1. Explain me through your latest budget preparation?

It was detailed, I work through how much money we made last year and made preparation through counting and analyzing the growth of the service, how much money we will need to be able to provide our service.

2. Tell me how did you maintain confidentiality when managing information?

When you sign an confidentiality agreement, you cannot talk about anything. Papers that are confidential are printed on a separate printer. Banking statements comes to my laptop.

3. Explain what are your greatest strengths?

I believe I can cope with pressure, work in a team and abide to orders given. I'm very motivated by nature and when it comes to strive for perfection, I'm among the first.

4. Explain me how have you managed potential payment problems with your customers?

I've had that situation only ones, However we had a very good lowers in the company that worked with them. I usually call and give them notification that they have to follow the contract.

5. Tell me why did you choose to pursue a career as an accountant?

My dream job was to be an accountant because I love working with numbers, am detailed oreineted, and base on my personality trait identified by Myers Briggs test I am a perfect candidate to be an accountant.

6. Tell us are you able to compile and interpret accounting data and reports?

Talk about any reports and data analyses that you have done, including financial analyses and reports, evaluation, inventorying, reports on equipment and real estate, documentation of accounting systems, management of account tables and entries, etc.

7. Do you know what is debit note and credit note? What is the difference between them?

Debit note is an intimation sent to a person dealing with the business that his account is being debited for the purpose indicated therein. It is a note made out with a carbon duplicate. The original one is sent to the party to whom the goods are returned and the duplicate copy is kept for office record.
Credit note is an intimation sent to a person dealing with the business that his account is being credited for the purpose indicated therein.

8. Tell me what type of schedule are you looking to work?

I do not generally prepare myself for the schedule. If one is prepared to enjoy your work, you will not be scheduling the same. However I am flexible to work at any schedules.

9. Express what are your greatest weaknesses?

My greatest weakness is I may not concern on details as I am a picture thinker. So,I will overcome this by list out every step before proceed it.Moreover,I will also plan for each of the step and write down the details.

10. Tell me what makes you a great fit for this position?

The portfolio of mine suits with the job responsibilities and I am flexible motivated and committed team worker too.

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