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2 :: How to Change the Sheet Tab Color of Excel Spreadsheets?

In Microsoft Excel 2003 it is possible to color code the tabs of worksheets. Changing the color of worksheets tabs containing related information can make it easier to navigate through very . Or to use tab colors to differentiate between sheets containing unrelated information.
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3 :: Show Excel Toolbars on Two Rows?

The default setting for Excel toolbars is to display them on a single row, thereby hiding many of the toolbar buttons. It is quite easy to change the default settings to show Excel toolbars on two rows, making for a easier time formatting your spreadsheet.
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4 :: Upload data from Excel into SAP?

* Some of the Business functions (BAPI's / RFC unctions) offer data upload
* The general tool in SAP for data upload is the Batch input / call transactions

In the batch input file you specify screen by screen and field by field the input to SAP.

SAP has a recorder to create the sample file. Just run trans SHDB. Within this transaction, you run a case of the changes you want to do. On exit of the trans you will have a batch input file that you can download and from excel. Manipulate the file before you call the RFC function RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION.
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5 :: What are Excel Spreadsheet Number Formats?

Number formatting in Excel spreadsheets is used to change the look of the numbers in the cell. The most common formatting options are currency, comma, date, accounting and percent, although there are more options available.
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