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Ans- This is done in the accounting document FB03 with the help
of Customer line itme FBL5N for sals based invoice and
FBL1N for vendor based in voice
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Q - 2 Explain Where are the places credit check will be done?

Ans- in sales order, delivery, and postgood issue
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Q - 3 How to see the credit reports?

Ans- Go to FD32 and in that go to enviorment on the menu bar
there you have credit summary . Click on that Tab abd that
will take you to customer credity report . You can also use
f.33 or f.38
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Q - 4 Explain What is the output used for credit management where it can be processed?

Ans- The Output type used in the credit management is
printoutput type . To take the print out out for this
Please fallow the fallowing steps

1. Go to FD32
2.Go to the enviorment tab in the menu bar
3. Go to reporting in that and click on credit history .
Now go to list in this anf give print . This is how you can
take the print for the crdit output
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Q - 5 Explain How credit management is linked with pricing?

Ans- While creating the sales order we configure the net value
of the sales order based on the pricing value that comes
fromt he subtotal given in the 16 steps of pricing and the
main basis for the sales order is sold to party . Now the
same sold to party is give a particualr credit given
against the comapny code and we ahve a indicator set as
credit check . Whe we create a sales order and try to save
when the net value goes on a higher side then the credit
value given for the custoemr we get a pop up that credit
value exceeds and fail to save the order .This is how
pricing is realted to credit management
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