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1 :: Why does marble rarely contain fossils?

This is because of the way that it is formed. When you have a rock that is formed through metamorphosis then it has been created through heat and pressure acting on other rocks.

Fossils are inherently delicate things and therefore precious little would withstand the conditions that are required to create marble - and therefore marble hardly ever contains fossils as a direct result of this.
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2 :: Why does a glacier move?

It moves because the huge pressure of the ice and snow lowers the freezing point of its lower layers, causing them to melt.
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3 :: Why did the continents spread apart?

This is due to the heat generated from the earth's interior and earthquakes - the convection currents deep within the earth because the movement of the material that sits on top.
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4 :: Which type of rock is critical for the formation of geysers?

Liquid rock is needed for geysers to form in the form of what is called magma - which is the geological name for liquid rock. Without that, you cannot get geysers forming.
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5 :: Which of the Earths interior layers have been drilled and sampled? What are the deepest drilling projects on record?

The lower section of the Earth's crust has been reached. The possibility of the mantle is not far away. Depths of over 4,500 feet have been reached.
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