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Q - 2 What type of files are created during the export?

Ans- control file
<sid>ko<no>-for client indipendant objects(cross client)
<sid>kt<no>-for client specific objects
<sid>kx<no>-for client specific texts
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Q - 3 Suppose we are not login in to the newly created client with any of the following passwords -pass, defalut pass, 06071992,19920607?

Ans- in Ecc6, Please set the profile parameter:login/no_automatic_user_sapstar=0,then restart the sap system and logon with password 'pass'.
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Q - 4 how to find the modifications or changes which are done by the particular user with in particular time period?

Ans- in the SUIM t-code we have option called Change document,
use this option or you can use use trace in ST01 to trace
user activities.
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Q - 5 What is check point in the database of oracle & what return code 247 in TMS mean?

Ans- check point is a process of db which runs for every 60
sec... when ever check point occurs all the processes of db
like log writer, db writer, smon, pmon will get

in tms return code 247 is related to buffers i think so...
any body plz correct dis if it is wrong
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