1. Do you know the role of GPS in GIS?

Competent decisions can only be rendered by reliable data and though GIS is an amazing data management tool, using it with GPS helps in validating the data analysis and results.

2. What is remote sensing?

Remote sensing refers to detection and classification of objects on or in earth without physical contact, generally attained through aerial sensors.

3. What are GIS tools?

GIS tools on the other hand require interaction with the map canvas.

4. What are GIS commands?

Commands do not require interaction with the map, they just rely on surface.

5. Do you know the top 5 skills in GIS?

Skills in spatial data handling, algorithms, data conversion, model building and database programming.

6. What is geo-referencing?

Geo-referencing is the process of associating plain digital images taken from a satellite or a plane with map coordinates so that they can be overlaid on street maps.

7. What is geo-coding?

Geo-coding is when you associate a place name or an address with map coordinates.

8. Do you know the name of two data structures that have the capacity to hold spatial data?

The two data structures that can hold spatial data include raster and vector.

9. Do you know what is the basic work of a GIS technician?

A GIS technician works closely with end users to identify GIS data requirements and handle technical issues. It is also the job of a GIS technician to manage data maintenance and manipulation and handle extraction activities along with ensuring preparation, planning and updating a variety of maps and drawings to be part of a GIS database.