1. What is mean by remote loop folder and local loop folder?

2. What is a QCP?

QCP (QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURE) is a procedures that complements the ITP, by providing information that cannot practically be included in the ITP , but is necessary in order to perform control inspection and test .

3. Tell me what is quality audit?

The systematic and independent examination for determining the quality of activities is known as quality audit. It allows the cross check for the planned arrangements, whether they are properly implemented or not.

4. Do you know what is loop check?

To ensure that the system wiring from field to control console functioning fine.

5. Do you know what is Assurance?

Assurance is provided by organization management, it means giving a positive declaration on a product which obtains confidence for the outcome. It gives a security that the product will work without any glitches as per the expectations or requests.

6. What is a Project Specification?

A project specification specifies the minimum requirements according to the design and relevant international codes and standards.

7. Do you know what is Quality?

Quality is meeting the requirement, expectation and needs of the customer being free from defects, lacks and substantial variants. There are standards needs to follow to satisfy the customer requirements.

8. Explain what is CRUD testing and how to test CRUD?

CRUD testing is another name for Black Box testing. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete.

9. Explain us about your specific career goals with our organization?

I would like to learn a new and rewarding position.

10. Tell me what is the difference between build and release?

Build: It is a number given to Installable software that is given to testing team by the development team.

Release: It is a number given to Installable software that is handed over to customer by the tester or developer.

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11. Explain what are the standard height to install the instruments?

Standard height to install the instruments is 1.4 meter but it can very less or more as per locations convenience.

12. What is the basic responsibilities of a QA/QC personal?

To ensure execution of works and comply fully as per standard and approved speck.

13. Tell me what is the strategy for Automation Test Plan?

☛ The strategy for Automation Test Plan
☛ Preparation of Automation Test Plan
☛ Recording the scenario
☛ Error handler incorporation
☛ Script enhancement by inserting check points and looping constructs
☛ Debugging the script and fixing the issues
☛ Rerunning the script
☛ Reporting the result

14. Explain what is different between open and close loop?

Open loop; A loop system which operates direct without any feedback and it generates the output in response to an input signal.

Closed Loop; A loop system which uses measurement of the output signal through feedback and a comparison with the desired output to generate and error signal that is applied to the actuator.

15. Tell us what is thread testing?

A thread testing is a top-down testing, where the progressive integration of components follows the implementation of subsets of the requirements, as opposed to the integration of components by successively lower levels.

16. Explain me 3 key duties in your current role as a Quality Control Inspector?

Identify the non-conformity of the products.

17. Explain how does a server or client environment affect software testing?

As the dependencies on the clients are more, the client or server applications are complex.

The testing needs are extensive as servers, communications and hardware are interdependent. Integration and system testing is also for a limited period of time.

18. Do you know what is Testware?

Testware is the subset of software, which helps in performing the testing of application. It is a term given to the combination of software application and utilities which is required for testing a software package.

19. Walk me through a perfect day on the job?

I got some boards back in RMA and found that there was an ongoing problem and that the line lead had mentioned to the engineer but the issue never got resolved so after some investigating and getting other engineers and quality persons involved we got the ball rolling on the issue and hopefully in the very near future we will have a new vendor and process and less RMA. So I also think this will save the company money.

20. Tell me what is configuration management?

It is a process to control and document any changes made during the life of a project. Release control, Change control and Revision control are the important aspects of configuration management.

21. Explain what is bug leakage and bug release?

Bug release is when software or an application is handed over to the testing team knowing that the defect is present in a release. During this the priority and severity of bug is low, as bug can be removed before the final handover.

Bug leakage is something, when the bug is discovered by the end users or customer, and missed by the testing team to detect, while testing the software.

22. Tell me what is ITPs? What is hold points?

ITP means inspection and test plan, details of work scope and required types of Inspections Hold point (H) is the level of inspection that client inspection must required through RFI and cannot be proceeded until inspection is done by client. Witness point (W) is the level of inspection that inspection activity can be proceeded without client inspection or if client is not available as per RFI timing.

23. Explain me an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it?

I was struggling with my physical activity in wouldn't want to go do anything so I start pushing myself and just keeping it on my mind of all the struggles you face if you don't and all the negative impact it would have on me so I started ond day at a time an now I am almost to 5 days a week.

24. Tell me what is ISO? Explain some of its standards?

ISO means international standard organization some of them are as below;
ISO;9001, ISO;9002, ISO,9003 etc.

25. What are the automation challenges that QA team faces while testing?

☛ Exploitation of automation tool
☛ Frequency of use of test case
☛ Reusability of Automation script
☛ Adaptability of test case for automation

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26. Tell me the roles of software Quality Assurance engineer?

A software quality assurance engineer tasks include following things

☛ Writing source code
☛ Software design
☛ Control of source code
☛ Reviewing code
☛ Change management
☛ Configuration management
☛ Integration of software
☛ Program testing
☛ Release management process

27. Tell me what are the tools used by a tester while testing?

☛ Selenium
☛ Firebug
☛ OpenSTA
☛ WinSCP
☛ YSlow for FireBug
☛ Web Developer toolbar for firebox

28. Tell us what is the most rewarding part of being a Quality Control Inspector?

Making sure all products meet the Quality standards for the company and have a hand in continuous improvement.

29. Explain what do you like least about being a Quality Control Inspector?

I have always enjoyed all that is involved with quality so I would say there is nothing that I like least.

30. Tell me what are test driver and test stub and why it is required?

☛ The stub is called from the software component to be tested, it is used in top down approach
☛ The driver calls a component to be tested, it is used in bottom up approach
☛ It is required when we need to test the interface between modules X and Y and we have developed only module X. So we cannot just test module X but if there is any dummy module we can use that dummy module to test module X
☛ Now module B cannot receive or send data from module A directly, so in these case we have to transmit data from one module to another module by some external features. This external feature is referred as Driver

31. Explain me about any on-the-job training you have received. How will that training benefit you here?

I have been trained to take temperature of dairy deli deliveries and frozen deliveries. I also have been trained to look at the shape, smell and color of produce and meat to tell if it has spoiled or went bad.

32. Tell me what is Test Metric is software testing and what information does it contains?

In software testing, Test Metric is referred to standard of test measurement. They are the statistics narrating the structure or content of a program. It contains information like

☛ Total test
☛ Test run
☛ Test passed
☛ Test failed
☛ Tests deferred
☛ Test passed the first time

33. Explain what are inspection point for field instruments with impulse tubing?

Materials inspection as per approved spec material, type and size installation as per hook-up, check line route to avoid any obstruction check tube support, compression fitting of ferrules, and then pressure test (hydrostatic test) shall be done.

34. Tell us do you see yourself growing your career with our organization for the long term? Why or why not?

I would see myself as working in as a senior inspector and mentoring newly joined inspectors and probably be in a position where I can be promoted to quality manager.

35. Tell me what is traceability matrix?

A test matrix is used to verify the test scripts per specified requirements of test cases.

36. Tell me when to start QA in a project?

A good time to start the QA is from the beginning of the project startup. This will lead to plan the process which will make sure that product coming out meets the customer quality expectation. QA also plays a major role in the communication between teams. It gives time to step up the testing environment. The testing phase starts after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved.

37. Tell me what is the difference between Regression testing and Retesting?

Retesting is carried out to check the defects fixes, while regression testing is performed to check whether the defect fix have any impact on other functionality.

38. Tell me the steps for Bug Cycle?

☛ Once the bug is identified by the tester, it is assigned to the development manager in open status
☛ If the bug is a valid defect the development team will fix it and if it is not a valid defect, the defect will be ignored and marked as rejected
☛ The next step will be to check whether it is in scope, if it is happen so that, the bug is not the part of the current release then the defects are postponed
☛ If the defect or bug is raised earlier then the tester will assigned a DUPLICATE status
☛ When bug is assigned to developer to fix, it will be given a IN-PROGRESS status
☛ Once the defect is repaired, the status will changed to FIXED at the end the tester will give CLOSED status if it passes the final test.

39. What is a Project Procedure (PP)?

PP is a procedure that presents the systematic controls to be implemented and identifies the responsibilities and authorities such as to ensure that the specified requirements are followed .

40. Have you ever observed a co-worker stretching the rules? How did you handle that situation?

I call them on it, if they are not following simple rules now they will make more short cuts again, and I'l most likely have to fix it.

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41. Why did you choose to become a Quality Control Inspector?

There is always something to learn, something to share with workers and/or managers, Quality is important to ensure the company prospers and the customers want to give you there business.

42. Tell me what should your QA documents should include?

QA testing document should include

☛ List the number of defects detected as per severity level
☛ Explain each requirement or business function in detail
☛ Inspection reports
☛ Configurations
☛ Test plans and test cases
☛ Bug reports
☛ User manuals
☛ Prepare separate reports for managers and users

43. What are stress testing, load testing and volume testing?

☛ Load Testing: Testing an application under heavy but expected load is known as Load Testing. Here, the load refers to the large volume of users, messages, requests, data, etc.
☛ Stress Testing: When the load placed on the system is raised or accelerated beyond the normal range then it is known as Stress Testing.
☛ Volume Testing: The process of checking the system, whether the system can handle the required amounts of data, user requests, etc. is known as Volume Testing.

44. Explain QA, QC and Software Testing?

☛ Quality Assurance (QA) QA refers to the planned and systematic way of monitoring the quality of process which is followed to produce a quality product. QA tracks the outcomes and adjusts the process to meet the expectation.

☛ Quality Control (QC) Concern with the quality of the product. QC finds the defects and suggests improvements. The process set by QA is implemented by QC. The QC is the responsibility of the tester.

☛ Software Testing is the process of ensuring that product which is developed by the developer meets the user requirement. The motive to perform testing is to find the bugs and make sure that they get fixed.

45. Explain what is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is known as QA and focuses on preventing defect. Quality Assurance ensures that the approaches, techniques, methods and processes are designed for the projects are implemented correctly. Quality assurance activities monitor and verify that the processes used to manage and create the deliverables have been followed and are operative.

Quality Assurance is a proactive process and is Prevention in nature. It recognizes flaws in the process. Quality Assurance has to complete before Quality Control.

46. Tell me what are the required documents for a remote loop folder?

Following are the required documents for a remote loop folder:

☛ Loop package check list
☛ ILD (instrument loop diagrams)
☛ Instrument loop acceptance records(TR/test record)
☛ P&ID (piping & instrument Diagram)
☛ ISS/IDS(instrument specification sheet/instrument data sheet)
☛ Alarm List
☛ Calibration record (TR)
☛ Cable megger report (primary prior to pulling)
☛ Cable megger report (secondary after pulling)
☛ Pressure test record(TR)
☛ MC check record (remote loop)(green color)
☛ MC punch list, Loop check punch list etc.

47. Tell us about a time that you disagreed with management on a new policy or procedure. How did you handle the situation?

I must be unfortunate, I never dealt with someone that asked me to do something that was not best for the company. Know if I disagree I'll bring it up to supervisor.

48. Explain me as a Quality Control Inspector, how do you ensure that your time is managed well each day?

Yes, I can prioritize and organize by time to ensure that I meet time limits.

49. Do you know various tools required to support testing during development of the application?

To support testing during development of application following tools can be used

☛ Test Management Tools: JIRA, Quality Center etc.
☛ Defect Management Tools: Test Director, Bugzilla
☛ Project Management Tools: Sharepoint
☛ Automation Tools: RFT, QTP, and WinRunner

50. Explain the abilities you have in order to work with us as quality control systems manager?

I have the ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem, communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand, read and understand information and ideas presented in writing, listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences, apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense.

51. Tell us have you ever implemented new Quality Control Policy to a team or group? How was your experience?

I would explain the new idea and ask if everyone understands the concept and if there is anything they would like to add.

52. Tell me about a time that you have been asked to provide leadership or mentorship to a colleague. Did you enjoy that responsibility?

Yes I am, I can organize time effectively to archive the desired goal.

53. Explain what are the types of documents in QA?

The types of documents in QA are

☛ Requirement Document
☛ Test Metrics
☛ Test cases and Test plan
☛ Task distribution flow chart
☛ Transaction Mix
☛ User profiles
☛ Test log
☛ User profiles
☛ Test incident report
☛ Test summary report

54. Do you know what does the software QA document should include?

Software QA document should include

☛ Specifications
☛ Designs
☛ Business rules
☛ Configurations
☛ Code changes
☛ Test plans
☛ Test cases
☛ Bug reports
☛ User manuals, etc

55. Explain the different types of software testing?

☛ Unit testing
☛ Integration testing and regression testing
☛ Shakeout testing
☛ Smoke testing
☛ Functional testing
☛ Performance testing
☛ White box and Black box testing
☛ Alpha and Beta testing
☛ Load testing and stress testing
☛ System testing

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56. Explain what are the required documents for an inspection?

Following are the required documents for an inspection;

☛ RFI (Request for inspection)
☛ P&ID for line verification
☛ PP for location (pipe plan)
☛ Wiring diagram for wiring details
☛ Data sheet for calibration and pressure test
☛ Hook-up etc. for remote tubing/air line
☛ QR for maintaining record
☛ WP, work procedure, to check each and every steps as per spec.
☛ QCO for issuing in case of little violation
☛ NCR, for issuing in case of major violation etc.

57. Explain what are general work procedure (WP)?

The. general sequence of activities will be as follows;

☛ Receiving Drawing and documents.
☛ Reproduction of Drawing
☛ Issuing of Drawing to site
☛ New issuing New revision
☛ Shredding of Drawings
☛ Redlining Drawings
☛ Transmittal of redlines to client (As-built).

58. Tell me the software quality practices through the software development cycle?

Software quality practices includes

☛ Review the requirements before starting the development phase
☛ Code Review
☛ Write comprehensive test cases
☛ Session based testing
☛ Risk based testing
☛ Prioritize bug based on usage
☛ Form a dedicated security and performance testing team
☛ Run a regression cycle
☛ Perform sanity tests on production
☛ Simulate customer accounts on production
☛ Include software QA Test Reports

59. Explain what are the five common solutions for software developments problems?

☛ Setting up the requirements criteria, the requirements of a software should be complete, clear and agreed by all
☛ The next thing is the realistic schedule like time for planning , designing, testing, fixing bugs and re-testing
☛ Adequate testing, start the testing immediately after one or more modules development.
☛ Use rapid prototype during design phase so that it can be easy for customers to find what to expect
☛ Use of group communication tools

60. Do you know what is Test case?

Test case is a specific term that is used to test a specific element. It has information of test steps, prerequisites, test environment and outputs.

61. Do you know what are the skills required for quality control systems manager employee in order to success in his work?

Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents, Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one, Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance, Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times, Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.

62. Basic Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ What is the most enjoyable part of Quality Control Inspector job?
☛ What features of your previous jobs have you disliked?
☛ Give an example of when you had to present complex information in a simplified manner.
☛ Have you had to convince a team to work on a project they weren't thrilled about?
☛ What do you think of your previous boss?
☛ How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated?
☛ How do you maintain a positive discussion?

The response to this question usually reveals if the candidate has personal or professional goals. The interviewer is trying to see how well you would fit in to the position. During the Quality Control Inspector interview, detailing how you work with others is important.

63. General Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ Do you know anyone who works as Quality Control Inspector at this company?
☛ What do you think you can bring to this Quality Control Inspector position?
☛ Give an example of how you set goals and achieve them.
☛ What do you consider your most significant strength?
☛ What do you think of your previous boss?
☛ What is the toughest group that you have had to get cooperation from?
☛ What did you do to prepare for this job interview?

64. First Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ How much preparation on files for trial do you do?
☛ How many Quality Control Inspector projects do you work on at once?
☛ Tell about a time that you had to adapt to a difficult situation.
☛ What do you think, would you be willing to travel for work?
☛ Do you have the qualities and skills necessary to Quality Control Inspector?
☛ Who was your favorite manager and why?
☛ Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?

65. Face to Face Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ What was the most stressful situation you have facedas as Quality Control Inspector?
☛ What do you ultimately want to become?
☛ Tell me about a time when you successfully handled a situation?
☛ What was your best learning experience?
☛ What negative thing would your last boss say about you?
☛ Describe a situation when you had to convince others.
☛ What do people most often criticize about you?

66. Informational Basic Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ What have you gained from your Quality Control Inspector work experiences?
☛ What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to Quality Control Inspector?
☛ What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
☛ What was your major disappointment?
☛ Have you handled a difficult situation with a co-worker? How?
☛ What are your salary increases?
☛ Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and organize?

67. Informational Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ What have you gained from your Quality Control Inspector work experiences?
☛ What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to Quality Control Inspector?
☛ What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
☛ What was your major disappointment?
☛ Have you handled a difficult situation with a co-worker? How?
☛ What are your salary increases?
☛ Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and organize?

68. Phone Based Quality Control Inspector interview questions:

☛ What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
☛ What is good customer service?
☛ Do you have the qualities and skills necessary to succeed in your Quality Control Inspector career?
☛ Example of adaptation to changes and the difficulties.
☛ How did you react when faced with constant time pressure?
☛ What are key tasks for Quality Control Inspector?
☛ What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?

Highlight past situations where you've managed frustration effectively. Consider opportunity and responsibility as components of success.
If you have changed careers make a logical argument as to why you did so.

69. Basic Inspector QA/QC Job Interview Questions:

☛ Please tell me about your self?
☛ Where would you like to be in 3 years? 5 years?
☛ What tertiary qualifications have you attained that related to your Quality inspector position?
☛ What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control?
☛ Differentiate between product quality and process quality?
☛ What are the three measures in common use in Quality?
☛ How many types of reviews that we have in our testing? What is bad defect? why do we write bad defects?
☛ How to do each Quality inspector position task/function?
☛ How to control each task/function of Quality inspector?
☛ What are your strengths and weaknesses?
☛ Give examples of metrics to control the efficiency of the testing suppliers.
☛ What are the benefits of Quality Management System?
☛ What are Six mandatory Quality procedures?
☛ What are top 3 skills for Quality inspector?
☛ How to measure job performance of your position: Quality inspector?
☛ What made you choose to apply to Quality inspector?
☛ What are key tasks for Quality inspector?
☛ What have you learned from your past jobs that related to Quality inspector?
☛ Why did you leave your last job?
☛ What do you know about this company?
☛ What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to your Quality inspector position?

70. Explain me about a time when you have had to make a big decision, such as shutting down a production line. How did you come to the conclusion and how did you proceed?

When we had bad parts from a vendor and they did not meet our IPC standards. We didnt have any other parts on hand to replace the bad parts so we shut it down the good parts came in.

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71. Tell me what is a 'USE' case and what does it include?

The document that describes, the user action and system response, for a particular functionality is known as USE case. It includes revision history, table of contents, flow of events, cover page, special requirements, pre-conditions and post-conditions.

72. Tell me what is branch testing and what is boundary testing?

The testing of all the branches of the application, which is tested once, is known as branch testing. While the testing, which is focused on the limit conditions of the software is known as boundary testing.

73. Explain what are the main job duties and responsibilities of quality control systems manager employee?

Quality control systems manager responsibilities are to communicate quality control information to all relevant organizational departments, outside vendors, or contractors; document testing procedures, methodologies, or criteria; review statistical studies, technological advances, or regulatory standards and trends to stay abreast of issues in the field of quality control;
create and implement inspection and testing criteria or procedures; identify quality problems or areas for improvement and recommend solutions; monitor performance of quality control systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency; produce reports regarding nonconformance of products or processes, daily production quality, root cause analyses, or quality trends; review and update standard operating procedures or quality assurance manuals; evaluate new testing and sampling methodologies or technologies to determine usefulness;
instruct staff in quality control and analytical procedures; analyze quality control test results and provide feedback and interpretation to production management or staff; oversee workers including supervisors, inspectors, or laboratory workers engaged in testing activities; coordinate the selection and implementation of quality control equipment such as inspection gauges; direct the tracking of defects, test results, or other regularly reported quality control data; direct product testing activities throughout production cycles; identify critical points in the manufacturing process and specify sampling procedures to be used at these points; stop production if serious product defects are present; verify that raw materials, purchased parts or components, in-process samples, and finished products meet established testing and inspection standards; review quality documentation necessary for regulatory submissions and inspections;
generate and maintain quality control operating budgets; collect and analyze production samples to evaluate quality; participate in the development of product specifications; instruct vendors or contractors on quality guidelines, testing procedures, or ways to eliminate deficiencies; confer with marketing and sales departments to define client requirements and expectations; monitor development of new products to help identify possible problems for mass production; audit and inspect subcontractor facilities including external laboratories; review and approve quality plans submitted by contractors.

74. What is an ITP?

ITP (INSPECTION & TEST PLAN) is a Document that defines the activities requiring inspection or test (witness hold points etc.) the controlling specifications the acceptance criteria the persons responsible and the record to be produced.

75. Tell me what are inspection points for cable laying?

material inspection as per approved materials, type and size, meggering, cable routing drawing, completion of cable route (tray conduit or trench etc) and cable numbering tags, cable bending, use of proper tools and equipment for cable pulling.

76. Explain what is difference between QA, QC?

Quality Assurance (QA): QA refers to the planned and systematic way of monitoring the quality of process which is followed to produce a quality product. QA tracks the outcomes and adjusts the process to meet the expectation.
Quality Control (QC): Concern with the quality of the product. QC finds the defects and suggests improvements. The process set by QA is implemented by QC. The QC is the responsibility of the tester.

77. Tell us as a Quality Control Inspector, what keeps you motivated to always give your best work?

Pushing to achieve an outcome that is of Good quality and complying with standards.

78. Explain what is validation and verification in software testing?

In verification, all the key aspects of software developments are taken in concern like code, specifications, requirements and document plans. Verification is done on the basis of four things list of issues, checklist, walkthroughs and inspection meetings. Following verification, validation is done, it involves actual testing, and all the verification aspects are checked thoroughly in validation.

79. Explain what does the test strategy include?

The test strategy includes introduction, resource, scope and schedule for test activities, test tools, test priorities, test planning and the types of test that has to be performed.

80. Explain me what are the knowledge elements you obtained from your education, training and work experience would support your quality control systems manager career?

The Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources, administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology, the chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the chemical processes and transformations that they undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, danger signs, production techniques, and disposal methods, the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.

81. Do you know what is Control?

Control is to test or verify actual results by comparing it with the defined standards.

82. Explain what is RFI? When an RFI will be raised?

Request for inspection (RFI), RFI shall be raised only when the status of the preliminary inspection is satisfactory, and the works (items) are hold or witness point.

83. Explain what are inspection points for junction box and Marshalling cabinets?

Material inspection, type, size as per approved specification, installation hook-up

For frame, bracket or stands, fixed properly means shaking free, name plate and tag no.

84. Tell me what is NCR? Why does it need for a QA/QC personal?

NCR means Non-Compliance Report, QA/QC personal has reserve the right issue a warning of the contractor doesn't comply or violate with the standard procedure.

85. Explain me a decision you made that wasn't popular and how you handled the negative feedback?

We introduced colour coding on machines based on their skill so as to minimise inspection time and concentrate on helping the least skill workers.

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86. Tell me what are your career goals as a Quality Control Inspector?

Use my skill and knowledge to acquired company standards in their products.

87. Briefly Explain me about your career as a Quality Control Inspector. Highlight some of your career wins and prouder accomplishments?

All aspects of my training has prepared and taught me about QC and what to look for and how to report and solve issues.

88. Explain me what is destructive testing, and what are its benefits?

Destructive testing includes methods where material is broken down to evaluate the mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness and hardness. For example, finding the quality of a weld is good enough to withstand extreme pressure and also to verify the properties of a material.

Benefits of Destructive Testing (DT):
☛ Verifies properties of a material
☛ Determines quality of welds
☛ Helps you to reduce failures, accidents and costs
☛ Ensures compliance with regulations

89. Explain how validation activities should be conducted?

Validation activities should be conducted by following techniques

☛ Hire third party independent verification and validation
☛ Assign internal staff members that are not involved in validation and verification activities
☛ Independent evaluation

90. Tell me what is the rule of a "Test Driven Development"?

The rule of a Test Driven Development is to prepare test cases before writing the actual code. Which means you are actually be writing code for the tests before you write code for the application.

91. Do you know what is Ad Hoc testing?

It is a testing phase where the tester tries to break the system by randomly trying the system's functionality. It can include negative testing as well.

92. Tell us what are the contents in test plans and test cases?

☛ Testing objectives
☛ Testing scope
☛ Testing the frame
☛ The environment
☛ Reason for testing
☛ The criteria for entrance and exit
☛ Deliverables
☛ Risk factors

93. Tell me what is data driven testing?

Data driven testing is an automation testing part, which tests the output or input values. These values are read directly from the data files. The data files may include csv files, excel files, data pools and many more. It is performed when the values are changing by the time.

94. Explain how would you describe (needed quality control systems manager or your) work style?

My work style matching exactlty what cashier job requires by: being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations, being honest and ethical.

95. What is what is schedule Q?

Schedule Q is an attachment to the contract, which is the provision of quality Assurance and control, Inspection and test plan.

96. Do you know what are inspection points for a cable tray installation?

Material check as per approved spec, size and type, trays hook-up, proper distance structure, tray to tray i.e. power/control/and signal/low voltage and high voltage , support fixed strongly not shaking.

97. What is QA/QC?

QA/QC means Quality assurance/Quality control the purpose of this (QA/QC) is to establish the sequence of requirement for the quality of material quality of works its inspection and records.

98. Explain what is the most challenging task you have faced as a Quality Control Inspector?

Rejecting works men when testing him ability to meet the customer requirement.

99. Explain how would your previous manager describe you?

Punctual, team player, someone who takes direction and can give direction, great person to work with. A professional and also a person who cares about the people she works with as well as the company meeting deadlines.

100. Explain the steps that you would take before implementing an important change on the job?

☛ 1) understand the job
☛ 2) Ask if something was not clear
☛ 3) follow procedure
☛ 4) make decision.

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101. Explain how you will define quality engineering?

Quality Engineering is defined as "the branch of engineering which deals with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and quality control."

102. Do you know what is MR and what information does MR consists of?

MR stands for Modification Request also referred as Defect report, it is written for reporting errors/problems/suggestions in the software.

103. Tell me what is a cause effect graph?

A cause effect graph is a graphical representation of inputs and the associated outputs effects that can be used to design test cases.

104. Do you know what is Agile testing and what is the importance of Agile testing?

Agile testing is software testing, which involves the testing of the software from the customer point of view. The importance of this testing is that, unlike normal testing process, this testing does not wait for development team to complete the coding first and then doing testing. The coding and testing both goes simultaneously. It requires continuous customer interaction.

It works on SDLC ( Systems Development Life Cycle) methodologies, it means that the task is divided into different segments and compiled at the end of the task.

105. Explain what is the difference between the QA and software testing?

The role of QA (Quality Assurance) is to monitor the quality of the process to produce a quality of a product. While the software testing, is the process of ensuring the final product and check the functionality of final product and to see whether the final product meets the user's requirement.

106. Tell me what are the required documents for a local loop folder?

Following are the required documents for a local loop folder:

☛ Loop package check list
☛ ILD (if not mechanical loop)
☛ Cable megger report (primary prior to pulling) if not mechanical loop
☛ Cable megger report (secondary after pulling) if not mechanical loop
☛ Alarm list ( if not mechanical loop)
☛ P&ID
☛ ISS/ISD (instrument specification sheet/instrument data sheet)
☛ Calibration record (TR)
☛ Pressure test record(TR) if required
☛ MC check record (local loop)(green color)
☛ MC punch list
☛ Visual check punch list/loop check punch list.

107. Explain what is final RFI? When it shall be raised up?

When the QA/QC department of contractor is satisfied that the work detailed in the construction RFI is completed, then request shall be submitted for inspection to the client QA/QC department.

108. Explain what are QA/QC's ITP's and QCP? Give a brief?

ITP: This is procedure informs about the kinds of quality check (surveillance inspection witness or hold points) means quality of works is being done in proper sequences.

QCP: This is procedure addresses the activities and requirement in details.

109. Why are you the best candidate for the job?

XX has a rep for quality, I want quality things in my life. My past positions has taught me the little things matter in very part of your work XX would want someone like me to watch over what they sell to others to ensure quality is not lost.

110. Explain what has been your greatest accomplishment?

Through years of working at very different careers, knowing that the quality department is where I belong and the happiest.

111. Do you know what is Bug triage?

A bug triage is a process to

☛ Ensure bug report completeness
☛ Assign and analyze the bug
☛ Assigning bug to proper bug owner
☛ Adjust bug severity properly
☛ Set appropriate bug priority

112. Tell me how do you determine the correct installation of flow orifice?

The orifice data (tag) shall be punched in the up stream of orifice , the data (tag) side shall be in the upstream of flow direction.

113. Tell me how you will define "Quality"?

Quality can be defined as the condition achieved when an item, service, or process meets or exceeds the user's requirements and expectations.