1. Tell me will there be a CorelDRAW X7 Unleashed and when will it be released?

There will not be a CorelDRAW X7 Unleashed. There just simply isn't enough demand for such a product to dedicate a year of my life to the project.

2. What do you think of CorelDRAW X7?

I have not yet installed it because I am waiting to received a boxed version of the product. Since I am not writing a book on the product, there is no urgency for me to get it installed and I have always told users that it is best to get the boxed version. When I have received my boxed version and installed it, I will gladly share my thoughts.

3. Tell me are the dreaded "(Not Responding)" delays and warnings gone?

Obviously I haven't installed CorelDRAW X7 meaning I couldn't answer this question. More importantly, I haven't gotten these warnings in CorelDRAW X6 so it would be nearly impossible for me to say if they were gone since I haven't experienced them.

4. Do you know Corel change the upgrade policy so that only the last two versions were eligible for upgrade pricing?

There was a change made with all Corel software just before CorelDRAW X6 was released so that only two previous versions were eligible. The current policy for CorelDRAW X7 says that users of CorelDRAW X4, X5 and X6 are eligible for upgrade pricing. If you have an older version, you will have to buy the full product.

5. Tell me is there a 32-bit version of CorelDRAW X7?

Yes there is and I still feel it is the best choice for 99% of users. There are few benefits to the 64-bit version unless you are working with massive files and many popular Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and CorelDRAW macros have not been updated to work with the 64-bit versions.

6. Tell me will EZ Metrics be updated for CorelDRAW X7?

A final decision has not been made, though I don't think it will be updated. We have to weigh our development costs vs. the revenue we would receive from a new version and the numbers indicate it would be a bad financial decision.

25. Is there any tool in CorelDraw X4/X5 that allows to change the outline like you can do in Illustrator?

Outline Pen Tool in the Toolbox, where you can change anything regarding outline.