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Q - 1 Explain difference between transfer rule&update rules?

Ans- In context to BW/BI 3.x

transfer rules - mapping the fields in the datasource to the infoobjects in Infosource or target fields. it help you to distinguish which all fields in the datasource are required in the infoobjects in the Infosource.

update rules - to update something. here it revolves around a source(infosource)and a target(data target). update rules are used to update the data have to create update rules if you supply a data target from an InfoSource with flexible update.

In BI 7.0 Transforamtion - (Tranfer and update rules)
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Q - 2 What are three dimensions provided by SAP?

Ans- SAP Given Three different kind dimensions for InfoCube.Those
1)Data Packet Dimension : Which is going to hold the
technical information like request Number etc..
2)Unit Dimension: This dimension can hold the all Unit
characteristics like Reference Currencies , UNIT'S etc..
3)Time Dimension : This particular Dimension Can hold the
all time characteristics like 0calday,zdate, start date, end
date etc..
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Q - 3 Explain process chain failure notifications?

Ans- Create a job at that time when all the process chains have ended. This job will send you a email alert what process chains have errors.


red - failure.
black - start the next process.
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Q - 4 How to schedule the process chain "in a month first five days "i have to schedule the process chain? how?

Ans- every process it has own variant .selecting the variant it
will give the time period i..e immediate or time/date..
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Q - 5 Can we load delta load directly without full load? How? What are the steps?

Ans- Yes we can.

because of for capturing deltas we need to do somthing
before load the deltas.

before going to set the delta mode. you should initialize
delta process without data transfor process. ofter
finishing the this initiazation keep the delta mode. and
exectue the infopackage.
before going to execute info package check weather data
source is reay to capture deltas or not. by using the t-
code rsa7.
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