Customer Information Control System Questions and Answers

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Q - 1 What is the difference between START and XCTL?

Ans- START is used to start a new task. It is a interval control command. XCTL is used to pass control to a program within the same task. It is a program control command.

Q - 2 What are the thress BMS options?

Ans- Minimum, Standard, FULL

Q - 3 What is the primary objective of CICS?

Ans- To provide the control and services of the DB/DC system

Q - 6 How would you resolve an ASRA abend?

Ans- In COBOL II start with CEBR, and get the offset/instruction.

Q - 7 What is an AICA abend?

Ans- Runaway Task.

Q - 8 What is the usage of language in the PPT entry?

Ans- Language interface and call parameters

Q - 9 How do you handle errors in CICS programs?

Ans- Check EIBRESP after the call or use the HANDLE condition.

Q - 10 Can you use DYNAMIC calls in CICS?

Ans- Yes, the called routine must be defined in PPT and the calling program must use CALL identifier...

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