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Microsoft Office Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Microsoft Office Job Interview Questions and Answers

MS Office Interview Questions and Answers will teach you that Microsoft Office is an office suite of inter-related desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, introduced by Microsoft in 1989. Initially a marketing term for a bundled set of applications, the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Get job interview preparation for MS Office with this Interview Questions with Answers Guide

1 ► How can I change settings, turn features off or on, and alter the way Word behaves?
2 ► How do I get Word to stop helping me type?
3 ► How do I tell the Office Assistant to go away?
4 ► How do I turn off the automatic URLs in MS Office?
5 ► The toolbars and the menus in my old version of Word looked different. What happened?
6 ► What are Word XP/2003 Task Panes?
7 ► What is going on with the document windows when I have more than one file open?
8 ► How can I find out the names of the buttons on the toolbars?
9 ► How can I find out what the buttons on the toolbars do?
10 ► Can I turn the Ruler off (or turn it back on)?
11 ► How can I display more toolbars?
12 ► How do I move the toolbars in MS Office?
13 ► Can I add or remove buttons from the toolbars in MS Office?
14 ► Can I make my own toolbars in MS Office?
15 ► Can I add or remove items from the menus in MS Office?
16 ► What is the Normal Template in MS Office?
17 ► How do I change the default margins in MS Office?
18 ► How do I change the default document font in MS Office?
19 ► How do I change the default font for things like page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes?
20 ► How do I change the default folder for Open and Save?
21 ► How do I change the default printer tray assignments?
22 ► Can I copy more than one block of text to the clipboard, then paste everything into my document?
23 ► What are styles? How do I use them?
24 ► What is AutoText in MS Office?
25 ► How can I track changes made to a document?
26 ► Can I keep different versions of a document in the same file?
27 ► Will Word help me compare two similar documents?
28 ► Can I Search and Replace for things other than words?
29 ► How can I diagnose formatting problems?
30 ► How do I clear the formatting in a paragraph or block of text?
31 ► How do I insert a footnote or an endnote?
32 ► How do I delete a footnote or an endnote?
33 ► How do I move or copy a footnote or an endnote?
34 ► How do I use headers and footers in MS Office?
35 ► How do I double-space my document in MS Office?
36 ► How do I change the margins in MS Office?
37 ► How do I change the format of the number symbols in a numbered list without changing the rest of the text?
38 ► How do I make a numbered list that looks like an outline?
39 ► How do I put a horizontal line in my document that moves when I add new text?
40 ► How do I number pages in MS Office?
41 ► How do I delete page numbers in MS Office?
42 ► How do I remove the page number from the first page?
43 ► How do I insert or delete a page break?
44 ► How do I keep a paragraph from separating at the page break?
45 ► How do I indent a paragraph in MS Office?
46 ► How do I set tabs in MS Office?
47 ► How do I control where a column ends?
48 ► Why are my columns not lined up when I print?
49 ► Can I have different page formatting within one document?
50 ► How to create a table in MS Office?
51 ► How to create a Table of Contents in MS Office?
52 ► How to create an Index in MS Office?
53 ► How do I switch between languages (proof text in different languages)?
54 ► How do I tell the Speller to skip the parts of my document that are not in English?
55 ► The Speller would non check my spelling. What happened?
56 ► Is there a faster way than the Thesaurus to find synonyms?
57 ► How do put a picture in my document in MS Office?
58 ► How do I put a watermark document in MS Office?
59 ► How do I put an Excel chart in my document?
60 ► What are templates? How do I use them? How do I make a template? How do I edit a template?
61 ► Can I use Word to make a real outline in MS Office?
62 ► What is Mail Merge? How do I perform a Mail Merge?
63 ► Add the Mail Merge Helper to the Word XP/2003 Tools Menu
64 ► Add the Insert Merge Field Button to the Word XP/2003 Mail Merge Toolbar
65 ► How can I combine several Word documents into a single document?
66 ► Can I use Word to make a web page?
67 ► How do I share a document with someone who does not have my version of Word?
68 ► I like WordPerfect. Where are the Reveal Codes?
69 ► Can Word open WordPerfect files?
70 ► Are there any settings that would help a WordPerfect user learn Word?
71 ► In WordPerfect, I could point to a blank part of the page and start typing. Can Word do that?

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