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Q - 1 What is the materials of jib and cotter joints?

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Q - 2 What is extrued aluminum?

Ans- Extrusion is the process where a metal or a metal bar is pulled through a mandrel to elongate it and/or give it a final shape.

Extruded Aluminum is a common form of making small aluminum wire, bars or beams and many varieties of small non-structural, decorative pieces.
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Q - 3 What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?

Ans- It only takes half the effort to move an object but twice the distance.
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Q - 4 What is knurling?

Ans- Knurling is a machining process normally carried our on a centre lathe. The act of Knurling creates a raised criss-cross pattern on a smooth round bar that could be used as a handle or something that requires extra grip.
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Q - 5 What is the date of first Titan launch from Cape Canaveral?

Ans- The Titan I was launched from Launch Pad 15 on February 6 1959.
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Q - 6 What is the difference between blower and fan?

Ans- A fan can turn air, but a blower forces the air faster.
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Q - 7 Why is over-pressurizing an Air Conditioning system bad?

Ans- Overcharging a refrigeration or air conditioning system can result in an explosion. To avoid serious injury or death, never overcharge the system. Always use proper charging techniques. Limit charge amounts to those specified on the system equipment serial label or in the original equipment manufacturer's service information.

Overcharging the system immerses the compressor motor, piston, connecting rods, and cylinders in liquid refrigerant. This creates a hydraulic block preventing the compressor from starting. The hydraulic block is also known as locked rotor.

Continued supply of electricity to the system causes heat to build in the compressor. This heat will eventually vaporize the refrigerant and rapidly increase system pressure. If, for any reason, the thermal protector fails to open the electrical circuit, system pressure can raise to high enough levels to cause a compressor-housing explosion.
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Q - 8 How does hydraulic clutches work?

Ans- By using a non-compressible fluid, it acts like a solid push rod.
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Q - 9 Why will an ice cube placed in a cup of hot rotating water spin automatically faster than the water itself?

Ans- The center of a whirlpool is spinning the fastest. The cube is in the center so it is spinning equal or slower than the water directly under it but the water near the edge of the cup is spinning slower put something in the toilet, flush it, and observe how it spins faster as it reaches the center use something that will not clog the toilet.
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Q - 10 What is the Congressional Space Medal of Honor?

Ans- The medal was created in 1969, designed by Congress for "any astronaut who in the performance of his duties has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious efforts and contributions to the welfare of the Nation and mankind.
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