1. When was the first motorway built in England?

The first motorway opened in Britain was the M6 (M=Motorway). It was known as the Preston ByPAss. It was opened in 1958.

When it was planned, the Preston ByPAss was seen as the first piece of a large network. It was deemed a success and led to the construction of a second motorway, the M1, opened in 1959.

3. What is an ice dam sock?

If you have never used a ice dam melting sock on your roof before, you will find that they provide an inexpensive method for removing roof ice dams and improving your home's heating efficiency. Roof ice dams are an annoying source of roof damage, leaks, and heat loss in the winter. The main causes are drip melt from improperly capped warm air vent pipes and poor roof insulation. Laying a ice melt sock onto the roof so it crosses the ice dam and overhangs the gutter, will melt through the snow and ice and create a channel for water to flow down into the gutters or off the roof. If done properly those ice sickles that form as the snow melts from the edges of the gutters will never appear, they too are a cause of much damage and are dangerous to life and limb.

4. What are the functions of a column in a building?

A column is used to support the weight of the roof and/or the upper floors. Now days, many columns are used for decorative purposes. A column along with load bearing beams can support a lot of weight.

5. What are the uses of Groynes?

They prevent, or slow down erosion, and stop long shore drift. This, however, can have bad knock-on effects somewhere near.

8. What are the advantages of building a dam on the river Nile?

It is the same as building a dam on any river. Dams are built to control flooding downstream during the wet season, generate power year round, and provide irrigation in the dry season.

9. What is kn measurement?

kn (both letters lowercase) is knots, which is a speed nautical miles per hour.