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Q - 1 Explain What is alias file in TIBCO?

Ans- TIBCO Designer allows to create alias to resources that can
be reused across projects.
Alias are used in 2 resources
1)AliasLibrary- Used to alias file system resources like
the jar files needed in the project.
2)Library builder- Used to alias shared resources like
Schemas, SSL Certs, BW processes needed during design time.
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Q - 2 Why we implement the TIBCO in our organisation or company?

Ans- see when we intract with any applications or dbs commnly we use protocols or connections.sometimes protocols also doesnt support to intract applications by rectifying all those things we need a middleware application. Tibco is the one of the middleware application

why we choose this?

becuase most midleware applications will follow server architecture but tibco follows bus architecture with special feature called tibco rv
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Q - 3 Once we have deployed the ear file in Tibco admin, In which location the data/service/properties will store?

Ans- If the installation folder of tibco will be in C directory
then once we have deployed the ear file ,the information
will be stored in the following location.

if domain name is mydomain and projectname is TestOne then

Log files :

TestOne.tra file :(it contains all properties) :


Service/Project :C:tibcotradomainmydomaindatafiles
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Q - 4 If there are two sub processes then how can we call at a time one sub process dynamically by using call process?

Ans- In call process we have an option as Process Name Dynamic
Override, this field is used to determine dynamically
which process to call when the process instance is
running.But here both the sub process should have the same
input,output and error schema.
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Q - 5 By using which BW palette we can create DB table?

Ans- by using the "SQL Direct activity " in the JDBC palette
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