Freshers HR Questions and Answers

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Q - 1 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Ans- The purpose of this question is to see if the candidate is ambitious enough to grow. Recruiting a candidate is a time consuming and costly affair so they also want to see if the candidate is over ambitious to stay in the company for long.

You can say something like “5 years down the line I would like to see myself in a responsible position where I can make important decisions for company and the company treats me as its asset. I am sure that this company can offer me such growth opportunities.

Q - 2 Are you speaking to some other companies? Or how is your job search going on?

Ans- The purpose of this question is to see if other companies are also interested in hiring you. If you are in discussion with some other companies you can say, Yes, I am in discussion with some other companies and waiting for the results.

Q - 3 Which companies are you talking to?

Ans- This can be the very obvious next question you may face. If you are not comfortable in revealing the names of the companies you can simply say, “I respect the confidentiality of those companies so I would not like to name them in the interview.”

Q - 4 Why haven't you got a job yet?

Ans- This question will usually arise if it has been sometime since you finished your studies and are still in the market without a job.

You can say that, I have been offered some tempting positions in the last few days but had to turn them down as I did not find them right for my candidature. You can follow it up with some examples.

Q - 5 Are you ambitious?

Ans- This is a dummy question to re-check your answer

Q - 6 How do you feel about doing repetitive work?

Ans- Any job you take up will have an element of redundancy and the interviewer wants to see if you get bored of it. You can say something like: I like to do creative work but I also know that any job has an element of redundancy. So, it is fine with me.

Q - 7 Are there any kinds of people you can not work with?

Ans- Most of the work these days requires you to work in teams. This needs you to be able to adjust with all type of people. So, you can say something like, I am fine with working all type of people as long as they are sincere to their work.

Q - 8 If you face a problem with your own performance, what would you do?

Ans- Your answer to this question signifies whether you can identify problems with yourself or not. So, you can say something like: “If I see a problem with my own performance, I'll try to find out and analyse the factors behind it & work on each of them.”

Q - 9 How many local trains run in Mumbai?

Ans- Even the employer may not know the answer to such questions. The purpose of asking them is to see your reaction when you are asked unexpected things. To deal with such a question, you can start thinking aloud in a logical way and offer an answer.

This demonstrates your logical abilities.

Q - 10 In a catastrophic situation like fire what you will do?

Ans- The purpose here again is to see your reaction in such situations. They do not expect you to do anything heroic. You can say something like: “First of all I'll ensure my safety and immediately inform the fire department of the company and city to come to help. If I am in a position to help some people, I'll definitely do that.”

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