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Q - 1 How do you manage your time in a project when the project has a tight deadline? Give an example to prove your point.

Ans- Job seeker should know the importance of time management in projects and be able to show this in his/her personal example. They should also show that they have the techniques and ability to manage time properly under the pressure of completing major projects.
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Q - 2 Is not it the TIME and the lack of it to finish all your duties and activities?

Ans- Gadgets and modern tools, like cellular phones, microwave ovens, computers, and portable electronic organizers (PDAs) have made our lives easier and have given us the necessary advantage to lessen our time to work on certain tasks.

The connectivity of people through mobile technology, as well as the vast and efficient transportation system in industrialized and currently developing countries, leads to faster communication and social linkages.

Changes like these have emphasized the importance of time management and a creation of a more organized and practical lifestyle. Time has therefore been measured and controlled through these developments, so we have to adjust according to the demands of our times. To picture this out, just think of your life as a giant hourglass with golden grains of sand, the top-half running empty and inside the bottom-half, we are being drowned by so many works and labors.
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Q - 3 What is your first reaction when your senior manager assigns a task that you think is impossible?

Ans- Applicant should have the ability to analyze the situation and make every attempt to come up with a solution. They should not have a problem asking co-workers for help from and be responsible enough to make sure that the task was done right.
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Q - 4 Describe a situation in where you had a task that was quite demanding and what was the result of it?

Ans- Applicant should show strong decision making powers and a feeling of responsibility towards his/her work.
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Q - 5 Tell me about a time when you asked for extra responsibility in any of your previous jobs.

Ans- Applicant should show a natural desire for doing extra tasks willingly.
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