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Strategic Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Marketing Techniques :: Strategic Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Strategic Marketing Interview Questions and Answers will Guide us that A marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more about the basic and advance Strategic Marketing concepts or get preparation of Strategic Marketing jobs interview by our Strategic Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

1 ► The Objective and Task method of budgeting involves:
2 ► Which of the following is not a financial objective?
3 ► What is the difference between strategy and tactics?
4 ► Marketing planning occurs at which of the following company levels-
5 ► ACME Company sets its advertising budget by only spending up to the point where any further spending would not generate enough extra business to justify the outlay. What approach is it using to setting the budget?
6 ► To develop its market segments, West Coast Fish planned sales visits to the top 25 hotels and restaurants in Ireland. Where would this appear in a marketing plan?
7 ► The ACME Company sets its marketing budget by estimating the market leaders marketing spends. This approach to setting a budget is called:
8 ► West Coast Fish have no formal organization for marketing. Where this would be stated in its marketing plan?
9 ► Which of the following statements are not true of market challengers?
10 ► Corporate strategy is:
11 ► What is the statement of the organizations purpose?
12 ► Introducing new products to existing markets is an example of which of the following-
13 ► When a company acquires a supplier through an acquisition strategy, this is referred to as:
14 ► What is the marketing audit?
15 ► Which of the following is not a category of costs?
16 ► What drives the marketing strategies of an organization?
17 ► Your closest competitor has aggressively cut its price and your sales are affected. The decision whether or not to follow with a price cut of your own involves which trade-off?
18 ► The Tsu Tsang Soya Sauce Company launches a new advertising campaign promoting their leading brand of soya sauce as a seasoning for soup. Their competitive strategy is to:
19 ► The Ford Motor Company reduced its costs by finding a cheaper supplier of tyres for its cars. This is an example of-
20 ► The No.2 Company challenges No.1 Company, the market leader, by concentrating on providing better customer services, which it believes to be one of No.1s weaknesses. What type of competitive strategy is it using?
21 ► When Sainsburys supermarket launched their own brand of Classic Cola, what kind of market follower strategy were they using?
22 ► Goldman Sachs provides financial information and news to professionals. What kind of niche strategy is this?
23 ► Muller has established a 40% share of the UK yogurt market since its launch in 1987. What kind of growth strategy did they use?
24 ► Vestas Wind Systems has a 24% share of the world market for wind energy turbines. It has entered markets in Germany, Spain, Japan, USA and China. The growth strategy they are using is:
25 ► Ryanair states that it intends to break its (Lufthansas) monopoly on the German market. Where would this statement appear in a Ryanair marketing plan?
26 ► The marginal method of sales forecasting involves:
27 ► American Express is creating new products in mobile communications, travel products and health care. What kind of diversification strategy are they using?
28 ► John Lusty is an intermediary providing a channel to supermarkets and caterers for overseas producers. What kind of export strategy are they facilitating for the overseas producers?
29 ► Hormel Foods Corporation in the USA allows the Danish company Tulip International to produce and market SPAM for the UK market under its own name. What kind of market entry strategy is Hormel using?
30 ► The US Company Hilton Hotels only operates and markets the 163-bed luxury Hilton London Green Park Hotel. The building is owned and maintained by London and Regional Properties. What kind of market entry strategy are they using here?
31 ► What part of a marketing plan could this statement have come from?
32 ► When conducting the marketing audit and portfolio analysis, which of the following models are used to gain greater insight into the critical issues that could affect the business?
33 ► The Boston Consulting Group Model indicates which of the following-
34 ► There are various methods of determining marketing promotional budgets. Which of the following statements reflect the shortfalls or disadvantages in the percentage of sales forecasting method?
35 ► In the marginal costing approach to promotional budgeting, the marketer only spends up to the point where any further spending would not generate enough extra business to justify the outlay. Which of the following statements reflects the advantages of this method?

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