1. Tell us how would you motivate your subordinates?

Candidates should describe how they would ensure that their workers are adequately trained - giving them confidence to do their job - and that there are clear lines of communication between staff and management. They would also delegate duties to their subordinates as delegation motivates workers by instilling in them a sense of trust.

2. Can you pitch my company to me as if I were a potential customer?

This will show you how much they know about your company and what their level of passion is for your product, service or industry. It will also tell you what their initial impressions are without the insight of working for you (yet). It's unlikely they'll be prepared for this, so it can also show you how quickly they work on the fly.

3. Can you explain me about SEO and its relationship with social media?

There are several techniques for improving SEO with the help of social media. Make sure that they understand the latest Google algorithms, what is rewarded and punished. They should also be aware of the latest social algorithms and policies. Google Analytics should be part of this discussion.

4. Please explain how would you allocate our social media budget?

Specific metrics and KPIs should be discussed and what should go where percentage-wise. For example, a decent percentage can be allocated to Facebook Ads - a medium-sized company can spend as much as $500 per month on paid advertising. Human capital, social media tools, and training are also absolutely necessary for high ROI.

5. Explain me one scenario where you will prefer CPC model then CPM model?

When the campaign has very low daily budget (say $5 a day) i.e. there is no sufficient budget to spent on optimization, it's best to go with CPC.

6. Tell us something that is complicated but that you know well?

This is similar to the storytelling question but from a more technical aspect. The "something" can be anything. Possibly they know how to rebuild a car engine or know how to explain social media to their grandparents. The point is, they should be able to comprehend a complex subject and articulate it in a simpler, understandable form.

7. Explain me how do you deal with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis?

The way they define 'crisis' can tell you a lot about how much experience they have. If they haven't had a real social media crisis in their own experience, they should at least be familiar with some famous brand reputation blunders. Dealing with negative comments or reviews properly is vital to this position, ask for examples.

8. Tell us how would you communicate with the rest of the company?

Social media management must support other marketing and customer service initiatives in the business. Your future employee will need to be in the loop with most other aspects of the business and will need the buy-in of co-workers to achieve true success. The roles and responsibilities of each cog in the machine (your business) should be defined as clearly as possible.

9. Explain me what is TSPL?

TSPL is Target Search Page Locations. It is a type of portfolio bid strategy that automates bidding across multiple campaigns to show your ad on the top of the page or on the first page of Google search results. Source:support.google.com

10. Tell us can we see some examples of the social media projects you've worked on?

Results speak for themselves. If they can't or won't show you anything, then they either don't have the experience you need or they aren't very good at what they do. Would you try to sell a product to potential clients without being able to show it to them?

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