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1 :: What is BPO and KPO? Differentiate both definitions?

Data Entry, Payroll Processing etc. Some of the web based services include live online sales and order entry, E-commerce transaction support, Live online inquiry handling, Web Design.BPO undertakes Data processing Basic data entry Setting up of a bank account Department Outsourcing Provides technical support Provides email support to its customers Even after the entry of KPO in the Indian
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2 :: What is palm?

Palm is its basic method of data entry: a writing device, called a stylus, can be pointed at icons on the display to select items for entry. The stylus can also be used to enter alphanumeric data words stenographers tablet. Data appears on an liquid crystal display LCD screen. One of the outstanding features of the Palm is its basic method of data entry: a writing device, called a stylus, can be pointed at icons
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3 :: How to transfer XML data including GUID into tally?

Ideal solution for.... Business Owners. Data entry operators....well, A method and system for processing data records having multiple formats is provided, in which each format to be parsed has a plug-in module for you. No need to learn VB, VC, Java, XML. Simply put your data in to MS Excel sheets, and transfer all the data to Tally A/c Sw in a click.Ideal solution for.... Business Owners. Data entry operators
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4 :: Define the cods rule for DEO?

operations including view definitions, data manipulation operations update as well as retrieval, security and integrity constraints, and transaction management operations begin, commit, and rollback.Rule 6, and delete operators. This means that data can be retrieved from a relational database in sets constructed of data from multiple rows and/or multiple tables.This rule states that insert, update, and delete
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5 :: What is Data Warehousing and What is Difference between data warehousing and data mining?

This area of data mining is known as predictive analytic....Data warehousing is the storage of data, typically summarized and prepared for analytical purposes, in contrast to "operational" databases, which are used in the real-time operation of a business or other organization.Data mining is the search for relationships and global patterns that exist in large databases but are hidden among the vast
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