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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Microsoft Excel Job Interview Questions and Answers

MS Excel Interview Questions and Answers will teach you that Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993. Get MS Excel Job interview preparation with this MS Excel Interview Questions and Answer Guide

1 ► In MS Access, the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. How do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?
2 ► How do I put password to protect my entire Spreadsheet so data cannot be changed?
3 ► What is Freeze Panes and how do I do it?
4 ► How do I Format data in MS Excel?
5 ► How do I resize Columns and Rows to better fit the data in MS Excel?
6 ► How do I combine different chart types into my Excel spreadsheet?
7 ► Using Excel is there a way to close all open Excel files at once instead of closing them one at a time?
8 ► I have converted my MS Access database to a current conversion. I am getting conversion errors?
9 ► Is there a way to apply the same formatting to every sheet in a workbook in Excel?
10 ► How can I identify which cells in my spreadsheet have a formula and which do not in MS Excel?
11 ► How can I printout the formulas in an Excel spreadsheet - rather than the results?
12 ► Is it possible to change the color and font of the sheet tabs?
13 ► How do I find the first empty cell in column A?
14 ► How can I unprotect a VBA project using code?
15 ► Some of the functions that we want our macros to accomplish are not possible without first unprotecting the worksheet/workbook with the password?
16 ► Is it possible to call a macro from the condition true or false side of a worksheet formula? i.e. If(A2="OK",Run macro1,run macro2)?
17 ► Is there a way to protect the macros I create so people can not see or alter them?
18 ► I want to show a userform each time my file is opened?
19 ► I want to add a toolbar to my spreadsheet that when clicked, brings up Userform1?
20 ► How do I run a macro every time a certain cell changes its value?
21 ► When a button is drawn onto a sheet the assign macro is not displayed. When right-clicking on the button the "Assign Macro" context menu item is not present?
22 ► I have a user defined function that does not recalculate?
23 ► My Stop Recording toolbar has disappeared. How do I get it back?
24 ► Can I ask my user for confirmation before executing the macro?
25 ► Can I have my Macro make Excel NOT ask "the file already exists, do you want to overwrite" type of questions?
26 ► All of a sudden, when I open the file, it asks if I want to "Enable or Disable a Macro". There are no macros in this workbook?
27 ► How can I save a chart as a GIF file?
28 ► How can I print a workbooks full path in the header or footer? The Page Setup dialog box does not seem to offer the option.?
29 ► How can I enter the current date into a cell so it does not change from day to day? When I use the NOW function, it always shows the current date?
30 ► I need to determine the difference between two times. If the difference is positive, it works fine. But Excel does not want to display negative time values. Why not?
31 ► Is it possible to determine the day of the week for a particular date?
32 ► I have a worksheet that shows total hours and minutes worked, along with the hourly pay rate. When I multiply these vales, I do not get the result I am looking for. What is wrong?
33 ► I have a range of time values, but when I try to sum them, the total is never greater than 24 hours?
34 ► How can I calculate the difference between two dates?
35 ► I find that sometimes my formulas do not get fully calculated. This often happens when I use custom functions created with Visual Basic?
36 ► How can I make text in a cell display in multiple lines?
37 ► When I open a workbook, Excel asks if I want to update the links. I have looked everywhere, and I can not find any links in my formulas?
38 ► Can I write a formula that returns the number of distinct entries in a range?
39 ► I have created some clever formulas, and I don not want anyone else to see them. Is it possible to hide the formulas but display the results?
40 ► I have a price list stored in a worksheet, and I need to increase all prices by 5 percent. Can I do this without reentering all the prices?
41 ► Is there a function that returns the name of the worksheet?
42 ► How can I increase the number of rows or columns in a worksheet?
43 ► I have saved my workbook with a password, but Excel does not recognize it and would not let me open the file. Am I out of luck?
44 ► Can I change the color of the worksheet tabs in my workbook?
45 ► When I enter a value, it appears with two decimal places. For example, when I enter 154 it shows up as 1.54. Whats wrong?
46 ► I am converting from Quatro Pro to Excel. What happened to my cell comments?
47 ► I am trying to open files called "Excel 97 Templates" with my Excel for Windows 95, Version 7.0. I get the message: "(filename).xls: file format is not valid". What gives? Is the "Excel 97" saved file just unreadable by my version?
48 ► My question is when your working with multiple worksheets how do you transfer added figures from one worksheet to another without losing the total?
49 ► I have a list of 3215 product names on a spreadsheet. Each resides in a single cell. I need to put each name in quotes. The names are all in one column?
50 ► I wish to count the number of cells in a col or row that have a value > 0. How is this done? The zero is displayed in the cells. Count() will only ignore a blank cell?
51 ► There are many monetary signs in Excel97 but I have not found one yet for the new euro currency. Any suggestions?
52 ► I am trying to get the percentage of two cells by dividing one cell into the other. Some of the time both cells might have a Zero in each. Therefore the DIV?
53 ► How do I make a copy or a back up of a workbook that will not fit on a single 3.5 disk, so that I may transfer from home to office?
54 ► I am new at this Excel game. How do you figure elapsed time? I have formatted the cells in military time, create a start time column and an end time column and would like to know the difference?
55 ► Thanks for your great answer, but this results in my data be backwards; i.e. rather than 12345 I need it to be 54321. Any further thoughts?
56 ► I download data which comes to me in a column. I want to use it in a complex sheet that needs data in a row. How can I convert the column data into row data?
57 ► How can I enter the symbol for the new Euro currency in my spreadsheet?
58 ► I want to add 25 to all of the cells in column A. I do not want a new column, I want to add it right to the cells in column A?
59 ► I have a spreadsheet where I want to sum cells from column E if the corresponding date in column A is within the last 60 days?
60 ► I use a large spreadsheet on a daily basis with 31 worksheets (one for each day of the month). Each worksheet is huge.I would like to insert another sheet in the workbook and insert a button to copy another worksheet to the end of the workbook and then rename the sheet to the correspondingday of the month?
61 ► Somehow, my worksheet has external links to files that are no longer around. How can I delete the links?
62 ► Where can I find some really good information on how excel treats year 2000 dates? I need simple (and that is what u guys provide)?
63 ► Ihave been working with downloaded data and pasting a years worth at a time into a "template" that I want all the resulting spreadsheets to look like. Each years data has approximately the same amount of data in it. Seems each spreadsheet is taking more and more space as I work on them? Any ideas what I have done?
64 ► I want to count the number of cells in a range that have a particular interior color. The countif function seems like the right kind of answer but how to I return the color of the interior for each cell in a range? I would like to do something like: =countif(b1:b10, cell("interior","Red"))?
65 ► Well, then how do I fit something to one page wide?
66 ► I created a worksheet in Excel 95. In Excel 97, Excel ignores my page breaks?
67 ► Maybe you can help.... I use Excel not for calculation but for maintaining large mailing lists which I usually import from text files.Simple question... how do I keep Excel from dropping the leading zero when I import a 4-digit mail code? I NEED that zero there. I understand that I can format the cells to text and THEN TYPE the number in and the zero stays... but who has time for that? Is there a way to IMPORT or OPEN a text file in excel and keep the leading zero?
68 ► Can I see a list of the ColorIndex and the corresponding color?
69 ► In visual basic, I can set the color of a cell with the .interior.colorIndex property. How can I read the color of a cell before I change it?
70 ► How can I make the screen stop flashing during macro execution?
71 ► How can I get Excel to accept an entry like "5+5" without the leading equals sign as a formula? I have done this is the past but can not remember how.?
72 ► How can I speed up my Macro execution?
73 ► How do I have EXCEL execute a macro automatically upon starting EXCEL?
74 ► How can I format a worksheet to have alternating green and white rows like a "greenbar" report?
75 ► How can I show the complete path and filename in the Excel title bar?
76 ► How can I copy the name of the worksheet tab to a cell in the worksheet?
77 ► Hey! Excel used to have letters to indicate the columns. Now, all of a sudden, there are numbers for the columns?
78 ► I have a column of numbers in the format 99999-99999. What is a simple macro to remove the dash?
79 ► Is there a way to determine the last active column in a spreadsheet?
80 ► My furnace and air conditioner are both new. Do I really need to have it cleaned?
81 ► Is there an easier way to change formula results to fixed values in Microsoft Excel? I usually copy the cells that I am working with and then use the paste special command to past the permanent values over the original formulas?
82 ► Can I open .PRN files in Microsoft Excel?
83 ► How can I vary the width in the columns of a spreadsheet?
84 ► I am using Microsoft Excel and I would like to know if there is an easy way to figure out the number of working days (Monday through Friday) between two dates and also exclude specific holidays?
85 ► Is there a way to set up a toolbar button in Excel to access Page Setup?
86 ► I know I can use the fill handle (the small black box in the lower-right corner of the range) to copy data and formulas in Excel, but is there a way to use it to clear ranges in Excel?
87 ► Is there a way that I can close all spreadsheets in my Excel file at once?
88 ► Please tell me how I can split combined data into separate columns in an Excel spreadsheet. For example I have a spreadsheet that contains the city and state (i.e. Kennett Square, PA) in the same column and I would like to have them in two separate columns?
89 ► Can you tell me how I can put comments in my spreadsheet for instructions that pertain to a specific cell in Microsoft Excel?
90 ► I create lots of graphs with Excel. Unfortunately, the options to which Excel defaults are not the ones I use most. Is there any way to change the graph defaults to the ones I prefer?
91 ► While entering a series of numbers I was manually entering a comma. Excel auto-formatted the field to accommodate the comma like 1,200. I erroneously entered 12,00. Obviously the comma was placed in the incorrect position, but Excel interpreted this as text. When I wrote my sum formula, the results were not as expected. How can this be avoided in the future?
92 ► I have several objects that are in my Excel spreadsheet. They are pictures, charts, text boxes; simply a variety of objects to make my spreadsheet look attractive. It is rather difficult to align many of these objects. Is there an easier way than to move objects independently?
93 ► How do you set Excel to automatically place a decimal point for every number you enter?
94 ► In Excel, how can I prevent a row from printing in a range if certain cells in a particular column equal 0. I do not want to extract the records to another section of the sheet. Is it possible to hide those rows, then print, then unhide?
95 ► I am using Excel, and want to create a line graph with the data on my spreadsheet, ranging from January to December. However, I don not want the empty cells to be represented as zeroes in the line graph. Is there a way to graph all months without displaying the zero values?
96 ► I am using Excel and I want to print only the bottom of the worksheet. There is not an option to do this in the print dialog box. How can this be done?
97 ► How do I clear all formatting and cell contents from the cell in my spreadsheet?
98 ► I am using Microsoft Excel 7.0 running under Windows 95. I am using formulas to subtract time. If the resulting time is a negative number, the result displays as pound signs. How can I fix this?
99 ► I am working in MS Excel 5.0 in Windows 95. I have a spreadsheet where the gridlines are not printing. The sheet is 87 rows by 49 columns, "A1 to AW87." The gridlines are not printing from column "AP" to "AW." The other gridlines are printing correctly. What is the problem?
100 ► I have an Excel file that will not open. I am using Windows 95 on a workstation connected to a Windows NT 4.0 Server. What is the problem?
101 ► I am using Excel. I am working on a spreadsheet in which the columns are showing numbers rather than letters. How do I get the letters to show again?
102 ► In Excel, I am trying to open a Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 file. The file contains a bitmap. I am receiving the following error message: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down, Invalid Page Fault in Excel.exe at 0137:304997F4." Why am I receiving this message?
103 ► I am using MS Excel and I want to import a spreadsheet into MS Powerpoint without the gridlines. Is this possible?
104 ► I just began to design an intricate spreadsheet and after over an hour got an error message in Excel - which then closed automatically. Unfortunately, I did not save my file. Excel did not automatically recover the file. Is there anything I can do to get it back?
105 ► When I import information from my merchant account the field which holds the 16 digit credit card information does not display it properly?
106 ► How can I prevent hyperlinks from appearing when I type an email address?
107 ► When I clear a large range, it takes forever. How can I make it faster?
108 ► When I type a number, example 44, it becomes 0.44 even if I format the cell without decimals?
109 ► Is there a way to allow the use of AutoFilter on a protected worksheet?
110 ► How can I protect an Excel file (and associated code) from unauthorized copying and/or create time limited functionality?
111 ► I have lost my password in MS Excel?
112 ► How many worksheets I can put in a workbook?
113 ► How can I protect formulas from being deleted or changed?
114 ► Excel Limits and Specifications:
115 ► When I apply Fill pattern to a chart, it looks okay on the worksheet. However, the pattern disappears when I print the worksheet. Whats wrong?
116 ► When I apply Fill colour to a cell, I can not see it on the worksheet. However, the colour shows up in Print Preview, or when I print the worksheet. Whats wrong?
117 ► Why do my scrollbars go to row 500 -- my data ends in cell E50?
118 ► How do I lock in my Title Row and keep it visible while I scroll down to see the rest of my data?
119 ► When I try to open XL, it freezes and all I can do is reboot* Excel crashes on me regularly, what can I do* EXCEL caused an invalid page fault...* Illegal Operation Error when starting Excel?
120 ► Excel crashes on opening / closing / prompts not enough resources?
121 ► When I click on an Excel file to open it, the file opens but an error message is displayed that says a file with that name is already open and that I can not open two files open with the same name?
122 ► I have an Excel file that I use every day at work. Some time ago, mysteriously, the file began opening two copies of itself every time I double-click the icon. If I close one of the copies, both close. Any changes made to one copy show up in the other?
123 ► When I start XL, I get the error message Compile error in Hidden Module?
124 ► Excel Uses for the INDIRECT and ADDRESS Functions or Formulas?
125 ► How can I change the color of the sheet tabs?
126 ► Why do the column headers show numbers instead of letters? How do I change my column headings so they are back to letters instead of numbers?
127 ► Why does Excel say my file has links, when I know it does not?
128 ► All of a sudden a number of my Excel 2000 files have become read-only?
129 ► When I start Excel, why do a million files open up automatically?
130 ► How to access my Copy file?
131 ► How to open a new copy of a Excel file?
132 ► What is Excel and When Would I use it?
133 ► How Do You Use IF Functions in Excel?
134 ► How Do You Use the SUM and AutoSUM Functions in Excel?
135 ► What are Excel Spreadsheet Number Formats?
136 ► Upload data from Excel into SAP?
137 ► Show Excel Toolbars on Two Rows?
138 ► How to Change the Sheet Tab Color of Excel Spreadsheets?

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