1. How to upgrade my firmware?

You can upgrade your firmware by connecting your phone to Kies.

2. Can you please explain what kind of options are available to integrate ads within an application in bada 2.0?

The Ad control supports two types of Ads: Image Banner, and Text Banner. When the user touches the Ad, one of the following actions is triggered:

Click-to-Brower: Opens a web page, set by the advertiser, in the default browser.
Click-to-Call: Automatically dials a number set by the advertiser
Click-to-Store: Launches Samsung Apps Store with the product page defined by the advertiser.

For more info, refer to the Osp::Ads::Controls namespace in the help file.

3. How to load a local HTML file on the device with a Web control?

Samsung bada currently supports the "/Home" virtual path, which is readable and writable, as well as the "/Res" virtual path, which is readable for loading local HTML files. Make sure to store local HTML files in the Home or Res folder as per your (reading and writing) requirements, and specify the file path as "/Home/ .html" or "/Res/ .html".

4. How to add a ScrollPanel, created using the ScrollPanel resource in the UI Builder, to a Form?

Create a new ScrollPanel and attach it to a Form; the corresponding ScrollPanel resource is automatically created. Double-clicking the ScrollPanel allows you to then edit the ScrollPanel resource.

5. Tell me what types of layout are supported?

The following layouts are supported

6. How to find the heap memory usage for the currently running application?

You can get the available heap memory using the Osp::System::RuntimeInfo class.

7. How to check the firmware version on a test phone?

Currently there is no method to do this. However, you can check the firmware version of your device by going to Settings > General > About Phone > Version.

8. How to make the result of GetMaxTransactionCount() larger than one?

When constructing a session, instead of using NET_HTTP_SESSION_MODE_NORMAL, use NET_HTTP_SESSION_MODE_PIPELINING.

For example:
r = pSession->Construct(NET_HTTP_SESSION_MODE_PIPELINING, &proxyAddr, hostAddr, null);

9. How to get the subnet mask?

Use the Osp::Net::NetConnectionInfo::GetSubnetMaskAddress() method to get the subnet mask.

10. How to get the IP address of a device (both dynamic IP and static IP)?

You can use NetConnectionInfo::GetLocalAddress() to get the IP addresses (both). See the bada API Reference for further details.

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