1. Why you wish to join us as a cabin crew?

► I want become the cabin crew because cabin crew is a very challenging job for any person, and I want looking for an international career opportunity. Besides that, I also can chance to serve many different types of passenger.
► I want to be a cabin crew because being a part of it, I'll get the chance to interact with various kinds of people belonging to different regions, religions and cultures.

2. Cabin crew interview questions part 4:

► How to handle a drunk passenger?
► How would you define good and bad customer service in the airline sector? Can you give examples of both?
► What are the strengths that make you a suitable candidate?
► What do you do If one of the passengers spit in your face?
► What would you like to do in five years' time?
► What are your hobbies?
► Why should we hire you?
► What will you bring to the job/company if we employ you?

3. Cabin crew interview questions part 3:

► Why do you want become a cabin crew?
► Do you consider this as a career?
► How do you handle stressful situations?
► How do you handle a complaint?
► Can you tell us some of your weaknesses?
► Have there been situations when you have lost your temper?
► What do you mean by exceptional customer service?
► What do you say to or handle a passenger who is terrified of flying?

4. Cabin crew interview questions part 2:

► What is the airline's mission statement?
► Where do they fly to?
► Are there any future plans for expansion or growth?
► What airports do they fly out of?
► Who are the airline's major competitors?
► How many employees do they have at any one time?
► What products and services do they offer?
► What do you like about this particular airline?
► What is the airline's customer care policy?
► How long have they been operating?

5. Cabin crew interview questions part 1:

► What you know about the role of a cabin crew member?
► The reasons for applying and why you want to join this particular airline?
► What you know about their airline?
► How you deal with specific situations in your working life and what you learn from them?
► Challenges faced by the airline?
► Your own personal qualities and attributes?
► Your strengths and weaknesses?
► Team-working skills?
► Respect and diversity?

6. What important quality a cabin crew should have?

Being a cabin crew requires a person to have solid interpersonal skills. The person should be always cheerful and should not show their frustrations or anger to the people around them. This is the most important aspect of being in the cabin crew.

7. What would you do if the seat belt signs were on and the aircraft is about to take off, but a passenger insist that he has to kneel down to conduct his prayer due to religious reasons?

Well obviously this is a delicate situation. However first and foremost is Passenger safety.
I would deal with this situation by calmly speaking to the passenger and telling him we respect his choice to pray but he cannot do this during take-off because of the danger to himself and other passengers. I would politely ask him to take his seat.
Also if I were a junior Cabin Crew I would confer with a senior as there are many things involved.

8. How would you deal with this situation if there are 60 children on the flight, but you only have 40 toys?

There are a number of things I could do here.
► I'd check out each kit and if appropriate I'd beak it down into a coloring book for one child and a puzzle for another. I have done this before and it works out fine in most cases.
► I'll make sure the kit is age appropriate, some of the older kids may not want the entertainment items inside, so I'd make a call on the age limit when handing out the kit.

9. What you do if a commercially important passenger complained that another commercially important passenger is snoring too loudly behind him?

I would listen and sympathize with the passenger, but of course I cannot awaken the snorer (just yet anyway).
Offer earplugs and empathy will do a lot to elevate the situation. Maybe a drink will also help the passenger ignore the snoring. I can also suggest headphones piping in music.

10. What you do if you saw one of your colleagues being deliberately rude to a passenger?

► Firstly I would check with the Flight Attendant to make sure I heard and understood everything correctly. It would be terrible to falsely accuse someone. Maybe I had miss-heard.
► If the Cabin Crew seems to be genuinely at fault I would report it to a senior Flight Attendant. The reputation of the company and the enjoyment of the passengers is of course a very important concern.
► If I was the direct superior of the Flight Attendant, I would ask them the circumstances of the incident and take appropriate action. The crew would be given a verbal warning but the incident would be recorded in the crew briefing note.
► I would also approach the concerned passenger to find out if he was at all affected by his encounter with the crew and try to fix the situation.

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11. Do you think some passengers take their frustrations out on cabin crew?

There are probably a number of reasons why Flight Attendants will face these frustrations.
► The passengers are in unfamiliar circumstances; they have probably had a hard time getting through ticketing, immigration and finding their way around the airport. Through the whole process you, as a Flight Attendant are probably the first person they have had to vent all this frustration on.
► Many passengers are uncomfortable or even afraid of flying; this frustration could be a sign of this fear. Almost certainly they are in unfamiliar circumstances.
► If the passenger has transmitted or gotten up early for the flight, they are probably tired and this tends to make people irritable.

12. Tell me those strengths that make you a suitable candidate?

► I am confident and outgoing.
► I enjoy taking challenges.
► I'm a strong team leader.
► I am ambitious.
► I am dedicated and hard working.
► I am a good communicator.
► I work well without supervision.
► I enjoy learning through my work.
So I believe I'll be the best candidate for this position.

13. Why you want to be a cabin crew?

I would love to be a flight attendant for ABC, because I have exceptional customer service skills and the ability to interact with people on a professional and personal level is one of my best assets. I know I would be an excellent representative of this airline. It's really my dream to become a flight attendant, and I like taking care of other people and when my friend informed me of you recruitment I felt that it was my opportunity especially when I saw it was your airline which I have been longing to work with. I enjoy working with people and helping them. Also I think it's nice to have an exciting work environment that changes all the time like place, people, weather etc.

14. What are the personal strongest points of a cabin crew?

I have a very Cool & dignified attitude that strengthens me a lot & to win the hearts of people. I am a hard worker, reliable, dedicated, responsible and caring.
► I am confident and outgoing
► I enjoy taking challenges
► I am a strong team leader
► I am ambitious
► I am dedicated and hard working
► I am a good communicator
► I work well without supervision
► I enjoy learning through my work

15. What are the main responsibilities of a cabin crew?

Air cabin crew is responsible for the safety of passengers and is specially trained to deal with security and emergency situations. Besides ensuring the safety of the aircraft, air cabin crew is also employed to ensure passengers are comfortable and that the flying experience is a pleasant one.
They are expected to be friendly, enthusiastic and courteous at all times.

16. Do you have any questions for us that you want to ask?

► I would like to know what does the airline value the most?
► What is the most important thing that I should do to contribute in my first months of flying?
► When your top performing crew leave the airline, why do they leave?
► How do you think I performed during the assessment?

17. Tell me why should we hire you for our company?

This is the time to sell yourself! It is all about how you fit into the position.
not how the position fits with you.
Talk about your skills and strengths that will benefit the company.
Do not be general or desperate and answer with: ʻBecause I need a jobʼ
or I think it could be a nice to travel for freeʼ. This question is not about you, it is about what you can do for them.

18. Tell me are you applying for any other airlines? What you do if more than one airline offers you the job?

Make sure that your answer stays professional.
Be honest, but keep it short.
Keep your focus on the airline you interview for and what you can do for
I will consider all the factors in my decision making and I will chose the
employer which best fits my career aspirations. Your airline seems to be
such a place for me.

19. What you do to prepare for this interview?

This is a perfect opportunity to tell them about the concerns youʼve had
and what have you been doing to address them.
You want to come up as somebody who has researched not only the job,
but also the airline and the aviation industry in general.
Nobody wants to hear that you just rolled out of bed and showed up at
the interview hoping for the best.

20. How long do you expect to work if we hired you?

This is the moment to talk about beginning a career with the airline. Talk
about your career goals and your long-term plans.
Do not discuss about planning to work with the airline just until you get
enough experience to be hired by a bigger airline.
Keep it short and do not be specific, otherwise you put an expiration
date on your career plans with them.
I worked for my previous employer for 5 years. This demonstrates that I
am a loyal person. I plan to continuously grow, learn and improve myself
and I will be happy to work as long as possible in an environment that
keeps me challenged.

21. Will you be able to work such long shifts?

You will be rostered to operate flights that can be up to 14 hours long.
Your duty can start at 2AM or 9PM.
Focus on how you generally deal with tiredness and stress.
End on a positive note.

22. What motivates you?

This is a trap question!
You want to show the assessors that you are self-motivated when it
comes to your work.
Do not answer that salary, travel benefits or cabin crew lifestyle are your
I always felt that it is important both for me personally and for the
company to provide excellent service and have extremely happy
customers every day.

23. What you expect from a supervisor?

► Be specific and give couple of traits that you appreciate in a manager.
► Focus on team spirit and integrity.
► Do not start talking negatively about your previous supervisors.
► I expect him/her to offer guidance and support. I also appreciate a
supervisor who is fair, honest and encourages the professional
development of each individual in the team.

24. Can you easily deal with high pressure situations?

Explain your ability to work under pressure, without describing with too
much detail why you thought a specific situation was stressful.
The cabin crew job is a high pressure work environment, so do not say
that you canʼt work well under pressure.
Do not spend too long discussing the amount of high stress in everyday
Yes. I have been dealing with busy times in the restaurant where there
is time-pressure for the service to be completed. It actually motivates me
to work faster and more efficient.

25. What kind of persons you refuse to work with?

This is a trap question!
Airlines are multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-national companies. Stay
focused on how you are capable to learn something from everybody and
on your willingness to be part of such a team.
Never admit there is a type of person you will refuse to work with unless
that type of person is a detriment to the company and its policy.
I can work with all kinds of people. I believe that everybody has an
interesting story to tell and something to teach me.

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26. Have you worked with someone whom you did not like?

This is a trap question!
Speaking negatively about other people will show you as an unreliable
Stay professional and be diplomatic.
Not really. I believe that when disagreements occur, the matters can be
taken up with the concerned person and be immediately solved.

27. Tell me about a time when you resolved a conflict?

► This question is asked to showcase how you deal with possible issues.
► Talk about a specific example when you excelled at solving a conflict.
► Do not talk about personal relationships with bosses or co-workers.

28. What challenge at work you faced and overcame recently?

We received a new computer software that would take not only the
reservations for the day, but also the customer details, the orders and
the home-delivery schedule. It was taking a long time to input all the
data while the customers were waiting. I asked the manager to get some
training from the IT Company. In only 30 minutes they taught me all the
shortcuts and I managed to be efficient when operating it.

29. What about a time you misjudged a person?

Use an example where you underestimated somebody, rather than an
example when you thought that somebody was trustworthy and in the
end they disappointed you.

30. What weaknesses you have?

I feel that my attention to detail is my weakness. I want everything to be
perfect. Sometimes I get so caught up in small details that I forget to see
the big picture.It was pointed out to me and I was able to improve
myself. I am now constantly finding ways to balance both the details and
the overall situation.
Disclose a weakness only when you have already taken steps to
compensate for it.
Describe a challenge a how you overcame it, stating what you learned
during the process.
Do not say that you have no weakness.

31. What strengths you have?

I am a team player with excellent attention to detail. I provide
personalized service to my customers while aiming to go beyond all
expectations and ensure that my customers receive the best possible
service. I also have the ability to adapt in a fast paced environment.

32. Tell me the most fun that you ever experienced on the job?

Discuss a successful project you enjoyed completing, not the workplace
cafeteria pranks.
Take this chance to reinforce your team player skills.
Keep the answer short and professional.
Every December we have a ʻsales person of the yearʼ competition. Last
year, the sales associates divided into 2 teams and we had our own
competition to see who sells the most. We had great fun making daily
charts and posting them for everyone to see. We sold so much that
month, we became the best selling store and we were all praised by our

33. Tell us about a time when you made a suggestion to improve business?

Do not tell the interviewers about suggestions that were ignored at the
time only to be implemented later.
If this never happened to you, then answer honestly and focus instead
on the efficiency of the company you worked for.

34. How to tell about a time when you helped someone?

Be prepared with some examples of situations when you helped either a
customer or a colleague.
Stay focused on the required skills for the cabin crew position.
Use the names of your colleagues or customers.

35. How would your coworkers and friends describe you?

Both my friends and coworkers would say that I am a reliable individual.
They all know that they can count on me to listen to their problems and
try to help them find a solution.

36. Tell me what is your dream job?

My dream job will give me the opportunity to travel and discover new
cultures and interesting people. It is the job that gets me excited to wake
up every day, go to work and constantly learn something new.

37. Where you work better in a team or alone?

I prefer to work in a group, but I also enjoy having a part of the work that is my personal responsibility.

38. What is your dream job?

My dream job will give me the opportunity to travel and discover new
cultures and interesting people. It is the job that gets me excited to wake
up every day, go to work and constantly learn something new.

39. What is Cabin Crew?

For the passenger airline flight crew members, see Flight attendants.

40. Tell me why do you want to work for our airline?

I know that your company has been one of the fastest growing airlines
in the world, with numerous awards won (give some examples here) and
openness towards cultural diversity. I would be honored to be part of
such an ambitious team.

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41. Tell me about everything yourself?

I have been working for the past 4 years for Company A. I started out as
part-time junior sales associate and have been promoted to senior sales
associate and most recent to store assistant manager. Meanwhile I
graduated from College B with a major in Economical Studies.