1. Tell me when do you apply for re inclusion in a search engine's index?

If our website is banned by the search engines for black hat practices and if we have corrected our wrong doings we apply for reinclusion.

2. Explain what is a Google "Penalty"?

Manual actions can be taken within Google webmaster tools if you've been penalized.

3. Suppose if the meta robots tag has a value of "no index, no follow" what does it mean? Does Google uses keyword tags?

It means the search engine crawlers would not index the contents and would not follow the links present on the page.
No, Google does not make use of keyword tags.

4. Tell me from SEO point of view, which is better - one big site or several smaller site?

If you have enough content in the same niche it is better to have it in one big site because first, this way the site is easier to maintain and the great number of pages is good for ranking high in search results. Many small sites allow focusing on specific niches, therefore competing for different keywords.

5. Tell me what do you know about Google's algorithm updates?

Google is always trying to work on their algorithm so that "more deserving" websites with better content rank higher than others. The three main algorithm updates of the last two years are Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

6. Can you please explain the difference between 'nofollow' and 'dofollow' link?

Nofollow links are not passed by search engines bot and therefore cannot be cached or indexed. Dofollow link is a kind of hyperlink and it passes through all search engines and it puts an impact over page rank.

7. Tell me what all verticals have you handled in your SEO career so far?

Verticals means on what themes of websites have you worked so far- this may include education, real estate, IT, travel, Shopping, jobs etc.

8. Tell me is there a limit to robots.txt file?

Yes, googlebot reads the first 500 KB present in the robots.txt file.

9. Do you know what are webmaster tools?

Webmaster tools is a free service by Google from where we can get free Indexing data, backlinks information, crawl errors, search queries, CTR, website malware errors and submit the XML sitemap.

10. Tell me will you use an ordinary html sitemap with Google?

Google has a special format for sitemaps rather than ordinary html format. So it is good to use special XML format that Google uses for sitemaps.

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11. Tell me what do you understand by Frames in HTML?

A frame is a HTML technique which divides the content of a page onto several parts. Search engines see Frames as completely different pages and as such Frames have a negative impact on Seo. We should avoid the usage of Frames and use basic HTML instead.

12. Do you know some online brand management tools?

Google Alerts, Technorati, Backtype, Yacktrack

13. Explain what is keyword stemming in SEO?

Keyword stemming is the process of finding out the root word from the search query. A query having the word " playful" would be broken down to the word "play" with the help of stemming algorithm. The search results returned would be having the word " play" in it.

14. Explain what is Keyword proximity?

It measures the distance between two keywords in the text. Keyword proximity is used by some search engines to measure relevancy of a given page to the search request. The idea is that the closer two keywords to each other are, the more relevant the page , keyword density measures how many times (not how far) a given keyword appears on a page.

15. Do you know who Do SEO?

They are the Webmaster, SEO Engineer and Website optimizer etc.

16. Tell me what is the latest update in SEO?

The latest updates in SEO are:

☛ Panda
☛ Penguin

17. Tell us what is Google Sandbox in SEO?

Google Sandbox is an imaginary area where new and less authoritative sites are kept for a specified time period until they establish themselves of being displayed on the search results. It happens by building too many links within a short period of time.

18. Do you know who is Matt Cutts?

He is the head of web spam team at Google.

19. Tell me what SEO tools do you use?

A carpenter can't build without a hammer. Every SEO needs their set of tools to get the job done. Popular SEO tools I use are BrightEdge, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.

20. Tell me what are Webmaster tools?

Webmaster tool is a service provided by Google from where you can get backlink information, crawl errors, search queries, Indexing data, CTR etc.

21. Do you know what is a Pizza Box in terms of Google?

Google server comes in a standard case which is commonly known as "Pizza Box".

22. Explain what SEO tools do you use and why?

If someone says they don't use SEO tools, it's an automatic fail. Why? It means you're an incredibly inefficient person or that you have never done a significant amount of SEO work in your life. There's no way to do serious SEO without introducing some automation. For this question, I'm wondering what tools they use for keyword research, blogging, link analysis, social media, etc. The more obscure the better. And I'm not just looking for a list of tools, either - I want to know why you use them, what you love and what you find annoying. Sometimes I even learn about cool new tools this way! (Bonus for me whether I hire them or not, bwahaha.)

23. Do you know what is the main purpose of search engine spiders?

Index sites, because even though spiders visit sites, their main function is not only to visit them but to index their contents spiders do not monitor sites for unethical activities.

24. Tell me how do you optimize with social media?

See if they incorporate social media tools and tricks in their SEO endeavours, you want to get your name out there as much as possible and social media is the way to do it. Social signals to your pages are almost as good as back links. "Social shares - retweets, +1s and likes - are the SEO currency of the common internet user,"

25. Tell us what is 301 redirect?

It is a method by which the user is redirected to new page url to old page url . It is a permanent redirect and it is also useful in directing link juice to new url from old url .

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26. Do you know who is Rand Fishkin?

Rand Fishkin is the CEO and Co founder of Seomoz, the most popular seo software in the world. He started the informative "White Board Friday" series for explaining the concepts related to Seo and search engines.

27. Do you know what is Page Rank?

This is the Google technology for measuring popularity among users. Yahoo has a similar technology, called Web Rank, and Alexa Rank is the Alexa technology. The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.

28. Explain what is the technical part of SEO?

If they don't understand simple HTML then they aren't the person you want to be working with, it's as simple as that. SEO experts also need to understand server side lingo like 301, 404, robots.txt, etc.

29. Tell me what do you mean by Cloaking?

Cloaking is a deceptive way of optimizing search. In this technique a different content will be searched by the search engine than what is presented or searched by the users.

30. Tell me what do you understand by Google Dance?

Google Dance happens when major updates happen on the database maintained by Google. Constant shuffling leads to unstable rankings of the Web Pages.This continues for some days and is known as Google dance. It was witnessed in the past before the real time searching happened. Now, Google updates its index almost everyday and changes are witnessed narrowly.

31. Explain what is LSI?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a data retrieval technique which finds connection between words and the use of synonyms while fetching data from the index.

32. Tell me what do you understand by Cloaking?

Cloaking involves using deceptive techniques which presents the user with a different version of the webpage than that presented to the search engines.

33. Do you know what is keyword stemming?

The process of finding out the root word from the search query is referred as keywords stemming.

34. Tell me how will you cross-check whether your SEO campaign is working or not?

To check whether your SEO campaign is working or not, the first approach is to check the websites statistics, which tells you about the origin of traffic. The other way of checking is to make a search based on the relevant keywords and key phrases and look for the search result. The number of search result will tell you whether your SEO campaign is working or not.

35. Explain what are the key aspects of Penguin update?

Penguin is the code name for Google algorithm. Its main target is to decrease the ranking of that website that are violating the Google Webmaster guidelines. These guidelines are violated by using black hat techniques like cloaking and stuffing.

36. Tell me how will you increase the Pagerank of a page?

By building more backlinks from authority sites and high page rank webpages.

37. Tell me which is better Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag?

Meta Robots tag is much better as it helps in forcing the search engine crawlers not to index and display the hidden pages in your server.

38. Tell me can search engines see password protected pages?

In most of the cases Search engines are not different from regular users. Search engines cannot go anywhere that a regular user cannot go. If we have a password protected area on our website that cannot be accessed without a login and password then the search engines also cannot see it.

39. Tell me how can you make a website mobile friendly?

I will create a mobile friendly version of the website for Googlebot-Mobile, use meta.txt for specifying special instructions to mobile search engine crawlers, use mobile.xml sitemap and will have mobile optimized content on the site.

40. Explain difference between exit rate and bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leaves a particular website just after visiting a single page on this and exit rate refers to the percentage of people who leaves from a particular page.

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41. Tell me how will you treat Web standards while optimizing a website?

Google loves web standards hence I will apply the web standards provided by W3C while optimizing a web site.

42. Explain how will you neutralize a toxic link to your site?

Through Backlink Quality Checker you can know who links to your website. Now, you have to go to ' Toxic link' report, where you will find all the links, that are harmful to your websites. If there is any link in ' Toxic link report' that matches with the link on your website, then you can remove it by using 'Google Disavov tool'.

43. Explain what does it mean if nothing appears on doing search on the domain?

On doing search on your domain and if nothing appears then there are three possibilities.

☛ May be the site is banned by search engines
☛ May be no index by search engines
☛ Some canonical issues

44. Tell us how can you search with the exact keywords you type on Google without using quotes?

We can use the Verbatim tool in order to search with the exact keywords entered on Google.

45. Explain me distinct types of SEO practice?

Primarily two types of SEO are being sporting in practice - Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO.
Off-Page SEO is the method of earning backlinks from other websites in order to enhance the ranking of the
site. This method include various method of SEO including Blog posting, forum, article submission, Press
release submission, classified and miscellaneous.

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing a website which includes on-site work such as writing content, title, description, Alt tag, Meta tags as well as ensuring web-page's code and design which can be indexed and crawled by search engines properly.

46. Explain which technique is unethical and can be a reason for banning?

Creating a doorway page instead a home page is considered as unethical because doorway pages are aimed at misleading search engines.

47. Tell me what methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?

I would use external style sheets, less images (unless necessary), optimize the images and decrease the file sizes of the image without reducing the quality of the image, use CSS sprites to reduce HTTP requests etc.

48. Tell me who provides you with your content?

SEO processes usually require a large amount of content to be written, so if they don't have a team (or at least one) high quality writer to deal with they aren't ideal. If you're fortunate enough to have an in-house content writer they should work closely together.

49. Do you know what is keyword density and what is the formula for knowing keyword density?

From SEO point of view, keyword density will definitely help to stand out your content from others. The formula to know the keyword density is ( Total number of keyword/ total number of words in your article) multiply by 100.

50. Do you know what is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox is an imaginary area where new websites and their search rating are put on hold until they prove worthy for ranking. In other words, it checks the standard of the website.

51. Explain the functions of body content relevance?

Whenever there is a text that does not have images on the web page is referred as body content relevance or non-image text. It helps in good optimization of the sites and also to improve your ranking in the search engine.

52. Suppose the meta robots tag has a value of "no index, no follow" what does it mean?

It means the search engine crawlers would not index the contents and would not follow the links present on the page.

53. Explain how many keywords do you think are enough to target on a web page?

There are virtually no limits on the number of keywords that we can target on a web page. Best approach is to focus on our main keyword and all the secondary keywords would find way for itself in the search engines. The old method of targeting 3 keywords per web page does not works any more. You can have 10-15 keywords or even more to target on a single web page.

54. Do you know what is Cross Linking?

Cross Linking- a strategy that can come in handy to get high search engine rankings, by leveraging multiple domains owned by you. Search engines value these links, as they are from relevant sites, with related content- and you stand a chance of getting a better rank

55. Tell me how do you know how much to pay for a text link from another site to yours?

The price of a text link from another site to yours depends on many factors, The price is often different because it depends on the current rating of the site that will back link to us. The most important of which is the Web Site the back link originates from, because there can't be universal prices for text links. when you don't know the real price of a link, negotiating to drop the price is pointless and generally, reputable sites are not going to negotiate the price of their links.

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56. Explain what is Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox is an imaginary area where new and less authoritative sites are kept for a specified time period until they establish themselves of being displayed on the search results. It happens by building too many links within a short period of time.

57. Tell me what is PAD? How you can use it for SEO purposes?

PAD (Portable Application Description) is xml based file. For SEO, I can use it for my software related website and can submit PAD file to various software related websites like download.com, brothersoft.com, cnet.com etc.

58. Do you know what is the meaning of competitive analysis?

Competitive analysis does the comparison, between the website I am optimizing, and the website that is ranked highly in search results.

59. Tell me what are out bound Links?

The outbound links are our website links to other webpage or website.

60. Explain how does Google Plus helps in Seo?

Google Plus helps the promoted web pages to get plus ones which are considered as genuine votes by Google. More plus ones helps to enhance our search engine rankings. Moreover,it helps to get high rankings in personalized search results where our friends can see the web pages shared and promoted by us.

61. Tell me does Google uses keyword tags?

No, Google does not make use of keyword tags.

62. Do you know what is Google EMD updates?

The EMD Update - for "Exact Match Domain" - is a filter Google launched in September 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms in their domain names. When a fresh EMD Update happens, sites that have improved their content may regain good rankings. New sites with poor content - or those previously missed by EMD - may get caught. In addition, "false positives" may get released

63. Tell me what does the abbreviation PPC stand for?

Pay per click, Pay per Click measures how much online advertisers must pay each time their advertisement is clicked on.

64. Explain what is a landing page?

A landing page is a page in the website which is designed to attract the visitors to contact/subscribe/buy a service or the product by reading few lines of important information about that particular service or the product on that page.

65. Explain what is the difference between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO?

On Page Optimization means optimizing your website and making changes on title, meta tags, site structure, site content, solving canonicalization problem, managingrobots.txt etc.
Off Page Optimization means optimizing your web presence which involves backlink building and social media promotion.

66. Tell me how you can search a particular keyword from a website?

With this operator keyword site:www.globalguideline.com

67. Tell me what do you know about LSI?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. This technique is established to obtain the data by relating the word to its closest counterparts or to its similar context. For example, if you are searching something with a keyword "CAR" it will show all the related things like classic cars, car auctions, Bentley car, car race etc.

68. Explain what do you mean by Backlink?

The incoming links to your website or webpage is referred as Backlink.

69. Tell me what are doorway pages?

These are pages that are specially created to rank high on search engines using deceptive techniques.Doorway pages do not provide useful content but instead redirect users to the main page.

70. Tell me how can you track Facebook likes using Google Analytics?

We can do this with the help of social interaction web tracking. I will add a custom script using FB.Event.subscribe function to start tracking clicks.

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71. Explain blog, article & press release?

A blog is referred as an information or discussion published on website or World Wide Web incorporating distinct entries called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred as everything thing where you can include others too. It is more individual in contrast to article and press release. It is also considered as very
personal in subject to both style and comprised ideas and information and can be written in the way just like you may talk to your readers. It is also called Web diary or Online Diary.

The articles are concerned with specific topic or event and are highly oriented towards an opinion instead of information. An article is supposed to be more oriented towards showing up opinions, views and idea. Generally, it is written by a third party or expert of any specific field.

Press Release is related with a specific action or event which can be republished by distinct medium of mass-media including other websites. It should be simple, short and professional. It conveys a clear message or information.

72. Tell me for seo which is better text links or graphical links?

Text links are better for SEO. Text links can contain the anchor text that our web page wishes to rank well for and that is an important factor in many search engines, especially Google. Image links are still valuable but do have less benefits compared to text links.

73. Tell us do you use separate SEO strategies for Google,Yahoo and Bing?

Yes I use separate strategies for Google,Yahoo and other search engines.Morebacklinks are required for Google. It pays more attention to backlinks and site authority while Yahoo and Bing pays more attention to title and Meta tags. Hence, a site takes time to rank on Google as compared to Yahoo and Bing.

74. Tell me what aspects of a hyperlink are important for SEO?

The place from which the link originates, The anchor text, especially the keywords in it is very important. The place to which the link leads and for back links the reputation of the web site from which the link originates is also crucial, because if you link to link farms, this might get you banned from search engines.

75. Tell me are you a part of the SEO community online?

There are many different forums and such out there, being active and up to date is essential to staying on top in the constantly changing world of SEO. A few blogs and forums I recommend are SearchEngineLand, SERoundtable and WebmasterWorld.

76. Explain what is A/B testing and multivariate testing?

Multivariate testing is a process by which more than one component of a website may be tested in a live environment. It can be thought of in simple terms as numerous A/B tests performed on one page at the same time. A/B tests are usually performed to determine the better of two content variations, multivariate testing can theoretically test the effectiveness of limitless combinations.

77. Tell me what will you do, for the company website you are working for, decides to move all the contents to new domain?

The first step would be to update the previous site with a permanent redirect to new page for all the pages. After that, I will remove the previous content from search engine in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

78. Do you know something about Googlebot?

☛ Cross linking is used to refer the process of linking one site to another site and provide a way to allow the accessing to it.
☛ It provides the users with reference sites that consists the content related to the search.
☛ It doesn't need to be owned by the same person as it provides the methods that have been built on the Internet.
☛ It serves the purpose to display the page on the search engines using search engine optimization techniques and methods.
☛ The site ranking is calculated on the basis of the relevance of the sites and then it is reflected on the search engine.
☛ It uses SEO tools that provide reciprocal links and inbound links that can be used as our SEO.

79. Tell me few Black Hat SEO techniques?

☛ Link Farming
☛ Hidden text, etc.
☛ Gateway or Doorway pages
☛ Cloaking
☛ Keyword Stuffing

80. Explain what will be your next steps if your SEO methods or technique does not work?

My first attempt would to try analysis the problem and resolve them step by step

☛ Firstly I would try to see whether it is a new project, and then like to re-check the key words.
☛ Also, I would look for relevant key-words that can be helpful.
☛ Even though the webpage and website has been indexed well and still not appearing on the first 10 pages of search engine result page, then I would make some changes in page text, titles and description.
☛ If website is not indexed well or dropped from the index, than it might comprises serious issues and re-work might be required.

81. Tell me what are the key aspects of Panda update?

Panda is to improve the search in Google. The latest version has focused on quality content, proper design, proper speed, proper use of images and many more.

82. Tell me what is Google Trends?

A service by Google where you can find what are the hot searches in all over the world.

83. Tell me what are the limitations of title and description tags?

Title tag can be between 66-70 characters and Meta description tag can be between 160-170 characters.

84. Explain what are the Social Media channels you have used for marketing?

I have used blogs like blogger, word press, tumblr etc, social bookmarking sites like Digg, Jumptags, Delicious etc., social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc., Video Sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

85. Do you know why are metatags important?

Because search engines still use them for estimating search relevancy. although search engines might not rely on metatags to generate search results, metatags are used (to a differing extend) by most of the search engines Because it is a professional approach to Web design to have complete and accurate metatags, since metatags are part of the html code of a page, they must also be done professionally, as the rest of the code.

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86. Explain what are the criteria for the uniqueness of a page (unique as opposed to duplicate content)?

Code similarity, Text similarity, Page names. Titles, headings, page titles and metatags.

87. Do you know what is your SEO workflow?

Say you get in to work on a Monday at 9 AM - what does your day look like, and your overall week? This of course depends on what their role is; for example, if they're primarily doing content marketing and blogging, I'd ask them, How do you determine what to write about next? How do you prioritize tasks? If you're a link builder, I'd ask, How do you prioritize your link opportunities? This is super important because in SEO, you have an infinite number of things you could potentially do on any given day, and only 8-10 hours in the day to get something done. I want to see their attack plan. They should have an internal system and be able to take initiative - I don't want to hire an SEO who needs constant hand-holding from a manager.

88. Tell me what is the difference between clicks and visits in Google Analytics?

Clicks indicates the number of times any user clicks on an ad while visits indicates the number of unique sessions each visits create.

89. Tell me which tools do you use for choosing keywords?

I use Google Keyword tool, Wordtracker tool, Wordstream, Seo book keyword tool etc.

*Remember certain tools are paid but you may use the trial version for some days.

90. Tell us what SEO blogs do you read?

As I mentioned above, SEO is always changing. Tom Demers used to come in early every morning and spend an hour or so just reading. Keeping up with the industry is crucial both to stay current on news and various Google updates as well as to get new strategic ideas and tips for increasing efficiency. So I ask job candidates to tell me what SEO blogs and sites they read. But anyone can list out a few blogs. I'm looking for something beyond the bare-minimum basics (like Search Engine Land). I then follow up with another question: What's an interesting article you've recently read on one of those blogs and why did you find it interesting? This tells me whether they actually read any blogs, how often, as well as why they read.

91. Tell me how will you plan an Seo strategy for a website already affected by Penguin update?

Penguin update deals with scanning through the link profile of a website. I will scan the links pointing to the site using tools like ahrefs and prepare a list of low quality links. I will make every effort to get those links removed like emailing the webmaster. If somehow, I am unable to remove some links then I will use the disavow links tool to devalue the remaining links from harming the site. Apart from this, I will plan a link bait strategy to get some high authority links in order to increase the reputation of the site. This will surely help a site to recover from the effects of the Penguin update.

92. Tell me what is the best way to maximize the frequency of crawling of your website by search engines?

Frequently adding new, original and quality content on the website.

93. Tell me what is considered as more significant, creating content or building backlinks?

Both are necessary, creating quality content is equally important to building backlinks. Although, building backlinks are useful in building authority to a site and for ranking as well, quality content is the first element that is considered to be more responsible for ranking.

94. Explain what are the SEO tools do you use?

The SEO tools that I use are Google analytic, keyword search, Alexa, open site explorer, Google Webmaster.

95. Tell me how many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO and what are their characters limits?

There are two types Meta tags in SEO.

☛ Description Meta tag with 150 characters limits
☛ Keyword Meta tag with 200 characters limits

96. Explain can you optimize the website which has pages in millions?

From SEO point of view, for dynamic website, special additional SEO stuffs have to be implemented.

☛ Good Internal link structure
☛ Generation of dynamic title and description
☛ Dynamic XML sitemap generation

97. Tell me how do you walk the line behind behind best practices and black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO offers short term solutions and can get your site penalized in Google. What was considered white hat SEO years ago may be black hat now. Which brings me to my next question.

98. Tell me what would you suggest to the client who has a website made on Flash? How would you do Seo for that site?

Search engines find it harder to parse the contents presented using Flash. I would suggest the client to use an alternative to flash like HTML 5.

99. Tell me what is Keyword Difficulty?

Keyword difficulty identifies how difficult it would be to rank well for a particular keyword. and the value is higher for more popular words because it will be more difficult to compete with 1,000s of other sites for a popular word than with 10s of others for the less popular ones

100. Suppose you were a SEO for a technology web site, what would you do to build backlinks for it?

Four practices are a quite legal and recommendable way of building backlinks are:-
☛ Post in technology blogs.
☛ Submit articles to technology engines.
☛ Exchange links with other reputable technology web sites.
☛ Provide free syndicated content to partner-websites.

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101. Tell me what do you understand by Google Authorship and how can you use it for Seo benefits?

Google Authorship allows you to link your Google Plus Profile to the content you create. This is a way to enhance the overall user experience and stop spamming. Results containing content from original and reputed authors are valued highly by Google and chances of spamming are also reduced. Hence, implementing Google Authorship is really useful for Seo as it helps a webpage to rank higher based on the author rank.

102. Explain what do you understand by "Engagement Metrics" with relation to social media?

Engagement metrics comprises of information which is used to measure the importance of user (customer) engagement with respect to a particular social data.Some example includes likes, retweets, plus ones, clicks, favorites, repins, comments etc.

103. Tell me what is the difference between soft 404 and 404 errors? How will you find and remove these errors?

A 404 error is returned when the browser requests a resource from the web server and the server is unable to find that resource so it returns 404 file not found error. On the other hand, soft 404 error is returned when the browser requests a resource from the web server and the server returns 200 OK response for a file that does not exist on the server. Hence, in both the cases, file is not present on the server but in case of soft 404 the server returns 200 OK response code by mistake. We can find out these errors with the help of Google Webmasters Tool and we can either remove them by adding proper redirects and by creating a custom 404 page for helping the user in proper navigation while browsing the site.

104. Tell me what was the recent update which Google had and what changes would you suggest for it?

Google recently had the Hummingbird update which was a change in the core search algorithm. Google moved from keyword based searching to concept based searching. It included semantic level analysis in order to find out real answers and searcher's intent behind the user query. I would add comprehensive and fresh content to my site after the Hummingbird update.

Prior to the Hummingbird update, Google had the Penguin update which was a measure to control web spam. Penguin update had penalized websites which had a spammy backlinking profile and returned more semantic results. Semantic results were based on the relationship between words present on the search query. Penguin trusted sites that had original and good content, fresh content, good social media presence and quality organic links.

105. Tell me for which of the following file types a SEO expert needs to provide an alternative textual description?

(swf. - gif.) Since .html, .pdf and .doc are text file formats and spiders can read their contents directly, it is pointless to provide an alternative textual description. On the contrary, .swf and image file types, like .gif and .jpg, need alternative textual descriptions because spiders cannot read their contents directly.

106. Suppose you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which of the following are recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results?

Use the appropriate language attribute in the HTML code of the page, The web site should be hosted in the same country, so that its IP falls in the range of IPs that are specific for this country. Have the web site written in the language of the country. Submit the site to local search engines, search engines use their own algorithms to determine the language of a a particular sites, even there are SEO experts who say that no efforts on your side are necessary for ranking well in country specific search results.

107. Tell us how do you conduct an SEO experiment?

Tell me about an SEO experiment that you've run recently. What was the result? If you're in the trenches doing SEO, a key to success is being able to figure out what works and what doesn't. I'd like to know how they run their experiments, and if they don't run experiments, that's a red flag. Ken Lyons kept an SEO log where he tinkered with various SEO experiments, sometimes dozens at a time. I love an SEO with a bit of mad scientist in them.

108. Explain me how do you measure SEO success?

What are the SEO KPI's (key performance indicators) you track? What is a reasonable goal for a month? There's really no right answer here because it depends on the client's objectives, and the guy's role. What I'm hoping for is that they say something intelligent about different KPI's like counting and tracking links, social shares, unbranded organic traffic, referred visitors, engagement metrics, conversions, etc. (Hint: "mad hits" and "keyword rankings" are not metrics I care about.) Even better if they have tried out different metrics and changed them over time, and can explain why.

109. Name the bots (spider) of major search engine?

The name of bots/spider of Google search engine is GoogleBot, Yahoo Slurp for Yahoo search andBingBot for Bing search engine.

110. Explain me onsite search box, and how it helps to attract traffic?

An onsite search box allows searching for pages that are inaccessible to unregistered users (i.e. search engine spiders). When you have an onsite search box, your visitors will get more search results than in comparison to using Google and the other search engines. If you have an onsite search box and see what users are searching for, you will be able to notice new keywords that are of interest to your audience.
Using the "site:" operator in search engines makes onsite search boxes obsolete is false because generally search engines do not index every single page of a site, even if these pages are not disallowed in the robots.txt or are password-protected. A good onsite search box is really valuable but it is a fact that occasionally onsite search boxes use so imprecise algorithms that using the "site:" operator in Google gives much more reliable results.

111. Tell me which of the options below is the best way to select the keywords to optimize for?

Use a tool to determine the theme of your web site, because it is the whole theme of a website that is more important than separate keywords. Selecting competitors keywords which have the highest density is not recommendable because if your competitor has wrongly selected the keywords, or even if the keywords are right for them, this does not mean that they are right for you, so actually you get on the wrong trace from the very beginning.

112. Suppose a customer can give you an access to only one tool, which one will you choose, Webmasters or Analytics?

Of Course Webmaster tools, because these are almost the essential tools for the search engine optimization, we can have some analytics data in the webmasters as well. But now due to the inclusion of webmaster data in Analytics, we would like to have access to Analytics.

113. Tell me what do you mean by anchor text?

Click-able text written on an hyperlink is known as Anchor Text.

114. Do you know what is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is an advertisement campaign hosted by Google. It is segmented into two modules CPC ( Cost per click) and CPM ( Cost per thousand impressions) through flat rate and bidding respectively. In CPC, if the user clicks on the advert, only then the advertiser will be charged.

115. Explain why the Title Tag in website is valuable?

Title tags are very essential in SEO, as it tells about the contents on that web page. Through title tags only the search engine will tell the user, what is there in the page.

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116. Tell me some SEO blogs that you frequently read?

☛ Jimboykins
☛ Search Engine Land
☛ SEOSmarty
☛ Search Engine Journal

117. Explain me me something about Googlebot?

To index a webpage Google uses the Googlebot software. Caching, Crawling and indexing of a webpage are done through Googlebot by collecting details from that webpage.

118. Tell me what is the difference between PR (page rank) and SERP (Search engine result page)?

Page rank is calculated on the basis of quality inbound links from other website or webpages to our webpage or a website.

SERP (Search Engine Result page) is the placement of the website or web-pages which is returned by the search engine after a search query or attribute.

119. Explain what is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file. It is through this file, it gives instruction to search engine crawlers about indexing and caching of a webpage, file of a website or directory, domain.

120. Do you know what does the 302 server response code signify?

The page has temporarily moved.

121. Tell me what tools do you use for doing SEO?

I use Google webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Open site explorer, Alexa, Website grader etc. But now a days there are so many paid tools are available in market like Seo Moz, spydermate, bulkdachecker etc.

122. Tell me what is 301 redirect?

It is a method of redirecting user from the old page url to the new page url. 301 redirect is a permanent redirect and is helpful in passing the link juice from the old url to the new url.

123. Explain which is the most important area to include your keywords?

Page title and Body text are the most important areas where we can include keywords for the SEO purpose.

124. Tell me some SEO practices?

Building back links. Rewriting the titles to include the target keywords, Rewriting dynamic URLs into static.

125. Tell me what are the advantages of submitting sites to search directories?

By submitting to a search directory, you get a back link to your web site. When your site is listed in search directories, this increases the chances that search engines will index it sooner, compared to when it is not listed. Submitting to search directories is a good Web marketing initiative. Because that increases the chances of having your web site index and when your site is listed in a search directory, you list its URL as well, so you actually get a valuable link
Submitting to search directories neither gets higher ranking nor gets your web site certified.

126. Can you differentiate 'nofollow' and 'dofollow'?

Nofollow link is exactly vice-versa of dofollow link. These are noncrawling link which are not passed by search engines bot and hence can't be cached or indexed. It is obvious when we wish to prevent a link from crawlingand indexing.

Dofollow link is a kind of hyperlink which says all search engines crawlers to pass through which also put an impact over page rank. When we opt to employ or attempt to achieve a dofollow link then it is counted by search engines and sits in the eye of Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. as a backlink for your website and
enhances your site ranking

127. Explain what do you know about Black Hat SEO?

In order to attain High Ranking in search engine result page, websites go for various methods and techniques which are characterized by two categories.

The method which are implemented and acceptable according to search engine guidelines are White Hat SEO, on the other hand, the method which are less acceptable or instructed to avoid in search engine guidelines are "Black Hat SEO".

128. Explain me some Black Hat SEO techniques?

Some Black Hat SEO techniques are:

☛ Keyword Stuffing
☛ Cloaking
☛ Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages
☛ Link Farming
☛ Hidden Text, etc.

129. Tell me what are the different techniques used in Offpage SEO?

There are lots of techniques used in Offpage SEO work. Major Techniques are:
☛ Directory Submission
☛ Social Bookmarking
☛ Blog Post
☛ Article Post
☛ Press Release Submission
☛ Forum Posting
☛ Yahoo Answer
☛ Blog Comment
☛ Deep link Directory Submission
☛ Regional Directory Submission and all that

130. Do you know what are Meta Tags?

HTML meta tags are usually referred as tags of page data which sits between opening and closing head tags of a document's HTML code. Actually these are hidden keywords who sit in the code. These are invisible to visitors but are visible and readable by Search Engines.

<title>Not considered as Meta Tag, even required anyway</title>
<meta name="description" content="Write your description here" />
<meta name="keywords" content="Write your keyword here" />

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131. Tell me what do you know about Google Panda update?

The Panda update was done to improve the quality of search results in Google. Panda update also known as the farmer update was done to eliminate content farms which provided less user friendly experience. It used machine language scalability as one of the important metrics for judging relevancy of a web page. All the focus was transformed on the user and now quality content , proper design, proper speed, proper use of images and videos, content to ad ratio all mattered more after the Panda update. You need to optimize your site for better clickthrough rate and a less bounce rate.

132. Explain what is the difference between HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps?

HTML sitemaps are created for the user and contains a basic structure for displaying all the pages of the website in a hierarchy. XML sitemaps are created for the search engines and helps a search engine bot to easily cache, index and discover new pages.

133. Tell us what are your favorite ways of attracting natural backlinks to your site?

Having user friendly content on the site is the best way to attract natural backlinks but one of my favorite ways of attracting natural backlinks is by offering free widgets and free infographics to my audience.

134. Do you know in Google Lore - What are 'Hilltop', 'Florida', and 'Big Daddy'?

Hilltop: An old and often contested algorithm that calculates PageRank based on expert documents and topical relevancy. The theory behind it was to decrease the possibility of manipulation from buying high PR links from off topic pages. Florida: The highly controversial update implemented by Google in November of 2003, much to the chagrin of many seasonal retail properties. Big Daddy: A test data center used by Google to preview algorithm changes.

135. Explain what methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?

I would use external style sheets, less images (unless necessary), optimize the images and decrease the file sizes of the image without reducing the quality of the image, use CSS sprites to reduce HTTP requests etc.

136. Explain something about Black Hat SEO?

In order to get a high ranking in search engine result page, websites go for various methods and techniques which are characterized by two categories. One method that is acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as White Hat SEO, while the other method which is not acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as Black Hat SEO.

137. Tell me what are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers and what are their functions?

Spiders, robot and crawler, they are all same and referred by different names. It is a software program that follows, or "Crawls" different links throughout the internet, and then grabs the content from the sites and adds to the search engine indexes.

138. Which is the popular search engine in Russia?

Yandex is popular in Russia.

139. Tell me how do you go about building your links?

140. Explain what is difference between +1 button and +1 project?

+1 button is similar to like button for example you can recommend a page to others by +1 button. Nowadays. its showing in Google SERP near to Title. Google + project is social media website similar to Facebook and we can say competitor of Facebook.

141. Tell me what is Page Segmentation?

Page segmentation is all about to track the site visitors like which are the landing pages and exit pages. So that you can have a brief idea that how can you improve exit pages content and design to make it more convenient for the landing user.

142. Explain can you mention the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is used for the promotion of website through Search Engine Result Page (SERP) , while to optimize the search result of your webpage or website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used.

143. Tell me how many characters limits in Title tag?

We can add 70 characters in title tag.

144. Tell me what is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?

Keyword is a single word, and while a combination of those keywords makes phrases. These keywords or phrases are used by the search engines to populate the subjects over the internet. Search engine stores keywords in the database, and when search is done, it will come up with the best possible match.

145. Do you know what is SEO and introduce its types?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of keep changing the position of a web page or website in a search engine results by using keywords or phrases.

Two Types of SEO are:

On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization

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