1. In 2 domain controllers, One has some 3 roles other has 2 roles, Domain controller which has 3 roles went down, will the users can able to login who are created in that domain controller?

Yes, by default that uers can able to login as this record
is repliacted to another DCs.

Since pdc emulator role is handling the Password and
lockput policies, if the account is locked out, that user
may not be able to login if the down DC handling this role.

2. Which role is necessary to synchronize time in an enterprise?

Time Sinc is necessory for AD service to function i.e users can't login or Group policies are not applied to client whose time is out of sync(up-to 5 minutes is permitted)
PDC emulator role does the job of time synchronization.

3. If we have made an application by using Ado.net in windows XP, then can v run it on Linux operator,if yes then how?

yes it will run on linux

4. What is the difference between installation and configuration?

Configuration: The choices made in setting up a computer
system or an application program so that it meets the
user's needs.

Installation:Installation (or setup) of a program
(including drivers, plugins act of putting the program onto
a computer system so that it can be executed.

5. How will we take back up all computer in domain in single shot?

You can create a batch file for backup and you also create scheduled for daily or weekly.

Or you can do one thing create sharing folders for each & every department with users permission then map these drive on particular user computers or departments computer. Ask them to save all data on these drives.

6. Why screensaver is required in windows?

Screensaver automaticaly appear, it's advantage
1- window automaticaaly lock as scheduled time.
2- Power saving.
3- we can use our company quotations and wallpapers as
screen saver.
4- screensaver ca be protected by password.


whistler and xp is the abbreviation
of "experience"

8. How many partition we make in 500 gb hard drive?

We can make maximum 4 partition in any hard disk,whatever it's
size should be.And from these 4 partition we can make max. 3
primary partition and 1 extended partition ,and in extended
partition we can make as many partition as we want till the
size of the hard disk is not over and these type of partition
which are made in extended partition are called logical partition.

9. What is the different between MAC and Windows?

MAC stands for Message Authentication code which is used to
authenticates message in codes form and windows is operating
system which runs on the hardware or Devices.

10. What is the main technical difference b/w window xp and window 7?

1. outlook express was removed.
2. Documents and settings folder was replaced by simple
3.start menu is changed, no more fly-outs and scroll-outs
scroll down is introduced.
4. ribbon interface instead of drop down tool bar.

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11. What is the difference between dual core and core 2duo processor?

Dual core means two processors on a single silicon chip
whereas core 2 duo is the second version of dual core

12. What is the difference between Windows 2000 and Windows 2003?

1. We can't rename domain in Win2k,u can rename in Win2k3
2. IIS 5.0 in Win2k and IIS 6.0 in Win2k3
3. No Volume Shadow Copying in Win2k, its available in
4. Active Directory Federation Systems in Win2k3
Like that some other security features added in Win2k3,
main features are above

13. What applications does not use VSS?

VSS doeasnot allow allow the backup of SQL transcation

14. What is loopback processing in win server 2K3 and 2K8

Loopback processing is a feature that allows a more precise
level of control over user policy settings for a targeted

15. If RID master is down, can domain user can login is domain

Yes, RID mater is not related to user Authentication. If PDC
is down then the users will not be able to login to Domain.

16. Arun is a network administrator in your company. He is
having problems logging on to the servers. You can connect
without any problems, and he can log in perfectly to his
workstation. You think Aruns account settings have been
changed. What should you check first?

1 Check to see if the account is disabled
2 Check to see if the password has been changed
3 Check to see if the log-on workstations have been changed
4 Check to see if the logon hours have been changed

1 Check to see if the account is disabled

17. You are the network administrator for Acme Inc. All
servers use Windows 2003 Server and the network consists of
a single Active Directory domain. You want to implement a
backup and restoration policy. Certificates are issued by
ACMECERT, which is also a Domain Controller and Global
Catalog Server. You want to use only the Microsoft backup
utility and you want to backup only the required minimum to
be able to easily restore Active Directory and the
Certificate Server. What should you do?
1 Backup c:windowssystem32certsrv
2 Backup c:windowsntds
3 Backup the system state data
4 Backup c:windowssysvol

3. Backup the system state data

The following components are (in system state data)

The Boot file
The COM + CLASS Registration Database
The registry
Active Directory (NTDS)
The system volume (SYSVOL)
Backed up...

18. Your boss has asked you to implement three new Exchange
email servers. Its vital that you install these email
servers in the most fault tolerant way possible. Which of
the following features should you use?
1 Network backups
2 Microsoft Clustering Service
3 Network load balancing
4 DNS round robin

1 Network Backup

19. Which command can be used to monitor disk performance?
1 DiskMan
2 DiskCom
3 DiskPerf
4 DiskPart

3 DiskPerf

20. What functional domain level should you choose to allow
Windows NT4 Servers and Windows 2003 Servers to function
1 Windows Server 2003 mode
2 Windows 2000 Mixed mode
3 Windows 2000 Native mode
4 Windows 2003 Interim mode

4 Windows200 Interim mode

21. You have configured several users to be able to connect to
one of your servers using Terminal Services, and you have
configured redirection of client printers. You want users to
be able to print to their local printers from a remote
connection. However, your users report they are unable to
print to their locally configured printers. What should you do?
1 Tell the users to install their local printer from within
their Terminal Server session.
2 Use a logon script to add the local printers
3 Enable the Client/Server data redirection setting in
Group Policy for every Terminal Server client computer.
4 Enable the Client Server data redirection setting in
Group Policy for the Terminal Server?

Use a logon script to add the local printers.

who ever logged in to system within the same OU will get the
printer access.

22. You install a new print server for your company. You
attach a printer and install the drivers but when you try to
print, the page comes out garbled or doesnt print
correctly. What could be the problem?
1 You are using an incorrect driver
2 There is insufficient hard drive space for spooling
3 You dont have the required permissions
4 The printer settings are using an incorrect font substitute.?

You are using an incorrect driver in the server
due to that it will not fetching the Printer information
Due to mismatch in drivers it will started giving error in
Correct drivers with same Model has to be replaced with
problematic Driver will resolve this issue