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2 :: The effect of the explode command in autocad wen applied to a block is to?

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3 :: When using the SOLVIEW command on a blank PS layout which sub command should be issued first
and why?

(a) UCS World because you have to start somewhere.
(b) UCS World because the world UCS is the only one available.
(c) Ortho because each view is to 90° to the other.
(d) Aux because one can line up the view more accurately.
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4 :: When constructing an AutoCAD Solid Model the UCS command is used to

(a) Draw more accurately
(b) Draw Solid Objects
(c) Rotate Solid Objects
(d) Define a new Drawing Plane
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5 :: In a Windoze dialogue box, moving from one field to another is achieved by which of the following key

(a) Ctrl + [Tab]
(b) Alt + [Tab]
(c) Shift + [Tab]
(d) [Tab]
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