is absorbed slowly?PhenobarbitalFlurazepamTriazolamTemazepam
19 ► Explain with an example of haemopoietic growth factor isplatelet derived growth factorepidermal growth factoriron dextranerythropoietin
20 ► Explain Dose of acetaminophen in children5-10mg/kg/day5-10mg/kg/dose10-15mg/kg/day10-15mg/kg/dose
21 ► Explain Which type of immunoglobulin level will increase when an individual is exposed to a parasite?

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Re: Pharmacology Interview Questions And Answers

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