1. Three ladies X, Y and Z marry three men A, B and C. X is married to A, Y is not married to an engineer, Z is not married to a doctor, C is not a doctor and A is a lawyer. Then which of the following statements is correct?
A. Y is married to C who is an engineer
B. Z is married to C who is a doctor
C. X is married to a doctor
D. None of these

None of these

2. There are five books A, B, C, D and E placed on a table. If A is placed below E, C is placed above D, B is placed below A and D is placed above E, then which of the following books touches the surface of the table?
A. C
B. B
C. A
D. E

B. (B)

3. If A is the son of Q, Q and Y are sisters, Z is the mother of Y, P is the son of Z, then which of the following statements is correct ?
A. P is the maternal uncle of A
B. P and Y are sisters
C. A and P are cousins
D. None of the above

P is the maternal uncle of A

4. Artists are generally whimsical. Some of them are frustrated. Frustrated people are prone to be drug addicts. Based on these statements which of the following conclusions is true?
A. All frustrated people are drug addicts
B. Some artists may be drug addicts
C. All drug addicts are artists
D. Frustrated people are whimsical

Some artists may be drug addicts

5. In a family there are husband wife, two sons and two daughters. All the ladies were invited to a dinner. Both sons went out to play. Husband did not return from office. Who was at home?
A. Only wife was at home
B. All ladies were at home
C. Only sons were at home
D. No body was at home

No body was at home

6. Which of the following figures best depicts the relationship among criminals, thieves and judges?
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

B. (b)

7. There are eight poets, namely, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H in respect of whom questions are being asked in the examination. The first four are ancient poets and the last four are modern poets. The question on ancient and modern poets is being asked in alternate years. Those who like H also like G, those who like D like C also. The examiner who sets question is not likely to ask question on D because he has written an article on him. But he likes D. Last year a question was asked on F. Considering these facts, on whom the question is most likely to be asked this year ?
A. B
B. C
C. D
D. G

D. (G)

8. Circle indicates 'strong', square indicates 'tall' and triangle 'army officers'. The strong army officers who are not tall are shown
A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6


9. Of the following two statements, both of which cannot be true, but both can also be false. Which are these two statements?
I. All machines make noise
II. Some machines are noisy
III. No machine makes noise
IV. Some machines are not noisy
A. I & II
C. I & III
D. II & IV


10. Based on the following statements, which is the correct conclusion drawn.
Only gentlemen can become members of the club. Many of the members of the club are officers. Some of the officers have been invited for dinner.
A. All the members of the club have been invited for dinner
B. Some of the officers are not gentlemen
C. All gentlemen are members of the club
D. Only gentlemen have been invited for dinner

All gentlemen are members of the club

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11. BLADE : GRASS ::
A. Dig : Shovel
B. Size : Hole
C. Grain : Rice
D. Food : Morsel

Grain : Rice

A. Torch : Battery
B. Scholar : Books
C. Ink : Print
D. Mould : Humidity

Scholar : Books

A. Music : Violin
B. Match : Matchbox
C. Shirt : Cloth
D. Air : Flow

Shirt : Cloth

14. MIND : BODY ::
A. Water : Air
B. CPU : Hard Disk
C. Ship : Oil
D. Software : Computer

Software : Computer

A. Door : Frame
B. Book : Jacket
C. CPU : Cabinet
D. Casing : Wire

CPU : Cabinet

16. WORK : MOTIVE ::
A. Body : Mind
B. Wall : Paint
C. Body : Food
D. Petrol : Car

Petrol : Car

17. BILLY : GOAT ::
A. Cow : Bull
B. Lord : Maid
C. Man : Woman
D. Cow : Calf

Man : Woman

A. Medal : Decoration
B. Bronze : Medal
C. Scarf : Dress
D. Window : House

Medal : Decoration

A. Diffidence
B. Indifference
C. Cowardice
D. Scare


A. Courageous
B. Dangerous
C. Timid
D. Ferocious


21. Fan is related to Wings in the same way as Wheel is related to
A. Round
B. Air
C. Spokes
D. Cars

C (Spokes)
Wings are the parts of Fan. Likewise Spokes are the parts of Wheel.

22. Bank is related to Money in the same way as Transport is related to
A. Traffic
B. Goods
C. Speed
D. Road

B (Goods)
Bank deals with transaction of Money. Likewise Transport deals with the movement of Goods.

23. Cube is related to Square in the same way as Square is related to
A. Plane
B. Triangle
C. Line
D. Point

C (Line)
Cube comprises Square on all of its surfaces. In the same way square comprises Line on all of its sides.

24. Grain : Stock : : Stick : ?
A. String
B. Heap
C. Collection
D. Bundle

D (Bundle)
Second is a collection of the first.

25. Oceans : Deserts : : Waves : ?
A. Dust
B. Sand Dunes
C. Ripples
D. Sea

B (Sand Dunes)
If oceans were deserts, waves would be sand dunes.

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26. Cricket : Pitch ::
A. Ship : Dock
B. Boat : Harbour
C. Boxing : Ring
D. Wrestling : Track

C (Boxing : Ring)
The game of cricket is played on a pitch similarly, the game of boxing is performed in a ring.

27. Horse : Mare ::
A. Fox : Vixen
B. Duck : Geese
C. Dog : Puppy
D. Donkey : Pony

A (Fox : Vixen)
Second is the feminine gender of the first

28. Architect : Building :: Sculptor : ?
A. Museum
B. Statue
C. Chisel
D. Stone

D (Stone)
As 'Architect' makes 'Building' similarly 'Sculptor' makes 'Statue'.

29. Peace : Chaos :: Creation : ?
A. Manufacture
B. Destruction
C. Build
D. Construction

B (Destruction)
As opposite meaning of peace is chaos similarly opposite meaning of creation is destruction.

30. Poles : Magnet :: ? : Battery
A. Energy
B. Power
C. Terminals
D. Cells

C (Terminals)
As magnet has poles similarly battery has terminals.

31. Forest is to tree as tree is to ?
☛ plant
☛ leaf
☛ branch
☛ mangrove

► leaf
Explanation: As forest houses several trees, a tree has many leaves. Branches is a close choice but it is incorrect as all tress do not have branches.

32. 6121135 is to flame as 21215120 is to?
☛ voice
☛ bald
☛ bloat
☛ castle

► bloat
Explanation: 6,12,1,13,5 each number in the break up signifies the corresponding letter in the alphabet. (viz. 6->f, 12->l...etc.)
Similarly 2,12,15,1,20 which signifies bloat.

33. In the above problem,
E is lighter in weight than which of the following pairs?
☛ B,D
☛ D,C
☛ A,D
☛ B,C
☛ A,B

► A,B
Explanation: On logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion:
A>B>E>D>C in order of decreasing weight. Hence, it can be seen that E is the lighter than A and B.

34. A fisherman has 5 fishes (namely A, B, C,D, E) each having a different weight.
A weighs twice as much as B.
B weighs four and a half times as much as C.
C weighs half as much as D.
D weighs half as much as E.
E weighs less than A but more than C.
Which of the following is the lightest?
☛ A
☛ B
☛ C
☛ D
☛ E

► C
Explanation: On logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion:
A>B>E>D>C in order of decreasing weight. Hence C is the lightest of all the given fishes.

35. The day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?
☛ Monday
☛ Tuesday
☛ Wednesday
☛ Thursday
☛ Friday

► Monday
Explanation:Four days before Monday is Thursday, simply because four days after Thursday is Monday. Besides, day after the day after tomorrow is Thursday only if present day is Monday.

36. At a conference, 12 members shook hands with each other before & after the meeting. How many total number of hand shakes occurred?
☛ 100
☛ 132
☛ 145
☛ 144
☛ 121

► 132
Explanation: The first person shook hands with 11 remaining people, the second person also shook hands with 11 people, but we count 10, as the hand shake with the first person has already been counted. Then add 9 for the third person, 8 for the fourth one & proceeding in this fashion we get: 11 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 66.
Hence 66 hand shakes took place before & 66 after the meeting, for a total of 132.

37. Library is to book as book is to

Binding Copy Page Cover

A. page
B. copy
C. binding
D. cover

Correct answer: page

38. 165135 is to peace as 1215225 is to

A. lead
B. love
C. loop
D. castle

Correct answer: love

39. Which number should come next in the series

1, 3, 6, 10, 15,

A. 8
B. 11
C. 24
D. 21
E. 27

Correct answer: 21

40. Select the number that best completes the analogy

10 : 6 :: 3 : ?

A. 2
B. 1
C. -1
D. 12
E. 4

Correct answer: -1

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41. The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is it today?

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday
E. Friday

Correct answer: E

42. At the end of a banquet 10 people shake hands with each other. How many handshakes will there be in total?

A. 100
B. 20
C. 45
D. 50
E. 90

Correct answer: C