1. You wish to create a link to the /data directory in bob's home directory so you issue the command ln /data /home/bob/datalink but the command fails. What option should you use in this command line to be successful.

Use the -F option

In order to create a link to a directory you must use the -F option.

2. You locate a command in the /bin directory but do not know what it does. What command can you use to determine its purpose


The whatis command displays a summary line from the man page for the specified command in Linux.

3. You suspect that you have two commands with the same name as the command is not producing the expected results. What command can you use to determine the location of the command being run?


The which command searches your path until it finds a command that matches the command you are looking for and displays its full path in Linux OS.

4. You routinely compress old log files. You now need to examine a log from two months ago. In order to view its contents without first having to decompress it, use the _________ utility in Linux


The zcat utility allows you to examine the contents of a compressed file much the same way that cat displays a file.

5. Who owns the data dictionary in Linux?

The SYS user owns the data dictionary. The SYS and SYSTEM users are created when the database is created.

6. You need to see the last fifteen lines of the files dog, cat and horse. What command should you use?

tail -15 dog cat horse

The tail utility displays the end of a file. The -15 tells tail to display the last fifteen lines of each specified file.