1. Explain me why are you the best treasury assistant for us?

You should hire me because I have these skills that you needed in your company. I am a hard worker and I know that I have a proper training in terms of dealing a job that has been assigned to me.

2. Explain me about your work experience?

Even though I have never played any role in the treasury front office, I have experience in treasury operations and hence understand the operations of the financial market. I understand how the market operates and investment instruments.

3. Explain me your resume and experience as a treasury assistant?

I have an experience in my small restaurant of my auntie I experience budgeting and cashiering any money transactions.

4. Tell me what does a typical work day look like for you?

Everything is prepared and I can see things clearly. I don't have to clear my way out of murky situations, and all the expenses are well-documented.

5. Tell me do you work well under pressure as Treasurer?

I work extremely well under preassure I tend to manage my time well, and I won't stop until it's perfect although sometimes I may falter.

6. Please explain us about yourself?

I am organized, dedicated, and efficient. I like to get things done as soon as possible, and I don't give up.

7. Please explain me how would your former employer describe you?

I dont want to speak for anyone else but im very confident that my collagues think that i am a good listener.

8. Tell me what is the most important rule of a treasurer?

Gate keeper of the efficient cash and funding with mitigating all financial risk associated and max the profit.

9. Tell me what type of accounting/financial experiences do you have?

Well I have eight years at walkers doing things ike cheques, accounts recievable, accounts payables etc.

10. Explain us what do you know about our organization?

Is about 7 years now and working diligently in all manner of life.

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