1. What would be the probable starting take home salary for tax assistants in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar Central Excise?

yes, it would be around rs.29,000

2. Is that any negative marking of CGL 2010 tier-2 exam?

As far as i know, there was never any negative marking
in ssc exams. But it would b better for u to read the
instructions written on question booklet whether there is
any negative marking before attempting the questions....

3. Brain of Human adult weighs
(a)1200-1300 gm
(b)1600-2000 gm
(c)500-800 gm
(d)100-200 gm

1200-1300 gm

4. According to suresh tendular, BPL in india


5. The spokes used in wheel of bicycle increases its
(a)Moment of Intertia

(a)Moment of Intertia

6. Will we be provided any booklet explaining the exam pattern?

The result of ssc cgl exam 2010 will not b sent by post. If
u r qualified for Tier 2 then u will get new admit card

7. i select in railway ministery as assistant it is good or bad than divisional accountant?

obviously it is good to become an assistant in any org than
to become a divisionsal accountant

8. What is the full name of APL card?

above poverty line

9. Find the wrong number in this below series....