1. What do you like about working with kids?

The role of a camp counselor revolves around working with children. This is your chance to really let your passion shine through.

"There are so many different aspects that I love about working with kids. First, the level of unpredictability is exciting. You never know what to expect each day and it keeps you on your toes. Also, they have a fresh perspective on life that we tend to lose as we grow older. Lastly, seeing the process of young people starting to become aware of their full potential is extremely rewarding."

2. What age groups do you have experience working with?

I have experience in working with many age groups. I would baby sit my younger cousins at family gatherings, for three years I was a peer mediator for kids in kindergarten through 8th grade.

3. How much experience do you have working with children?

I have had many experiences working with children. From the church to the library and at home.

4. Have you ever worked with a child with a disability?

No I have not but I feel like that would be a learning experience that hopefully I will get the chance to be a part of at this camp.

5. What are your interests and hobbies?

I'm an outdoor person into sports, fishing, team games and hiking.

6. What do you love most about being a camp counselor?

I love the connections I make with the kids and my fellow counselors to create long lasting memories and even some long lasting relationships.

7. If a kid is testing your patience, how would you react?

I would react calmly. I would ask the kid why he or she is not willing to agree with the situation.

8. Do you have a high level of patience?

Yes, after working and volunteering with kids before, I believe that I do.

9. Do you know any of the other camp counselors?

I am not associated with any of the other camp counselors

10. What is your biggest weakness as Camp Counselor?

My biggest weakness is probably that I am impatient. I always like to have something planned and I always like to be on the move. When I have down time or especially when I have to wait for something, I tend to feel impatient and anxious. But I know that this quality will help me always be a step ahead and always have something to do to keep myself and my campers busy.

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11. Name three characteristics of a good camp counselor?

Maturity, common sense and good judgment are keys to be a successful camp counselor.

12. Tell me what makes you a good role model?

Camp counselors have a lasting impact on the campers that they lead. It is imperative that you, as a camp manager, hire good role models for your campers to look up to.

13. What personality trait makes you a good fit for this job?

Camp counselors must be energetic, creative, patient, and caring. Asking a candidate why they think their personality is a good fit for a job at a summer camp is insightful and will help you be sure that you are making a good choice.

14. What age groups do you have experience working with as Camp Counselor?

The interviewer is figuring out your level of experience and how relevant it is to their open position.

"I have experience working with a variety of age groups. I started off babysitting children from ages seven to nine. Then, I worked at an after school center where I worked with kids ages 12 to 16 years old. The majority of my experience comes from working with the older age group."

15. What made you decide to apply for a job as a camp counselor?

I want to be involved in outdoor activities over summer and a camp counselor seemed to fit my desire perfectly.

16. Explain some of the important duties that are particular to a camp counselor's role?

The first thing a camp counselor does is create and implement a schedule for the group under his or her care. Subsequent duties include organizing and leading activities just as crafts, games, nature hunts, swimming and archery. It is important to participate in all camp activities robustly and ensure the safety of members on a constant basis.

17. You were just voted camp counselor of the summer. Why did you win?

This open-ended question will make each candidate think about what makes them a good camp counselor. As an interviewer, it will demonstrate what their most desirable counselor qualities are.

18. How do you think you will handle a job that literally requires you to live at it?

I think I will be able to handle it very well. Being immersed in the camp environment will be a great learning experience and give me the opportunity to learn and develop continuously on the job.

19. Can you handle a group that includes one or two children with a disability?

Yes, I have previously worked with a group consisting of a hearing disabled teenager and an ADHD five year old.

20. What have you heard about being a camp counselor?

A camp counselor needs to have patience and be responsible for a group of children. Teach leadership and teamwork to children.

21. What do you enjoy about working with kids?

If the candidate responds with, "Nothing," you can end the interview and thank them for their time. Camp counselors must enjoy working closely with children for an extended period of time. Asking about their favorite aspects of working with children can help you gauge whether or not they are a good fit for the role.

22. Are there any age groups you would prefer not working with?

No. I accept all kids as they are. I have a little sister that is 1 year old to a brother that is 15. I take care of all of them. So any age group would work perfect with me.

23. How do you handle a parent who is over reacting to the way their child is being kept or activities that are being conducted?

I deal with such parents calmly, listen carefully to their concerns and reply them politely; addressing the issues they brought up one by one. I refer them to the management if they are still not satisfied.

24. How would you handle a conflict with your co-counselor?

When many personalities are living in close quarters, conflicts will inevitably arise. Counselors should be able to handle minor conflicts in a mature manner, without the involvement of camp management.

25. What would be your number one goal at this camp, if you were a camp counselor?

Connect with the children and make sure they have a great experience that makes them want to come back to camp again.

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26. Have you ever worked with a member of a group that may have limitations or disabilities? What was your experience?

I have come across many members who have physical limitations and / or disabilities. While it is not easy to handle one person who has limitations when others don't, it is something that one has to do. I was required to exercise a lot of patience and learn new skills in handling certain situations. I believe that this experience made me more equipped to handle challenging tasks of this nature.

27. What will you do if one camper refuses to participate in the group activity other 15 people are doing?

Before initiating an activity I usually take everybody's consent and generate enough team spirit to have a consensus on the planned activity. If however a member still refuses or does not agree I'll check if there is a serious problem underlying the behavior. Once satisfied I don't press them to involve in that particular activity but if the refusal persists in following activities I probe further and counsel the person if needed.

28. Tell me what skills or interests do you have that would make you a great camp counselor?

The job of a camp counselor is diverse. One minute, they may be leading an arts and crafts project, and the next, they are setting up teams for a camp-wide kickball tournament. Useful knowledge and skills will make a job candidate successful at camp.

29. If you had to fill 30 minutes of your schedule with an impromptu activity, what would it be?

Counselors often have to invent games and activities on the spot. This question will let you know just how creative and energetic a candidate can be.

30. Are you aware that it is within poor judgement to be alone with a kid? How do you prevent this type of situation?

I will assure that I never become alone with any child unless specifically told to do so by the camp leaders. If a problem occurs with a child I will report it to the camp leaders.

31. You notice a couple of cliques have developed among the campers and that one or two campers have been completely excluded. How would you go about solving the problem?

As a camp counselor, you need to be aware of problems among the campers. The interviewer is seeing how you would resolve an issue internally.

"This type of problem is not uncommon in these types of situations. Everyone wants to fit in and I am a strong believer in an all-inclusive environment. To solve the dilemma, I would initiate a few team-building activities. However, I would configure the teams with people who wouldn't typically interact so that they get to know each other better and everyone has to step out of their comfort zone. Also, I have this method called the "triple play", where I would take the two campers who seem to be excluded to do a fun activity with me. They feel special for being able to do something nobody else could and it allows them both the opportunity to open up, perhaps even forming a friendship with one another."

32. Behavioral Camp Counselor Interview Questions:

► Explain a time when you had a conflict with a friend, coworker, or employer. Who was involved? What was the conflict? What was the outcome?
► Tell me about a time that you helped resolve a particularly difficult issue with a child.
► Give an example of a time that you changed a child's emotions from frustration or sadness to happiness.
► Tell me about a time (at work or school) when you acted as a leader for a group of people. Name a type of activity you would do with children of this age group.
► Tell me about a time when you put the needs of another or others ahead of your own. Who was the person? What was the situation, and how did it go?

33. Situational Camp Counselor Interview Questions:

► What would you do if one of your campers refused to do an activity with the rest of the group?
► What would you do if it was raining and you had a group of twenty campers to entertain?
► How would you handle a child who was misbehaving and not following instructions?
► What would you do if a parent was angry with you for the way you handled a situation with their child?
► Imagine one of your campers is homesick and wants to go home. What would you do?
► Why would you be a good fit for our camp?
► What did you decide to interview for our camp rather than another one?

34. Personal Based Camp Counselor Interview Questions:

► What qualifications do you have that make you suitable for this position?
► Are you a team player?
► Do you prefer to work alone or with others?
► How do you handle stressful situations?
► What do you do when you don't know the answer to a question?
► What made you want to be a camp counselor?
► Did you attend camp as a child? What did you like about it? What did you dislike?

35. Fresh Camp Counselor Interview Questions:

► You just won counselor of the year by your peers/supervisors/teens/parents; why?
► What is your greatest personality asset working with kids?
► What is the difference between punishment and discipline?
► What is the difference between yelling and raising your voice?
► What are you much better at than you used to be?
► What hobbies, special interests or talents do you have that you think might be useful here?
► Who is your personal hero?
► Why did you decide to choose this organization for employment?
► How do you handle a stressful situation?
► There are 3 problems to deal with and a kid tugging on you. Your co-counselor is sitting on the side. What do you do to defuse the situations?
► Why are you a good role model?
► Describe what you think your job duties would be.
► Come up with a 10 minute game for ages 6-11.
► Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
► If I asked a previous co-worker what your greatest strength is, what would they say?

36. About Working with Children Based Camp Counselor Interview Questions:

► With what age groups do you have experience working?
► What do you like about working with kids?
► What are the top three qualities everyone who works with children must have to succeed?
► What sorts of activities would you do with a group of children ages 5-6?
► Do you hope to have a career working with children?

37. How would you describe yourself in ten words or less?

Asking potential hires to describe themselves is a great way to learn more about their personalities. Pay close attention to their response and be certain that you can match their description of themselves with the qualities that you seek in a counselor.

38. How would you handle a child who was misbehaving and not following instructions?

I would check-in with the child while the rest of the group pursues the activity to see what was causing the misbehaviour. From there I would see how to best modify the activity so that the child will participate in some facet.

39. What age group are you comfortable in working with?

I am equally comfortable in working with any age group be it toddlers, young children, teenagers or adults.

40. Camp is designed to be an educational event for kids. Give examples of what kids learn from camp?

Kids learn essential values like teamwork, co-operation, perseverance, and gain a greater sense of self. They also gain self-confidence and leadership skills.

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41. How do you handle a medical emergency situation?

I am first aid certified and fully capable of handling medical emergencies. In case of any unfortunate event I provide first aid personally to the affected person. Once the patient is stable I call for professional medical assistance if needed. A nurse also accompanies the summer camps and the situation is usually controlled within the camp.

42. What are the three greatest strengths you bring to this position?

My bubbly personality, My knowledge and skills and most importantly my patience.

43. Which skills have you improved in most over the past three years?

I have developed skills in handling children and adolescents who are misbehaving or are homesick. After extensive interaction with children of various ages I have come to understand ways to tackle with mood swings and tantrums.

44. What skills or interests do you have that would make you a great camp counselor?

Ability to relate to many different people, love learning from children and teaching them.

45. Would you prefer not to work with a certain age group? Why or why not?

I am comfortable working with every age group. Each age group that one works with provides one with insight into the different manners that they need to be dealt with. This is education in itself and I would not like to limit myself despite some age groups providing more challenge than others.

46. What experience do you have in leading others?

Work with Girls on the Run as an assistant coach and helping the children, work with special olympics coaching the athletes.

47. Why did you choose to become a summer camp counselor?

Way back when I was a child I used to attend many summer camps. I'm an adventurous person and this profession has appealed me since then. I mean what can be better to get paid for something you really enjoy doing, like camping.

48. What is the most difficult part of being a Camp Counselor for you?

Trying to ensure that all children have a say in the daily activities, and are having an authentic engaging learning experience.

49. What do you know about this camp?

Everything. I know the rules and procedures, I am familiar with the staff and even some campers, I know the area such as trails very well and I also know many of the activities and games that go on at camp.

50. How do you keep your kids under control?

I think of fun creative way to reward them. For example each week we could have a camper of the week for being the most obedient and respectful and whoever wins gets a prize or something.

51. Can you keep personal electronics aside for the duration of the camp?

Yes of course, unless there is a situation where I will need to contact someone incase of an emergency.

52. What hobbies or interests do you have that you think would be helpful in this position?

The interviewer wants to know if there are things you do in your personal life that could be applied to the position.

"I'm a lifeguard on the weekends and that got me comfortable being responsible for others. Also, I am part of a mentoring organization and meet with my mentee every week, which has helped me learn how to build strong one-on-one relationships. I believe getting to know each camper is beneficial because they will have more respect for you as well as feeling comfortable coming to you with an issue. Additionally, I have been a mentor for about three years now so I know how to stay committed to a job."

53. What would you do if a parent was angry with you for the way you handled a situation with their child?

I would firstly not take it personally, and ask for their input in how to handle future situations in correlation with their parenting.

54. What do you think you will dislike the most about this job?

I will absolutely dislike nothing at all, because helping children is my passion, and that is what I live for, and that is what an summer camp counselor job most importantly consists of that is helping children.

55. What would you do if a parent was angry with the way you handled a situation with their child?

Sometimes you will run into issues with a parent or child. Show that you can deal with a problem effectively.

"It all comes down to communication. First, I would apologize. Next, I would explain to the parent why I chose to handle the situation the way I did. I would then ask them what I should've done differently and how they would like me to handle a similar situation in the future so that we can avoid any further conflict."

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56. How would you break up a fight among kids?

If it is physical, then I will try to break it up. If it is verbal, I would try and talk it out. In both cases though, I would talk to the manager or their parents.

57. Why do you want to be a camp counselor?

I attended the camp as a child and really enjoyed it. The counselors made it a memorable experience for me and I want to be a part of making this years camp memorable for the participants.

58. How have you changed as a result of being a counselor?

I now am more patient, flexible, and am more confident in my leadership skills.

59. Do you enjoy being active with the kids?

I love being active and I also love teaching kids how to do sports so in conclusion I would enjoy being active with kids.

60. Did you attend camp as a child?

Yes I attended camp every summer from a very young age and it have changed me so much into the person I am today.

61. How do you handle stressful situations as Camp Counselor?

Depends on the situation. with misbehaving kids resolve the issue quickly before it builds. if the whole group is hectic keep calm and maintain composure but still be fun and sensitive yet know when to have authority. if with parents talk with them and respect them.

62. When did you realize you wanted to be counselor?

When I started working at the camp as a volunteer, I knew I wanted to work my way up to eventually becoming a counselor.

63. What experiences do you have with kids?

I have worked in several different places that involved working with children such as being an, Nanny, an day camp counselor, and a day care worker. At all of my previous jobs I took care of all of the children just like if they were my siblings, or my own. I am very diligent when it comes to children. I am sensitive but straightforward (to the Point) when it comes to both of their needs and wants, and I am an successful leader, and lastly most of the children I have worked with in the past confided in me, and looked up to me as an older brother.

64. Describe yourself in 5 words or less?

Responsible, honest, motivated, organized and outgoing.

65. What makes you a good role model?

I am dependable, trustworthy, punctual, and a hard worker. I always strive to do the right thing and I put 100% of my effort into my task.